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Doctor Octopus: Year One was a miniseries that came out in 2004 to coincide with Spider-Man 2. In other hands this could have been a cynical cash-grab but I think its obvious that Zeb Wells went for something deeper.

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Look what I found on Twitter!

It seems the Daredevil Netflix series will borrow a bit from DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, which has made its way into Daredevil continuity.

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Zeb Wells is really an underrated writer, and pretty much entirely due to him, Avenging Spider-Man's been a pretty fun book so far. Issue #5 was particularly good.

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It has been noted that since Cypher's return, certain artists have drawn our favourite little mutant linguist as looking a little emaciated, approaching the cadaverous at times.

This is partly to rectify this, and partly to remind us that there are nice people in the world.

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And for legality, I'm indebted to alphaflightcollector's blogspot for a delightfully naughty little reveal about Mr Douglas "Potty Mouth" Ramsey...

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Greetings True Believers!

Here is another great tale from SMTW. It sucked for the Runaways when they realized that their folks were super-villains. It sucks harder when when your parent is a z-lister like the Leap-Frog.

So what is a kid to do? Find-out and enjoy!

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Since Jarodrussel was plugging Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, here's one by Zeb Wells (who wrote Fantastic Four/Iron Man Big in Japan) and Kano who has some cute stuff on his website.
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Kano and Zeb Wells' run on Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four is really good. I'd recommend buying it . It's four little stories, each focussing on a different member of the team.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are scans from the Logan anthology Wolverine #900.

It's a nice Peter and Logan moment. Wolvie is overexposed, no doubt about it. But he still has the magic when used right.

For example. Logan is still a great team-up character. With a good writer, any character riding shotgun with Logan turns into a great buddy-cop flick.

Enjoy "Birthday Boy".

Suggested Tags: char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: spider-man/peter parker, publisher: marvel comics, creator: zeb wells, creator: paolo rivera

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char: the lizard/curt connors, creator: chris bachalo, creator: emma rios, creator: zeb wells, publisher: marvel comics, title: amazing spider-man, char: spider-man/peter parker


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