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'Makes perfect sense for that idea, that a middle-aged man says a magic word and becomes a teenage superhero. But, a joke is not a series. That’s something I learned early on with things like “Insufferable” or “Irredeemable.” You can have a cool clever twist on it like middle-aged man becomes a teenage superhero, but unless there’s more to it, that’s a one note joke.' -- Mark Waid

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'It speaks to one of the friction points that keeps the collaboration strong. The tag line of the series is, “If you could change into a teenage superhero, would you ever change back?” Why would you ever change back? [Co-writer Tom Peyer] and I have two completely different points of view on this. My attitude is, No! I would never change back. Not for one heartbeat. What are you, crazy? Tom has a much more nuanced, adult attitude about it.' -- Mark Waid

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"It seems like it could be kind of an antidote to some of what’s going on in comics. [Mark Waid and I] want Captain Kid to be an adult comic about wish fulfillment, and I don’t know if there are any others like that at the moment. Adult comics really seem to be about miserable people doing miserable things. Which is fine, and I’m all in favor of it, but not every time. There are a lot of shame-based comics that want to seem important, more important than they are. It translates into certain movies, too." -- Tom Peyer

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"Deathstroke’s murder of Ryan is someone’s favorite story, and rightly so. I would never seriously disrespect the fans who love it..." - Tom Peyer

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"As we’re talking, DC is publishing the brilliant Multiversity and the competition is practically choking on arachnid people. Multiple versions of super-heroes are, like masks and ray-blasts, part of our alphabet. But somehow it still comes off as special. Maybe because it refutes the gritty, monotonous realism that periodically threatens to take everything over." - Tom Peyer

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"A superhero is someone who, at some point or in some way, inspires hope or is the enemy of cynicism. Even if you bog it down with political allegory ... You still need to take the cynical out of it." - Mark Waid

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"Like Kirby and Morrison before them, Gerard and Webb share a dream of super-heroes with a practical use in reality: to alter our minds so our minds can alter the world."

-Tom Peyer (writer: BATMAN '66, DEADPOOL TEAM-UP, assistant editor: THE SANDMAN, DOOM PATROL)

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SPIDER ISLAND briefly gave us the Spectacular Spider-Herc. But something sort of similar happened once before, in MARVEL TEAM-UP (Vol 2) #2.

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Been picking through the complete run of Authority recently, and I'm currently at the execrable Transfer of Power arc, which is basically Tom Peyer and Mark Millar reminding us that 90% of people are not just apathetic towards the suffering of others, but outright sadists who enjoy causing severe physical and emotional trauma to others.

Oh goody.

I was surprised, however, when I came across one of the best one-off characters I've ever seen, especially coming from Wildstorm's The Authority (not that there aren't times the Authority are fun themselves).

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8 pages behind the cut, from The Authority #25, 26 and #27.
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We last saw Mags admitting the android Magnetic Men were the closest thing to his family since the Brotherhood (given they are the Brotherhood dealing with brain-in-a-jar syndrome).

So, what's the best gift a proud poppa can give his new family? Top billing!

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7 and 1/3 pages from the 24 page The Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto #1.
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This is, I believe, the last arc of Superman I read before giving up the title for a few years at the turn of the century. It came right after the two John Rozum books I posted the other day. Superman had not too long before resolved the Superman Red/Superman Blue situation with his battle with the Millenium Giants and the Dominus story that had each of his four titles taking place in a different "age" of comics, kinda. At this point I'm pretty sorry to say he was pretty much treading water and you can see why after Infinite Crisis they pared his books down to just two a month, as treading water is bad enough on its own, but four times a month is going to kill interest quick.

Anyway, Ron Marz, then Tom Peyer came in for an arc that spanned a month's worth of Superman books, starting in Superman #147

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In 1918 Oscar Wilde's nephew-in-law Arthur Cravan -- poet, pugilist and provocateur -- set sail for Buenos Aires. That was the last anyone saw of him, and it's assumed he drowned at sea. But those of us reading THE TRAVELER know his true fate...

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