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Justice League 3000 reveal - Ummm.... WHAT?

Spoilers for... well, the New52 DCU concept as a whole I guess...

I'm not even going to mention who is going to be showing up in JL3000 #12 in the tags, just to maximise the surprise.

Trust me, it's a weird one )
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Give Marvel credit where it's due... Guardians of the Galaxy anti-bullying covers

Marvel have a LOT of publicity going for their Guardians of the Galaxy characters, and with the likes of Chris Pratt (who kept the Star Lord costume so he could make Hospital visits to sick kids in it), some very good PR, so I can only applaud them for this

October's anti-bullying covers )
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Some August Solicitations from DC which might be of interest

Well, alas, it looks like the only female team book from DC is ending, and their highest profile female character gets a new series... Oh, and Grant Morrison's Multiversity finally appears.

See under the cut for details )
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Good News! Young Justice (animated) has a return date

Young Justice is coming back to TV screens in less than a month! The airdate for the new episode is March 3, 2012.

The episode title and synopsis have been released by World's Finest Online (at the link above) and that information's reproduced here too ).

For legality here's the cover image and solicit for the cartoon's companion comic, the latest issue of which comes out on Feb. 15 )

Also, it looks like The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is getting a new comic series. Still no word on an airdate for Season Two, although since those comics are set for an April release and the movie comes out in May I'm guessing it'll probably be around then.

Again from World's Finest Online, we have solicits for the series ).
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Stuff that's a little fearful, but entirely unflashy.

So if you look at the upcoming solicits, you'll notice a single thread dominating a large chunk of each of the Big Two's output.

Both of those threads, already started, have got themselves a little bit of ennui in the way of reception; there's definitely thought and potential in the ideas, but each's main creator's've tended to produce less than satisfactory executions for some.

Luckily, there's the branching off threads, if you want.. )
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In which Spring springs a few little things.

So you know Arcade: Death Game?

One of two minis featuring the Young Allies this year, it promised to pit them and the Avengers Academy kids against Arcade's reputation-restoring Murderworldization of NYC.

But while Onslaught Unleashed's proceeding as scheduled (and shaping up to be something fun), Death Game's gotten itself "[retooled to be].. more likely to do well."

Consequently, this May.. )
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They ain't heavenly kings, but they'll give good enough still.

So now everything but the Thunderbolts tie-in's over for Hulk's Scorched Earth, leaving us with the fallout of the Intelligentsia's machinations; Doom's brain damage, a spider legged MODOK, and the Red Hulk.

The last of whom's been establishing his presence in the larger MU, riding along with the Avengers and unwillingly killing AraƱa's dad. He even seems to be getting Hulk to himself for the next few, while Bruce rages against the gods in Incredible Hulks..

..so now's the perfect time to give him his own enemies, foes outside himself.

People who he can punch in the face such that we're rooting for him, at least. )
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So what's your lookout for 2011?

In a little more than twenty-four hours from now, it'll be a year.

And just like that, a lot of things'll be one Gregorian year closer.

Previews and solicits'll be called to account by the actuals, and there's a lot of both; in the case of the former, it's captivating reading if you've got some spare time.

And out of all those, what's especially attention getting in January? )