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I somehow managed to not pay attention to the fact that DC Comics have declared July 23 "Batman Day", to celebrate 75 years of his publication.... I feel slightly embarassed about that, as I should have thought to propose an event in advance.

On the other hand, nothing to stop me declaring one now! :)

Batman and Sons has a few words to say on the matter )
So, to celebrate the admittedly impressive milestone,  if you have a favourite Batman moment, image or story, let's see it (Or you can request one if there's one you've always wanted to see!)

Happy Batday!
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And since it's America's "Thanksgiving" (comparable to the lesser known UK celebration of "Yipee! They're gone!") we start with a classic

Always my favourite of The Black Cat's Thanksgiving pages

Happy Thanksgiving by *The-BlackCat on deviantART

So a Happy Thanskgiving to you if you're American... unless you're an American turkey, in which case RUN LIKE HELL ... NOW... DON'T STOP TO PACK, TRUST ME ON THIS, JUST RUN!!

A couple of elegant ladies beneath, and a few other things )
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Over the next couple of days, I hope to post a couple of Christmas tales to entertain and amuse, going from both ends of the spectrum in terms of characters, but to start the season off right I am delighted to continue a scans_daily tradition in the form of a special Christmas card from one of our favourite artists....

Revenge is a dish best served with tinsel! )
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Like it or not, when it comes to fatherhood in the DCU, one's mind automatically goes to Bruce Wayne, who has become responsible for more kids than any hero going... Not remotely what I meant < /Amanda Waller>

These have been posted before, in one case by me, but they are so apt I make no apology for posting them again

Becoming a father, in the unique Bat way )

Turnabout is fair play )

As in fanart, so in the real world )


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