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"What motivates anyone to risk destroying the [universe]? Sometimes, it’s because things have changed around them, in ways they feel have threatened or marginalized them, and they’re trying to take control—or maybe, deep down, just lashing out at an enemy they feel has humiliated them somehow. As above, so below. Maybe Order and Chaos want to ‘take their reality back,’ to coin a phrase." -- Al Ewing

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"We’ve seen cosmic science, issue #2 of ULTIMATES SQUARED deals with cosmic parapsychology. If there’s something strange in your universe, who you gonna call?" -- Al Ewing

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"It's the next level. Ultimate ULTIMATES. We’re going bigger, weirder, stranger, more cosmic, more out there, more everything." -- Al Ewing

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"He’s learned harsh lessons from the previous civil war about jumping in without thinking through all the facets of the situation. Before he decides what to do, Spider-Man wants to know all he can about this Ulysses person, so he arranges for some one-on-one time." - Christos Gage

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'There just isn’t room in the main CIVIL WAR II title to get into the heads of everybody involved, especially with the big action scenes and plethora of "Oh no they didn’t!" moments. So, arcs like this, and the issues of CAPTAIN MARVEL I’m writing with my wife and writing partner Ruth, will provide that look at the personal impact of the event on the Marvel heroes...' - Christos Gage

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This wasn't intended to be a Dudes in Distress post, but I realized at the last moment that it probably counts, doesn't it?

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