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Aug. 19th, 2017 07:15 pm
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Continuing Harvey Dent's 75th anniversary I'm going to be posting a few comics featuring Two-Face by Greg Rucka. I don't know if I'd call him the definitive writer for the character but he gets his mindset and has written for him on several occasions. This was first try at the bat so to speak.

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I miss Helena Bertinelli as the Huntress. I know a lot of the "member of the Bat-family that doesn't quite fit in and has issues" slot has been filled by Jason Todd in the Nu52. I just miss her.

Huntress vs. Joker in No Man's Land. )
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(Continuation form Parts One and Two).

The low-down on what brought Helena Bertinelli's brief career as Batgirl II to a swift end. All I have to say is poor girl never really got a fair chance.

From No Man's Land Vol. 2 TPB: 20 pages out of 206, and from No Man's Land Vol. 3 TPB: 2 pages out of 206.

First things first, she actually DID try to do things HIS way. )

But then, from Batman's POV: "You made three mistakes:"

First, you failed to stop Black Mask from reaching the Clock Tower. )

Second, you failed to protect our turf. )

Third, you followed me when I ORDERED you NOT to )

Next time: the WTF conclusion to Helena B's loss of the Batgirl gig, with bonus commentary from Barbara Gordon/Oracle herself. (Helena B!icon is glaring at you Batman and Babs!)
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From No Man's Land Vol. 1 TPB: 14 pages out of 198.

After weeks of running around as Batgirl II, Batman decides to confront Helena about her parade, and gives her the chance to sort of "audition" for the part.

(Continued from Part I, all book titles and issue numbers will be specified beneath the cut).

To approve or disapprove. As someone else would say: 'THAT is The Question.' )
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I've been re-reading No Man's Land as of late, and I actually liked the idea of Huntress running around as Batgirl despite having all odds against her.

Incidentally, this was also one of the story arcs where Bruce's usual superdickery really rubbed me the wrong way. I can't decide if it was because he didn't really give Helena the chance to prove her worth on her own terms, or the fact he gave her so much shit for not following his orders despite the fact that she helped maintain *some* order in a devastated Gotham during his absence. The fact that she took three bullets to protect the same idiots who were recklessly getting themselves killed in an ill-fated encounter with the Joker before Batman would approve of her didn't help either.

For now though, I'll start with her humble beginnings in the cape and cowl. For her very first outing as Batgirl, refer to here.

Test 1: Is Helena Capable of Making the 'Right' Decision? )
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I'm looking to add Cassandra Cain's initial run as Batgirl to my library. However, a trip to my local comic vendor revealed to me that the TPBs for that run have been out of print for a while and are hard to find.

I've managed to find vendors to get most of the collection for a bit over the normal retail price, however my only option for obtaining "Silent Running", the 1st volume of the collection, is at least $30 through Amazon. Also, reading some of the reviews, it seems that the TPB collection are still sort of incomplete and missing a few odd issues here and there.

I was wondering if I should just pull the trigger on these purchases, or if it would be reasonable to expect DC to reprint Cassandra's Batgirl run in the near future, given that she's making a comeback into the current bat-titles?

On a slightly related note, has the "Batman: Gotham Knights" series ever been collected in TPB form? I really loved those stories, but I don't want to have to buy all of them in single issue form.

Thanks in advance. For legality I present her first reunion with her father from the pages of Batman #567, written by Kelley Punkett, with art by Damion Scott, John Floyd, and Greg Wright (7 of 22 pages):

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Lex Luthor arrives in Gotham City during No Man's Land. Batman has no time for Lex's malarkey, which involves a "property grab." This is one of Mercy Graves earliest appearances "in continuity" in the DCU. (She first appeared in the Superman animated series, voiced by Lisa Edelstein)

Just going to loom ominously? )
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One thing about a lot of Bat-villains is how vain they are. That even goes for scaly-skinned characters like Killer Croc.

Some context after the cut, which makes this even funnier.

Croc's House of Style! )
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Everyone likes the scene from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #125 where Batman tries to unmask himself to regain Gordon's trust and friendship. I thought I'd post two pages showing a little of how their relationship soured during No Man's Land. From BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND special, by "Back to the Future" screenwriter Bob Gale.

Broken spotlights and broken hearts. )
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Somebody mentioned these two as a possibility in an earlier post, and I realized I knew just the scene I wanted to post. It's from No Man's Land, when Bats and Jim have a midnight confrontation in the Gordons' back garden. Some context: Bruce was stuck outside of Gotham when the government cordoned off the city and made it No Man's Land, and so Gordon was stuck shoveling the shinola without Batman's help for some time. Batman calls Jim his "partner," sparking a rant on the equitable nature of partnership, and Bats can only respond with this:

And Gordon's response is why he's maybe the only perfect friend for Batman. )
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Best idea I've heard all week: someone should write a novelization of LOST.

Just do the entire series in a single book. Perhaps like THE STAND, but even better edited to incorporate all the good stuff, cut out the dead weight, and revise things so that it all works better as a whole.

Because that's the inherent difficulty of writing for long-form serialized format, be it in TV or comics: no matter how well you plan it out, so many things can go wrong that can create plot holes, dropped threads, inconsistent characterization, etc. Maybe it can be avoided if it's all done by a single (extremely talented) writer, but it's damn well impossible with multiple writers.

That's why Greg Rucka's novelization of NO MAN'S LAND is largely superior to the original comics, both of which I've been rereading for the first time in years for these posts. He's able to iron out the kinks from the comics, even the ones he himself had originally written, while cutting out pointless subplots and letting other story elements breathe.

By and large, the actual stories of both are the same, with one major exception: the shared arcs of Jim Gordon, Renee Montoya, and Harvey Dent. Last post, it was the same, but with some added scenes of Harvey and Renee's interaction.

But starting here, the actual chain of events alters and their motivations deepen, turning what originally was a better-than-average crime/adventure story into something rather more complex and soul-searching.

Very little actual Batman behind the cut )

Next week, the grand finale: Jim Gordon('s soul) on trial, with Two-Face as the prosecutor, Harvey Dent as the defense, and Renee Montoya stuck in the middle.
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So I've been rereading BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND, both the original comics and the novelization by one of the comics' leading writers, Greg Rucka.

What really struck me is how, unlike the vast majority of multi-title crossovers (especially one that ran for an entire year!), it was far more based in character than action and events. The only part that really feels like an EVENT is the finale, which feels shoehorned-in compared to the rest, right up to the gratuitous use of the Joker and the gratuitous death of a relatively major supporting character.

But much like THE DARK KNIGHT--another story with a large cast of Gotham citizens--the human core of the story is Commissioner Jim Gordon. Really, in the real of all-time great DC comic characters, I think Jimbo has to be in the top ten. He's perhaps the only life-sized character in Gotham City, as heroic as he is human.

(Personally, I thought it was a huge mistake to lose Gordon as a cast member. OFFICER DOWN was a good story, but what was the point in having GOTHAM CENTRAL without Commissioner Gordon? Or Harvey Bullock, for that matter! Bullock, Gordon, and Renee Montoya are the holy trifecta of Gotham Police awesomeness, and to lose 2/3rds really robbed GC of what it could/should have been. But that's another rant.)

But a key component with being human is to be tested, and for one's flaws to show through. And as this is Jim Gordon post-BATMAN: YEAR ONE--where he cheated on his pregnant wife with Lieutenant Sarah Essen--it's a hell of a character to throw in the middle of NO MAN'S LAND.

And while this is Two-Face Tuesday and Harvey features very prominently, I think the best way to kick off his series is to look at where Jim Gordon is psychologically and emotionally as NML kicks off... and where he finds himself before too long.

We are two of a kind, Commissioner... )

Next week, Part 2: Gordon gives Renee Montoya a mission, Two-Face makes his move, and bonus extra scenes exclusive only to the NML novel where Harvey Dent and Renee are reunited. You do not know awkwardly cute until you have seen Two-Face with a crush.

Suggested tags: event: no man's land, char: jim gordon, char: two-face/harvey dent, char: question/renee montoya, char: harvey bullock, creator: bob gale, creator: ian edginton, creator: alex maleev, creator: d'israeli
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(x-posting this to noscans_daily)

I'm sure by now you're already well aware of the earthquake in Haiti that occurred last week (though I understand there have been ongoing aftershocks as well).

There are lots of comics-related and non-comics-related ways to help.

  • [ profile] help_haiti: On LJ fans are offering up fanworks for others to bid on, with the auction winners donating the final bids to charities including UNICEF, Red Cross, OXFAM, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, and others. (BTW, if you've offered up something to be bid on, link it in the comments!)

  • Heroes4Haiti: Comics artists and fans are donating and putting artwork and items up for auction through eBay, which apparently is giving sellers the option of donating to your choice of charity.

  • Festival de la Bande Desinée Francophone de Québéc (English translation here, thanks to Sequential): This one is also offering up artwork to the highest bidder (with starting prices at $100 CND), and donations going to the Red Cross.

  • There are many charities to choose from, this article lists a bunch, including numbers that you can text to donate. (Most of them Canadian or Canadian branches, but if you've come across other substantial lists of places one can donate to, comment and I'll include it!)

for legality, Gotham City... )

Unlike the fictional Gotham City, the human suffering in Haiti is all too real. Let's keep spreading the word and doing what we can to help.


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