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In the posts for MS. MARVEL #21, I commented how teen superheroes get their own "Flash Thompson." But each creative team tries to make that "Flash Thompson" more than just "Flash Thompson."

[personal profile] arilou_skiff said "The weird thing is that well... Flash Thompson has been more than Flash Thompson for ages. Ever since before he went to Vietnam."

Poetic )
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He came as things were going on, arriving under the radar.

He reached out to the surviving one of the three brothers whom he'd been hired by to kill X.

He wanted to pick the game up where he'd left off.

He was the only one of the two who did. )
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He was called for by three brothers working in real estate.

He met them at a construction site on the Arcadian waterfront; the eldest, who'd employed him before, paid him his $25,000 in advance.

The middle, who hadn't, objected to that..

.. thinking the service they were paying for wouldn't be rendered. )
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LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #44 has quite a cover. Batman could grit his teeth like that, but only in the 1990s. This was Steven Grant and Sean McManus's first Batman story.

Legends of the dark knight  #44 - Page 1

Nutshell: Batman and Gordon vs. racist cops. )
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Greetings True Believers!

It's time for some classic Avengers. Avengers #222 to be precise. It's a selection from when She-Hulk was the new kid on the block. Masters of Evil, '80s fashion, jerky Hawkeye and oh yes, THE '80S.


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After much delay due to illness and suck here's the next installment of Whisper. Because RL continues to suck, rather than post one issue at a time, I'll be posting complete storylines instead, so if I have to take another long break it won't be in the middle of things.

So, here is the conclusion to "Datapanik in the year zero":

Whisper 03_01fc

Issue 2 )

Issue 3 )

Next time: is Alex dead, or did Lesa come in time to save her? Also, Eckart finally gets his comeuppance, and Kirk's atomic bomb gets put to good use. Same ninja-time, same ninja-channel.
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In 1986, Whisper got a new series and (thankfully) a new art team (Dell Barras and Tim Burgard, with Barras and Rico Rival on inks). So, without further ado, 10 pages from Whisper #1 (vol 2), focusing on the Lesa-Alexis friendship, which, as I may have mentioned before, passes the Bechdel test with flying colours:

Whisper 01_20

Read more... )

As you see, this is not a cheery series full of happy endings and fluffy kittens. Although it is true that Eckart only has a few more issues to live. Anyway, I'll post the next issue later this week, as long as there's still people interested in seeing more.
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Whisper ran as a 10 page short in "First Adventures" for five issues; issue 5 ran a double installment to wrap up the storyline before the launch of Whisper's new standalone title.

It was in these short installments that Grant started experimenting with a storytelling trick that would become the hallmark of the series: caption boxes that delivered a narrative more or less disconnected from the events occurring in the panels in which they appeared.

Disconnected, but still somehow apropos, in a weird sort of way. Sometimes they were diary entries or letters, other times they were a monologue, but you wouldn't learn who was saying the monologue until several pages in, or even several issues later. Posting 20 out of 59 pages )Whisper next appeared in Whisper (vol 2) #1. This time the publisher didn't go belly up, and the series continued for 37 issues. I may post more synopses here if there's interest, but probably not until next week -- winnowing down the pages and writing up the summaries for a plot heavy book like this takes a lot of time.
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Yesterday's Whisper post was mugged in a back alley on its way to the Internet, so today I'm posting excerpts from both Whisper #2 (10/30 pages) and the Whisper Special (21/64 pages).

whisper v1 #2-fc

In which we meet Alexis's friends and enemies and not much else happens )The story and artwork for Whisper 3 and Whisper 4 (which concluded the initial storyline) were in the can when Capital Comics, like so many other indie publishers in the 80's, went belly-up shortly after publishing Whisper #2. Two and a half years later, First picked up the series and published the conclusion to the story in a double length, 64 page "Whisper Special."

In which Alexis loses a battle against Jiro, and wins one against the spook )

After this, the series moved to the anthology book "First Adventures" for five issues, before getting its own book (again). I'll be doing another megapost of the stories from First Adventures, either tomorrow or Friday.
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I searched the tags and it looks like nobody's posted about this terrific series here before. Whisper was created by Steven Grant back in 1983, and features not just some excellent writing, but also a superb kick-ass heroine who sadly, aside from a single one-shot, has been out of print since the 80's.

whisper v1 #1-fc

NB: one page contains partial nudity. I don't think it rates an NSFW tag, though. This is a very plot-heavy book, so even posting 10 out of 30 pages, there's going to have to be a lot of summing-up. Bear with me, it's worth it. )

Whisper comics can be had quite cheaply on Ebay, and all but one issue of the series has been scanned by the DCP people (as part of a "First Comics gigatorrent," I believe).
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We're doing Atrocious Fashion Week now? Man, if we're doing Atrocious Fashion Week there's one person who absolutely must have a post. Or several.

The Queen of "Oh Honey No" moments herself, Ms Janet van Dyne.

It's tragic enough when she's just dressing herself but when she gets her hands on someone else's wardrobe . . .

She-Hulk finds out the hard way. (Slight warning for Jen's purple lace undies.) )

(Roughly four pages from Avengers 222)

Suggested tags: char: wasp/janet van-dyne, char: she-hulk/jennifer walters, creator: greg larocque, creator: steven grant, publisher: marvel comics, title: avengers


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