Robin Alive?

HeroComplex just featured the covers for the upcoming one-shot, Robin Rises: Omega and the 33rd issue of, get this: Batman and Robin.

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The Future of DC

So DC's next big event is Future's End, a look five years into the future of the DC universe. And Bleeding Cool has gotten some preview scans of what's happened to some of our favorite superheroes in five years time.

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Kind of a niche market I would think...

ecomic publisher Lion Forge has signed a deal with NBC/Universal to turn some of it's old TV properties into comics. They already publish some comics for Knight Rider and Airwolf, and now they are expanding the line with two more properties...

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Justice League #27 Preview - Death and Destruction as per usual

From, a preview for Justice League #27

aka Geoff Johns continuing his rather weird habit of killing off juvenile heroes in his crossover events. In this case, members of a team that hasn’t even debuted in the New 52 yet; The Doom Patrol.

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Well, this I didn't expect to see

From USA Today by way of CBR

There are SPOILERS beneath the cut!!! Seriously, SPOILERS beneath the cut! I'm even leaving the character out of the tags because of the spoilerishness of it.

A certain favourite character is making their New 52 introduction in Flash Annual #3 )

The new Harley Quin Comic... worth getting or just avoid?

Okay. The new Harley Quin comic started... the one with the questionable contest... well, I saw it in my comic shop, and they had the contest page... and not only the content of the dialogue and narration made the set up out of content (much like a Ace Attorney thing), but DC also seems to have caved in like XBox One at E3 as the final panel of Harle in the bathtub was replace with something else... I still didn't buy it because the issue of her in Detective Comics that came out in September... which she bombs Gotham as well as kids on 9/11... which was also her birthday... all because she was bored and wanted to something for the Joker, and she didn't with little remorse

Does DC just expect people to forget that? I know they have done this before AND after their reboot (with each new clean slate they have, they go and mess up big time in no time flat). Did she got some kind of punishment? Or did joining the Suicide Squad redeemed her? Would Amanada Waller would even give a child killer a 2nd chance, no matter how talented they are in a given mission? Because if she didn't at least regret or redeemed herself... than this preview from CBR on her issue 1 would tick me more.
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Preview for Justice League #25 - Owlman's story

From CBR Justice League 25 is the origin of Earth 3's Owlman and also, judging by the cover we might finally get an update of what's been going on with Nightwing...

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I'd say that there's a range of how obvious you make the sexualisation of your images

The spectrum spreads from "suggestive", "subtle" and "implied" to "obvious", "upfront", "blatant" and "outright blatant".

And then there's this, which is somewhere in the metaphorical ultra-violet range...

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Where no MAN has gone before?

Yeah... right (Okay, that's a cheap shot, I know they modified it to a gender neutral form in 1987 when ST:TNG came along, but given IDW's upcoming story it seemed apt)

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Marvel UK characters returning in January

But not, sadly in a revived Marvel UK, but in the usual American Marvel.... though at least some British creators are involved.

The crossover is called

Revolutionary Wars )