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With AvX thankfully being over, its apparent that everyone has one of three reactions. Either, you A) Take the story at face value, condemn Cyclops, and support the Avengers. You B) Note the plot holes and problems in the story, and believe Cyclops is in the right (or at least not as villainous as he's made out to be). B.5) Note the plot holes, dislike the problems, but don't side with the X-Men due to their own questionable actions. Or C) You do what the majority of comic book fans are and just read the material without going on the internet to talk about it. Apparently, most here, most Tropers, and the guys at ComicsAlliance, are in the B column.

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I bring you three scans from X-Men #34. And I have a question regarding what has been happening in Avengers vs X-Men. I am rather saddened by what happened.

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