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Nearly all comics publishers run ads regularly for their own titles, within their own titles. EC Comics, in the early 50s, had more fun with many such ads than did most of their competition.

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(From the cover of Mad #16 [October 1954], art H. Kurtzman)

True, the spoof newspaper headline above refers to certain comics becoming "underground" as in "illegal" (this being when Dr. Wertham and friends were trying to accomplish precisely that), as opposed to "countercultural." Even so, actual underground comix creators such as R. Crumb and Art Spiegelman have credited Mad, in its original comic-book format (1952-1954), as a major influence on their work. As Spiegelman put it in his Breakdowns anthology, "Mad warped a generation. In the bland American 1950s [...] [i]t was saying: 'The media--the whole damn adult world--is lying to you...and we here at Mad are part of the media!'"

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One of the most frequently reused plots of the Silver Age Superfamily titles was "supporting cast character temporarily gains superpowers, causing problems for the hero." Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane were the most common targets of this, but everyone got into the act, including some long-forgotten characters like the one we'll look at today.

This post contains what adds up to 7 2/3rds pages of 23 from the lead story in Superboy #157, "Get Lost, Superboy...Who Needs You?!" plus a special treat.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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In the previous post for the Power Girl #26 preview (you know, the one with the adorable cosplayers) discussion turned to Peej's other costumes. I mentioned her 'renfaire' outfit from All-Star Comics #64 and a few people asked for scans so here they are.

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So I've been trying to post scans of the early days of some Marvel ladies. I've kinda fallen behind on that, but someone requested Tigra a while ago, and her story is really interesting. I have a feeling that today many readers see Tigra as furrry fetish fuel, given her stint on the West Coast Avengers where animal lust made her work her way through the team, and the fact that this is the internet. But Tigra's origins can be traced back to 1972, arguably the first Year of Women at Marvel.

And I mean, just look at her culturally relevant zingers!

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suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wallace wood, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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Two pages from All-Star Comics #64. I thought in light of later character developments, this was kind of interesting. Star Spangled Kid (later Skyman, I guess) should only see what she does to her costume later...

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In conclusion: Power Girl, quick-tempered logo-phobe since 1977 at least.

Tag wranglers - char: hourman/rex tyler, char: power girl/kara zor-l/karen starr, char: skyman/sylvester pemberton, char: superman/kal-l/clark kent, creator: paul levitz, creator: wally wood, group: justice society of america, publisher: dc comics, title: all-star comics (does not exist yet)
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Yikes. Is this one of the most famous faces of the 20th Century? you bet.

Alfred E Neuman is not an original creation of MAD MAGAZINE, of course. The grinning impish face (with a missing tooth and ears like an early warning system)goes way way back. He appears in ads and postcards in the years before WW I, although the further back one digs, the less clear the resemblance becomes until you're not sure if you can really call that poster for a painless dentist an ancestor or not. This charming portrait first appeared in MAD# 27, the April 1956 issue. The illustration was taken from an old postcard. The border itself is worth studying for a few minutes at the higher magnification, being art by Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder and Wally Wood.
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Wally Wood's Iron Maiden was a freelance criminal who worked for various eeevyil masterminds and pulled a few schemes with her own gang in the Tower Comics' T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS starting back in 1965. We never learned anything about her past, she was just there in her armor, cloak and gun. "Rusty" had the typically bantering attraction/distrust relationship going on with Dynamo that so often happens between uptight super-heroes and attractive villains. Iron Maiden had a wry awareness about how unworkable an affair between them would be, but she found the big lug very sexy and enjoyed teasing him and trying to bring him over beyond the law. On his side, Dynamo was a bit more confused about his feelings; the fact that Iron Maiden had him framed for treason and put in other sticky spots was something he understandably held against her. Yet they also sometimes covered to let the other escape at the end of an adventure. It was a typical crazy mixed-up quasi-romance. (Comic fans will likely find Batman and Catwoman coming to mind as the classic example.)

I like the way Rusty is frequently shown with a cigarette. By the late 1960s, smoking was becoming rarer in comics except for a few tough-guy heroes at Marvel. It adds to her bad-girl image. She did go to jail a few times (her gang broke her out in one case). The original run of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS ended with her still up to her felonious tricks; since then, copyright ownership was disputed and a number of publishers did their own riffs on the series, but that's outside my area.

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How cute is that Wally Wood art? With just a tweak and a nudge, he could swing from humor to science fiction to horror, and yet still have that instantly recognizable Woodness. This sample is from MAD# 3, February 1953. I love the trail of footsteps click-clicking behind Godiva like footprints. Can you tell Wood worked with Will Eisner on THE SPIRIT? This might be better if they had played up the dialect more; maybe you can't tell from the way the characters are talking but this is supposed to be in England. (Script is by Harvey Kurtzman, natch.)

creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wally wood
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The cover by Wally Wood to the SPACEMEN 1965 YEARBOOK. This was a short-lived effort from James Warren to branch out from FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND to other genres. He also tried WILDEST WESTERNS, SCREEN THRILLS ILLUSTRATED and MONSTER WORLD with limited success. Warren actually did best with the black and white horror comics magazines... CREEPY, EERIE, VAMPIRELLA, 1984/1994, THE ROOK. Maybe with more commercial than artistic success, to be sure.

Looking over the alien chicks in this astronaut's swinging bachelor pad (you just KNOW he has modern jazz on his stereo), I'm intrigued by the one on the far left with the horse legs and tail. An interesting take on a centaur? Or a reference to the "Horstel" race in Philip Jose Farmer's DARE? Other aliens here remind me a bit of Marvel characters who came along later, namely Storm and Tigra. Also, although it seems our hero really has it made, do not envy him. The green woman is planning to get him alone, shove her ovipositer down his throat and lay her eggs in his thoracic cavity. So he'd better enjoy the situation while he can.

Kim vs Erin

Jun. 6th, 2009 08:19 pm
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(First, let me say that looking for images of Kim Possible and Erin Esurance has been, well, enlightening. It's like the Tijuana Bibles all over again, with Flash animation.)

What happens when two cartoon adventurers clash, even though they're not likely to ever meet each other in reel life? A red-haired jailbait cheerleader/world-famous super-hero and a pink-haired spy/car insurance agent, going at it? I think we're all in trouble, to be honest, this could get ugly.At first, I would say Erin has all the advantages. She's what, ten years older than Kim? Even if she started a bit later in the adventurer game, that still gives her years of experience and training. She also seems a bit taller and heavier, although both characters have waists that seem like a strand of cartilage holding their torsos together. Erin polishes off her opponents in the few seconds allowed her during a commercial, while Kim takes the twenty-odd minutes of an episode to do the same.Erin usually operates alone or with the minimal help of that nondescript guy with the sideburns. Kim relies on her team of Ron, Rufus and Wade. Even when they're getting in the way more than helping, their morale boost is important to her. I can see Kim losing some of her enthusiasm and confidence if she had to work completely unassisted. So it seems likely that in a few minutes, Erin would have Kim unconscious and tied up (at which point, the slash writers would unleash their feverish imaginations).

Even with all the advantages, I think Erin would lose the deathmatch. A little research about by Kim would show Erin's psychological weak spot -- her obsessive, psychotic desire to sell insurance. As they're trading kicks and punches, Kim suddenly says, "My dad's going to buy me a car for senior year. You think I should go to Geico for insurance?" And Erin drops her guard, pulls out a wad of policy forms and goes into her spiel. "See, it's so easy. Quote, print...THUMP!" as Kim decks her with a sucker punch.

And an unrelated comics scans, as to my shame I have not posted here in so long that I forgot...

Sorry for my faux pas, there.


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