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He faced Zheng Zu, Emperor of K'un Lun on Battleworld.

He'd faced the region's other martial masters- the last two, the Red Sai and Daniel Rand-K'ai, he'd made peace with instead of victory over.

There was only his father now between him and Emperorship, and the safety of the students he'd taken on.

The old man and the young man went at it; the latter threw lightning and the accusation that the former'd run away from him.

He wasn't wrong in that. )
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Its martial masters came to its door.

They came to challenge each other, that the last of them could challenge the emperor Zheng Zu for his throne.

One who came was unexpected- he was Shang-Chi, the emperor's disgraced son.

He'd taken some who were as low as he'd fallen as students, so that he was a master with a school.

His father let him enter the Chambers.

Into them he walked; he was followed by one of his students, the ghost-like Kitten, whom he soon noticed.

She saw his first fight, against Namor of the Halls of Atlantis.

The savage lord and the rising spirit lived up to their descriptions. )
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I was sort of surprised that this scene hadn't been posted to SD yet. (Or if it was, I missed it even though I looked twice.)

Spoilers )
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Oh boy, do I ever love these moments.
Kathy Kane being awesome. Select spread pages from the issue behind the cut.

You gave it your best shot..... )
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Two items of interest.

1) Courtesy of The Source, here's a first look at the variant cover for Batwoman #0, coming out this November. )

2) The Source has also published news about a Commissioner Gordon co-feature in Detective Comics, starting in the November issue (#871). It'll be written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Francesco Francavilla. More info and a bit of teaser art under the cut.

Commissioner Gordon in: Skeleton Cases )

Both of these look really interesting.


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