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"I thought it would be amusing to provide a book that could be entered at any point and still give the reader a complete experience. Which goes against the grain a bit, because the modern commercial-comics reader has been very much entrained to expect long arcs rather than singles. I’m sure there are plenty of complaints out there about the lack of character arcs or long stories. But the book is still getting bought and reordered. So I guess we found an audience after all." -- Warren Ellis

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"The man is demented in more interesting ways than I think Batman ever was. [His] cape is actually a crescent moon and he goes out only at night and dresses in reflective white so you can see him coming. Now that’s nuts... I like that." -- Warren Ellis

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'Part of what I do for Marvel is that "Planetary"-like process of scraping back the accumulated barnacles on a property in order to show what excited people about it in the first place. With "Moon Knight," that was an easy thing: the redemptive arc, the multiple facets of the character, the intervention of ancient gods, and madness.' -- Warren Ellis

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This is the first book to come out under Marvel's new original graphic novel initiative -- completely stand alone stories, in continuity, by big name creators. For this first book, they really tried to pull out all the stops. They even managed to wrangle Warren Ellis not just back to comics but back to a superhero comic.

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a night out at the pub!


This is an unsual issue in that it has four different pencillers; David Williams, Mike Wieringo, Jeff Moy and Mike Miller, the art shifts are a little jarring at times, and Brian Braddock's hair approaches the hilarious at times, but try not to let that distract you..

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OK gang, here's the skinny: one of my favourite webcomics (and, arguably, one of the greatest in existence) is in trouble. Chris Hastings of The Adventures of Dr McNinja has found that he owes his webhost $1400 due to an unfortunate computing error, and he's relying on his beloved readers to help him out. If he can't make that payment by Friday, the website is shut down.

As I said: Dr. McNinja is one of my favourite webcomics, it's in the middle of a really interesting storyline and it doesn't deserve to end this way. Go directly to the site and you'll find a PayPal button in his blog-post on the subject. Every little bit helps.

Plus, because Chris is such a great guy, he's offered this great cast wallpaper as an incentive - FREE.

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Mentioned in this post, on the subject of societies without gods, there's The Uncreated. From issue #90 of Warren Ellis' Excalibur run, Kitty and Pete Wisdom break into a Black Air facility where Kitty inadvertently releases a group of aliens with a somewhat unusual theistic position...

Uncreated Preview

What would you call that, exactly? Deuscide?

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After a recent entry about Storm and Namor, I got to talking about Storm and Forge with  [personal profile] jazzypom and about what was done to Forge.  I'd like to see if anyone else gets annoyed. 

Image heavy scans from issues 28, 29 and 30 of the Warren Ellis "Astonishing X-Men" run behind the cut.

Oh, Forge...

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I am feeling neither cute nor romantic this week. Hence this offering of 2.3 pages from Transmetropolitan #6: text by Warren Ellis, art by Darick Robertson. Some NSFW language.

This is the "religion" issue, which explains why Spider is wearing his idea of prophetic garb. He and his filthy assistant Channon are on their way to do the journalism thing at a religious gathering. Channon mentions her boyfriend, and Spider comes back with "Ziang doesn't love you even a bit, and will vanish out of your life the very second he gets bored."

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One of the things I love about comics is the science. The stuff that makes no sense but looks beautiful (Jack Kirby!) to the stuff that makes a perfect amount of sense by people who have thought it through and taken ideas and concepts from now and projected them toward the future (Warren Ellis!).

A great example of this is the Extremis process from Ellis' relaunch of Iron Man from a few years back.

Here's a page from Iron Man v4 #3 explaining how Extremis works.

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The last few issues of Secret Avengers have been done-in-one stories by Warren Ellis and a rotating cast of artists. It's been a pretty good read so far.

#20 came out yesterday, with art by Alex Maleev. After the Avengers get wiped out in the field, Natasha's the last one alive. She has a time machine. She has to save the rest of the team by changing history so subtly that no one realizes it's been changed at all.

One of her planned timejumps takes her to the 1960s.

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 Saw this awesome parody, my opinion of course, of the Super Friends answering the question in the title and decided to share it here if anyone is interested. Can be found here, just giving warning that the video contains gruesome violence, superhero-dickery and inappropriate behaviour towards Robin. For legality, below is a scan of the JLA, the league of gods to be exact, being the awesome team they really were.
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Ages ago, I posted something from Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 about Nursery 2 and the kids that lived there. Since then, I've finished reading the whole thing and was moderately disappointed by the ending.

The only one that had any sort of reference before or after that story, and received some form of personality was Strange Josie )
As readers of Ultimate Doom #4 will know... that's not how it ended.


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