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Note: This issue is now a month old, so I am posting seven images from it.

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char: mary jane watson,char: scarlet spider/ben reilly,char: spider-man/peter parker,creator: howard mackie,creator: todd nauck,creator: tom defalco,event: clone saga,publisher: marvel comics
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Here we are with the penultimate issue of "The Clone Saga" miniseries. Once again, for those who are knew/have forgotten, this is a non-canon retelling of the infamous Spider-Man storyarc as it "should" have been. It follows the storyline of the original saga but makes some pretty big deviations as well. The fifth issue is no different in that regard.

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char: kaine, char: scarlet spider/ben reilly, creator: howard mackie, creator: todd nauck, creator: tom defalco, event: clone saga, publisher: marvel comics, char: mary jane watson, char: spider-man/peter parker,
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For argument reference! 1 and half pages from Spider-man: The Lost Years 0, and 1 page from Spider-man: the Lost Years 1.

Spider-man's clone, Ben Reilly, allows a man to buy him a beer.
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To those wishing to see the Clone Saga's climax here's the story for you. It contains the "final" appearance of Ben Reilly and the return of Norman Osborn the original Green Goblin to the Spiderverse. Dail Uppers beware!

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Near the tail end of the Clone Saga, Marvel released two one-shots. One was to pretty much fill in the blanks on how Norman Osborn did it (aka the Goblin Journal which I might post if people request enough of it). The other was this. A comic about all the writers, editors, and people who worked on the Spidey books wondering HOW IN THE HELL can they wrap this Saga which JUST WON'T DIE?! They devoted thirty-three pages to it. I will post just ten. I will warn you the things that you will read in this entry may drive a person mad.

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