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One of them's the Rose.

The other's the Crime-Master.

Both of them're gonzo masterminds, legacies whose predecessors were gangsters that fought Spider-Man. The Rose menaced Michael Morbius in Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson's take on the Living Vampire, in the same way as the Crime-Master did Flash Thompson in Rick Remender and Tony Moore's Venom.

The threats they presented were different from those of the ones whose names they'd taken.

(Two warnings- first, there's close to forty images under this cut.

Second, there's some violence.)

Theirs were grander in scope and scale. )
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Chances are you already knew about this (it's on the noscans community at least) but for those who don't...the identity of the new host for Venom has been revealed, and it's none other than...

Spoilers )
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The most recent Ghost Rider ongoing title got its start right before the "World War Hulk" crossover, and was written by Daniel Way. It was presumably meant to cash in on the Nicholas Cage movie from a while ago, but went largely ignored by a lot of the comics-reading audience.

Around issue #20, Jason Aaron took over the book, and it turned into this demented blend of 1970s biker flick and Hellblazer-style theological horror story. Around this point, the series also started slowly losing readers, until it was essentially canceled around issue #35. Aaron was able to wrap up his central storyline with the Heaven's On Fire miniseries, which ended early this year. I didn't even hear about it until somebody started talking about how awesome it was on SA's comics forum.

Aaron's plot for Ghost Rider involves two things. One is the archangel Zadkiel attempting to usurp control of heaven itself. The other is an exploration and reinterpretation of exactly what the Ghost Rider is.

four pages from Ghost Rider #33 )


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