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Kon-El had a lot of "Awwww!" moments. One is SUPERBOY #70, when Superboy returns from Hypertime. (That was a short-lived attempt to bring back Multiple Earths in the mainstream DCU, used in SUPERBOY and THE FLASH.) While traveling alternate Earths, Kon-El found out Clark Kent was really Superman which... hurt his feelings.

Superboy V3 #70panel

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The first page from AVENGERS ACADEMY #30 after the cut. Some of the Avengers Academy kids talk amongst themselves about the Utopia kids dropped off while the Avengers and the X-Men try to "deal" with the Phoenix Force. It seems to be a simple "Stay there until the grownups save the world" situation, but things are complicated.

Warning: Race card playing.

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[personal profile] sherkahn has the preview of #29, as the fallout of Avengers vs. X-men #2 continues. Having betrayed and knocked out her own team, Hope has fled, leaving the Generation Hope to -


Why haven't you clicked behind the cut already?

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As promised, this is the second mega-posting to celebrate the end of "Dude(s) in Distress Week", dealing with published images... (This is sort of a "Greatest Hits", as much of it has been posted before)

The history of the "Dude in Distress" in graphical literature is a long and noble one... there are probably medieval woodcuts showing that sort of thing, but as that slightly predates most of the usual area of scans_daily, we'll skip to something vaguely more recent... well, relatively speaking.

LOTS of scans under the cut, but I've used smallish thumbnails so as not to kill your broadband completely! Just stun it slightly...

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Ah Metropolis. At this time during the Reign of the Supermen we saw four Supermen appear and defend it. The Parasites have returned to face its protector(s) again. Thankfully we have...oh damn, it's that Metropolis Kid protecting us. Yeah, we're gonna need backup there.

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The answer will both surprise you and be obvious in hindsight.

Remember, this was published before Geoff Johns' retcon that Kon-El is genetically related to Superman.

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There have been a few references here and there about how "The Brave and the Bold" sounds like the name of a soap opera. And it seems it *was* a soap opera in the DCU, according to ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #497. Story by Jerry Ordway, art by Tom Grummett. Also, some bruiser named Doomsday is causing trouble.

This is back when Lois had dark red hair and Cat wasn't a hateful anti-Kryptonian bitch.

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So a month ago, I started to explore to themes of Harvey being the Trial by Fire for the Robins, starting with Jason and then Tim. Now, of course, there is no Robin who has a more bitterly personal connection with Harvey than the first, Dick Grayson. It seems, in fact, that Two-Face is now officially Dick's arch-nemesis.

But why? How did this come about? What is it about Harvey, one of Batman's very worst enemies (second only to the Joker, IMO), that makes him ideally suited to be Dick's # 1?

I was going to post scans from "Prodigal" (the first "Dick as Batman" story from the 90's), but before I do that, I think it'd be best if we actually went back a bit further. Starting with the prelude to "Prodigal"--ROBIN #0 from 1994--and including the expansion/revisions of that story in the more-popularly-read ROBIN: YEAR ONE, both of which are helmed by Chuck Dixon, whom I believe we can therefore credit for inventing this particular archenemy dynamic.

Now, I consider Dixon to be one of the finest Batman writers, the only one of the 90's trio of Dixon, Moench, and Grant to be worth a damn (and the three of them working on "Prodigal" next week will be further proof of why I feel that way). And yet, he also writes what I consider to be one of the worst depictions of Two-Face ever put to print.

This might be due to the fact that Dixon, as far as I know, has never written a villain sympathetically. They're all either criminal masterminds (Blockbuster, Two-Face) or shifty losers (the Riddler Year One annual, Cluemaster). Best as I can tell, Dixon writes expressly for the heroes, which he does wonderfully. Problem is, that means the villains, even antivillains like Harvey and Mr. Freeze, suffer as a result.

Not that there aren't strengths to this depiction of Two-Face...

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And thus the stage is set for the imminent rematch between Dick (who will be assuming the mantle of Batman for the first time) and Two-Face in "Prodigal." Hopefully next week, after over a month of talkin' about it, I'll finally get to those scans as well.

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