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Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk was a four-issue miniseries setting up both Pak's Dark Son arc and the upcoming Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force.

In it, Hulk's other kid Hiro-Kala ran roughshod over the sub-atomic world K'ai while Arcturus Rann, Marionette, and the defective Death's Head robot Carl contended with the boy's loyal Bonemen.

And then the Enigma Force came in, as it's wont to do: 'Arcturus Rann--' )
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One page from Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #4:

Mentor & Plutonia )

Suggested tags: Event/Realm of Kings, Team: Imperial Guard
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There's been some interesting stuff coming out of the Fault Black Bolt's Terrigen bomb made happen, like Starstalker and criminal gangs of Mindless Ones (led by the Minded One.)

There's been some interesting people coming around that fracture in spacetime, like the Sphinx being portentous and abducting people to a construct world.

So, then, what interesting stuff and people lie INSIDE the Fault?

Last November's Realm of Kings one-shot, by Abnett and Lanning, gives us one answer to that question.  )


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