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The evolution of a page - 1 preview page from Edward Scissorhands

I love that the likes of Facebook, and Twitter and Tumblr and the like mean that artists can share more of the process of their work....

Case in point, Drew Rausch's first page from the new Edward Scissorhands comic from IDW.

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One page preview from Spider-Verse #1

Well, following the... let's be polite and say the furore (It's a good word, it should be used more often) over the Manara Spider-Woman cover, it's perhaps a little odd that I should be posting an interesting image of Spider woman wearing a rather visible looking, old-fashioned corset... OVER her costume...

But fret not, in this case I'm not talking about Spider-Woman... I'm talking about Lady Spider

the Steampunk Spider-Woman! )

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Edge of Spider-Verse #2 preview

Cover (variant by Greg Land) and four pages from the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse #2 issue.

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Half of me thinks this is sacrilege...

But the other half thinks it's gorgeous!

We've seen some odd sequels over the past few years, perhaps most notably someone else writing "Peanuts" comics, but even that pales next to the chutzpah it takes to relaunch the classic, groundbreaking, 114 year old. "Little Nemo in Slumberland"

But darn me if this isn't a lovely looking take on it )
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The new 52 Multiverse structure.

EW has debuted the new layout of the multiverse as envisaged by Grant Morrison for the forthcoming Multiversity.

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I think this may satisfy a few childhood (or even present) fantasies

The preview for Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5 is up at 13th Dimension

This consistently excellent series (and all praise to Sholly Fisch for managing that little miracle) has opted NOT to go the Batman and/or Robin route this time, and feature a team-up that is just wonderful. Well, look for yourself...

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A Scottish horror comic coming soon - And Then Emily was Gone

As a Scot, I do feel that whilst we have a few creators (Grant Morrison, Alan Grant, other people not called Grant at all) and a few characters (Wolfsbane, Mirror Master 2.0 and um.... I'm sure a few others) we don't get many stories set in Scotland itself (Muri Island based stories to one side, they rarely did anything with the locale)

John Lees and Iain Laurie look set to deal with that with...

And Then Emily was Gone )