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Did he just traced Ironman from a Ironman movie dvd? that sure does look like the movie. What up with Norman face, resemble movie Norman but with the cornrows. 

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The mighty MODOK has returned and this time, he's set his sight on... his old home town!
But what are his demands?

Modok preview

Tags: creator: ryan dunlavey, char: modok/george tarleton, char:box/madison jeffries, title:modok:reign delay, event:dark reign
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Greetings True Believers! Here are four scans from (Dark) Wolverine #77. In which Daken screws with Ares and Venom for the grander purpose of screwing with Osborn. Daken's just on one of his missions in the Marvel Universe, to make people feel uncomfortable and awkward! Enjoy!

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