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After long reflection, I couldn't turn down the invitation to renovate the house that Jim Lee built, and refit its unique combination of cosmic paranoia and paramilitary conspiracy for the post-political space madness of the twenty-teens. Looking back to look forward. -- Warren Ellis

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"I thought Britain would probably not leave the EU, but that the campaign would surface a lot of grim stuff. Which it did. And then Brexit. And I knew exactly which way the U.S. election would go. So, here we are a year later, with a book about secret power structures." -- Warren Ellis

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"I spent about 10 minutes in the pub last night obsessed with the opening of THE WILD STORM by Ellis/Davis-Hunt. The main cover. Lots to unpack, but the element I most admire is the explicit 1-24, showing the length of series. Immediately we have context, meaning, shape and all linking to the cool formalism - as in, chilled. The Watchmen of it.

"And then the first page, which is instant classic as far as I'm concerned. Once again, this is a novel opening, about control and confidence. 9 panel is murderously hard, and - if I had to generalise - artists generally hate it. Davis-Hunt is making it sing here. Tom King with his various collaborators have been bringing it back to centre stage in comics, recently. THE WILD STORM is a similar response to the present over-tired elements in the super-hero mainstream. Let us try control. Let us try comics.

"[...] Generally speaking, the problem facing any writer of superhero comics is finding a way to make this genre feel novel in 2017. I think The Wild Storm nails in." - Kieron Gillen

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Warren Ellis: STORMWATCH was an episodic procedural in a lot of ways, and AUTHORITY was a pure action comic, so I wanted to find a different way in, this time, and this is what I decided on. Every six issues is a short book, and The Wild Storm is a four-book series -- 24 issues/chapters.

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"I love both horror and science fiction, and Warren [Ellis] has managed to combine both of them into something that is both disturbing and rewarding in a far-ranging way. My goal is to present the images he calls for, while at the same time finding visual themes and stylistic flourishes that can underpin and echo the story's intent. As for what it's about, I've been telling people it has the flavor of The Prisoner, but with much heavier horror elements. Maybe Jacob's Ladder by way of Solaris?" -- Phil Hester

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"Yes, the Bond of the books was casually sexist, racist, homophobic and a dozen other unpleasant things, including, let's not forget, a murderer. In my Bond story, he is clearly a man who respects competent colleagues regardless of any other value, because, yes, it's the 21st Century -- but I would also suggest that someone can be a misanthrope without being a bigot." -- Warren Ellis

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