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Back when zapbiffpow posted scans for Trinity 2 and 3, I mentioned this series and he was interested in seeing some scans, so here we go.

Superman For All Seasons is a 4 issues mini-series that gives great emphsasis on how important Smallville is to Clark. Each issue is narrated from the point of view of a different character and how they see Superman/Clark.

Our first narrator is Pa Kent )
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Look what I found on Twitter!

It seems the Daredevil Netflix series will borrow a bit from DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, which has made its way into Daredevil continuity.

Carl vs. Jack )
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This is a repost of a piece I posted back in 2008, when I discovered that Robert Asprin had died.

14 scans below the cut, and the scan quality isn't too awesome as I'm dealing with black and white images from a comic on poor paperstock nearly a quarter of a century ago.

Klahds and Imps and Pervects, Oh My! )
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This is another excellent story from Tim Sale's Solo book. It's written by Jeph Loeb (who gets a lot of flak nowadays), and I love it. In just 6 pages, it captures the essence of Superman for me. Prom Night )

Suggested tags: char: superman/clark kent, creator: tim sale, creator: jeph loeb
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[personal profile] mystery asked about Tim Sale's Solo book. There are two stories in it that I really liked. Posting this BatCat one first. Superman's will follow shortly...Date Knight )

Suggested tags: char: batman/bruce wayne, char: catwoman/selina kyle, creator: tim sale, creator: darwyn cooke
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Supes' prom night. 6 pages, by Tim Sale from his issue of DC's sadly short lived Solo.
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In my last post I shared Peter and Mary Jane's first date, now here's Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's take on their early relationship from Spider-Man: Blue. I'm honestly not a fan of the writing (for starters, the "guy holed up in the dark attic making tapes for his dead girlfriend" framing device struck me as creepy rather than bittersweet) but I love how Sale draws MJ.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

where have you been keeping her? )
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And we're back; this time with an installment so ludicrous I can't even work up any real ire for it. I'm just left shaking my head in depressed bemusement, wondering how it all went so wrong. I mean, it's not that getting Cheetah a little cross-DCU exposure is a bad thing in principle, and even the basic formula of "catwoman + cat woman = double the feline fun" does seem sensible at first, cursory glance. Enough, even, that we've seen it not once, not twice, but three times with this incarnation of Cheetah at least - very impressive considering that a) Selina's not even remotely connected to Wondy, b) she's not even really exactly a *hero* and c) barring Injustice-type "everyone and their mother who was ever a bad guy is there" crossovers, her fights with Selina are the only times Cheetah's ever gotten coverage outside Diana's book. Ever.

Of course, "cursory glance" is a pretty pathetic thing to hang a story on, and it all falls apart like a house of oversize novelty cards after the Batmobile crashes into them the second you take even a fractionally deeper look at the characters involved. But Pfeifer and Loebs never let continuity or consistent characterization stop them before, and dammit, they aren't about to now.

Next up, we find out why Cheetah's wearing stupid pants, with post-ICk JLA and v3 WONDER WOMAN. Yeah, I know. But hey, at least there's pretty Dodson art.
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Oh you knew it was coming. From The Long Halloween and Dark Victory

Some of their many fabulous moments...
And trust me, it's worth it coz Sale draws a gorgeous Selina and a handsome Bruce...


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