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Walt Kelly, the great creator of Pogo and his friends from the Okefenokee Swamp, is seldom remembered, even though he is one of the medium's giants. Here's a lovely sequence from Pogo's Sunday Punch:

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Many years ago, I knew someone who had these panels printed up as a Christmas card. When I saw this sequence again in a collection, it brought back a swirl of happy memories and maybe some here will enjoy it as well.

Walt Kelly's POGO, one of the best strips uses for ink on paper.
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Always a good idea to see what was going on in the Okefenokee Swamp back in 1951.

Pogo himself in not in this particular sequence, nor Albert. The strip had a huge cast that wandered in and out. I don't know another cartoonist who can make a character combine animal and human characteristics so seamlessly and so naturally as Walt Kelly. The facial expressions are priceless, and nearly every panel has a little gem. The mouse casually lighting his match against the panel border, or Miz Beaver figuring the tiger is an escaped convict in a prison outfit. The problem with POGO is not in finding a good sequence to post, but avoiding the temptation to put up huge lengthy chunks at a time.


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