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REBIRTH Superman Family Titles

Source: Newsarama.com

Among the new information in this week’s DC Comics Previews catalog is more insight about the various Superman titles, and what appears to be the absence of the “New 52” Superman completely.

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Spider-Woman #2 Solicit

Let's continue to check in on our new pregnant heroine! Things are about to get totally wacky!

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NEWS - ART OPS Interview with Creators & Solict Info

Vertigo Comics is launching a bunch of brand new series coming this Fall and Winter, one of them being from the creative team of Shaun Simon and Mike Allerd. Here's an interview with them and some solicit information.

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Spider-Woman #1 Solicit & Info

Marvel just dropped their November solicits and oh boy, was I curious to see about what their Spider-Woman would be like. Let's take a look!

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Fan favourite team returns in Secret Wars one-shot

I can't believe I missed this SDCC announcement at the time...

...but I'm delighted to be able to tell this community now that the Agents of Atlas will be returning in October in a Secret Wars one-shot! :D

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Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - A New Star-Lord

Well here's a solicit that caught my attention today when I looked at Marvel's solicit list. We got an all new line up for Guardians of the Galaxy, including a new team leader and person behind a mask.

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Some Marvel variant covers for Women's History Month in March

Since March is Women's History Month, Marvel are putting out a series of variant covers, all by female artists, and since they are not limited to drawing female characters, aside from being (IMHO) a much better idea than DC's "Cheescake covers" (We need to rely on Grayson covers for the "Beefcake" covers) some of them are just gorgeous!

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DC making radical changes in June - The New 52 is over...

Much of the comic-sphere is abuzz with DC's announcement about what's coming in June after their "Convergence" event ends...

For one thing the "New 52" will no longer be used as a tagline or a concept. (After more than three years, that seems fair enough, it was hardly "New" to begin with... and also, they're down to 49 titles, so it wouldn't even be accurate.

A LOT of info there, and at least one cover scan that I think is worth discussion!

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