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Because of course Marvel would tease another event before an event. This one though seems to be involving the X-Men...

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CA: So do those defining traits take on a darker tone? Is Reggie now scheming for survival?

RAS: Yes. So far, the series’ big secret that we’ve told everyone is that Reggie’s the one who ran down Hot Dog, which is what triggered the zombie apocalypse. He’s got a vested interest in all of this staying quiet, in true Reggie Mantle fashion.

CA: So if I’m putting this together right, Reggie runs over Hot Dog.

RAS: Right.
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Two items of interest.

1) Courtesy of The Source, here's a first look at the variant cover for Batwoman #0, coming out this November. )

2) The Source has also published news about a Commissioner Gordon co-feature in Detective Comics, starting in the November issue (#871). It'll be written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Francesco Francavilla. More info and a bit of teaser art under the cut.

Commissioner Gordon in: Skeleton Cases )

Both of these look really interesting.
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These days I don't often make a comics score at thrift stores - if I do find any they're marked according to Overstreet - but I did come up with a 12-page "special collector's edition" issue of Batman done in partnership with Kemco and inserted with the "Batman: Dark Tomorrow" game. It has lots of villains - Poison Ivy, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Killer Croc - visits with both Gordons, and guess what? Batman's 1878597879876724th Crime Alley Flashback. Two pages of 12.

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A roundup of the X-Men news from C2E2 - not as much news as in some other places, but undoubtedly that's because of "Second Coming" still being only in the early stages.

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creator: adi granov, creator: paco medina, creator: jae lee, group: x-men, char: x-23/laura kinney, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, publisher: marvel comics
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The latest "We Are The X-Men" teaser from Marvel, spotlighting another non-mutant.

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char: hope summers, char: blade/eric brooks, group: x-men, publisher: marvel comics


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