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I have 2 questions that arise from my Alpha Flight post (underneath the cut as they may contain SPOILERS!!!!!!!

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So yeah, tis the season for hokey Christmas specials and horrible comics. Or, at the least, poorly drawn comics. And horrible 90s art. Oh the horrible 90s art. It's not a Christmas classic like the Harley/Ivy Christmas story or the Joker & Tim one and...honestly, the Alpha Flight Christmas issue really shouldn't be a Christmas classic. Still, it's an entertaining read.

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In an attempt to speak out against grave misrepresentation of one Madison Jeffries' eying up one of his fellow X-Club members, I give you all two pages from M.O.D.O.K. - Reign Delay, featuring Maddy and his loving wife, Lillian "Diamond Lil" Crawley.

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char: diamond lil/lillian crawley

Thor vs....

Dec. 1st, 2009 01:01 am
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Ah, see you guys in a week. Going to a Buddhist retreat over the next 5 days, and probably won't have internet access (or very little of it, heh).

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Title: Marvel Adventures Iron Man #11 (Marvel, 2009, 32 pages)
Creators: Fred Van Lente (writer), Graham Nolan (pencils)
Availability: Available In Trade

Though they are on my PB, these aren't actually my scans. Ordinarily I'd feel worse about the yoink, but...well...


And I did not know of this. Pardon me whilst I squee.

I <3 them and all their dysfunction so very much.

You think we could get Van Lente working on an Alpha Flight: First Class now that he's done with Wolverine's book?
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Title: X-Factor #116: Homecomings (Marvel Comics, 1995, 23 pages)
Creators: Howard Mackie (writer), Steve Epting (pencils)
Availability: Out of print.

A couple of months back, timemonkey requested scans of non-Austen Northstar and Polaris meeting. So, in keeping with my "I only bought this because it had Northstar in it" posting tendencies, here's a run-in between Alpha Flight and X-Factor. That's right, you lucky people! You're getting some 90's-era Howard Mackie goodness!

For all that I've complained -- and will continue to complain -- that damn near every writer to come along has an exasperating tendency to confuse reminding us that Northstar likes men with actual character development, Northstar is still way better off than Aurora in the characterization department. Whereas Northstar's been given some positive traits over the years, his sister's defining characteristics always reset to her being two flavors of crazy (boy and batshit) and, if someone was feeling really creative, occasionally bitchy or an abuse victim.

Howard Mackie did not buck the trend, but at least he didn't get overly creative.

Aurora and Wild Child show up in the Weapon X series a few years later. He's uglier than before, and she's a crazy bitch. Oh yeah, and in an abusive relationship with Weapon X's director. *sigh*
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cynosure_jpb over on LJ. My personal journal's been on IJ since the Strikeout debacle. Just saw that the other comm got nuked and thought you lot might have headed over this way.

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