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Reasons to be scared in the DCU

Courtesy of ComicVine's preview of Teen Titans #1

A chill wind blows across the face of the Earth;

In Arkham, the Scarecrow wraps his arms around his legs and rocks backwards and forwards, mumbling consoling words to himself.

Sinestro shudders, even the vacuum of space could not cause the cold sensation running down his spine.

Even on the grim world of Apokalips, the mighty Darkseid raises his head and utters that rarest of sounds, a laugh (if a sound like slamming coffin lids down a mineshaft can be called a laugh), as he realises what has transpired on Earth.

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NS: Civil War II: Rush of Blood #6 Preview

The latest preview for Marvel's current event has come out. Feel free to discuss below.

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Civil War II: Kingsglaive #4 Preview & Hawkeye Reveal

So Marvel decided to post the #4 preview already and tried to keep the reveal about how Hawkeye decision went... but screwed a bit by mistake.

Warning, spoiler ahoy!

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Astonishing Ant-Man #6 Preview

I usually don't post or discuss previews, but... this is the one issue I've been waiting the most for. The Cassie Lang issue of this Ant-Man run...

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Titan Comics announce another Doctor Who series

Now we've got miniseries for Doctor's 9, 10, 11 and 12, it's time to go a little retro as Titan Comics are bringing out a minseries featuring perhaps the world's favourite Doctor, and definitely my favourite classic series companion.

This is the variant cover by Alice X. Zhang.

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Marvel tease a new romance between two long-standing characters

And they have Alex Ross to introduce the new couple in All-New, All-Different Avengers #4

Yup, it's Thor smooching Captain America )
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News from IDW and NYCC - "Jem and the Holograms" third arc

Courtesy of CBR

For those who might think the Jem comic book is too bright and shiny, well the third arc is going in completely the other direction as we meet

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Alt history based on reality - SuffraJitsu

Well, it's not often I hear about new graphic novels from the BBC, but there you go.

"SuffraJitsu - Mrs Pankhursts's Amazons" is a three part graphic novel series from Jet City Comics which details an alternate history, with some fascinating roots in the real history of the British Women's Suffrage movement and includes one of the most remarkable women in it.

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