Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1 (Animal Man and Lyssa Drak stories)

The book came out over a month ago and only the Wondergirl (Cassandra) story was posted as far as I could see so I'm posting a bit more from it since it had a bunch of stories inside.

Animal Man had a 12 page story in the book and I'll be posting 3 from it

Lyssa Drak had a story on her which was 6 pages and I'll be posting 2.

Animal Man: White Lantern, Black Lantern and... Lyssa Drak and friend )

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If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Power Ring On It

I take no responsibility for the title, but Episode 29 of Made Of Fail is up. We got Linkara from Atop the Fourth Wall to do a BLACKEST NIGHT roundup with us, and then we get into a huge conversation about feminism, sexism and sexuality in comics. You'll love it. Give us a download.

Also, you may recognize one of our own within the first five minutes of the episode. I'm being coy because it's going to be really, really obvious. :)

2 panels from GREEN LANTERN #53 as a not-so-subtle clue )

Blackest Night Directors Cut #1

Tags: creator: geoff johns,creator: ivan reis,title: blackest night, Publisher: DC Comics

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Blackest Night Action figures

The full July DC solicits are out. One thing in particular stood out to me.

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And many happy returns.

Four scans from Blackest Night #8.

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creator: geoff johns, creator: ivan reis, event: blackest night, publisher: dc comics
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Green Lantern #52 preview

The DCUBlog has the penultimate issue of Blackest Night storyline as Green Lantern #52 shows it's previews. 2 pages behind the cut as one big spread out.

It's raining men, hallelujah. )
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Father..er.. Bane knows best

after [personal profile] 3goodtimes's Scandal and Bane adorableness, [personal profile] falseaesop wanted to see Bane's pre-date interview of Liana.

Three pages of delightful awkwardness under the cut from Suicide Squad Blackest Night

here is a pad and a pen. )

Suggested Tags: char: bane, char: ragdoll/peter merkel jr., char: scandal savage, group: secret six, creator: gail simone, creator: john ostrander, creator: j. calafiore
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The Return of Ruffles - Green Lantern Corps oh who cares.. RUFFLES, KIDS!

The dark-red spawn of vengeance, the feline furball of fury, the cat that was spat out as a hairball by Basement Cat himself, Ruffles the Rage Cat returns. And oh, yeah, the rest of the rainbow Corps and the Anti-Monitor. IGN has the preview of Green Lantern Corps #46. Rage cat!

Whatcha gonna do when Ruffles runs wild on you?!!  )
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GLC 46 Preview

IGN has a preview of Green Lantern Corps 46.

One page under the cut )

suggested tags: title: Green Lantern Corps, creator: Peter Tomasi, creator: Patrick Gleason , event: Blackest Night, char: green lantern/warrior/Guy Gardner, char: green lantern/John Stewart
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Blackest Night #8 cover preview

What's black and white and-, ok I'll shut up and let the art speak for itself.

DCUBlog has the uncolored cover to #8.

Let there be LIGHT. )
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Green Lantern #52 covers

Images behind the cut. )
title: green lantern, char: sinestro, event: blackest night, creator:shane davis, creator: doug mahnke