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ComicBookResources reminds us that the world is still going to hell in a hand-basket. The next chapter comes in, and .. yeah, it gets nasty.

A few preview pages behind the cut.

aaaWOOOOO........Werewolves of London  )
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[personal profile] sherkahn has the preview, as Dark Horse and the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. team continue to deliver tales of things that go bump in the night.

Some pages from the latest stand alone tale, issue #2, as the investigative team finds something worse than smart vampires in the Picken County backwood hills.

Question: what do you get when you mix Lovercraftian mushrooms spores and let them grow in the fertile and never dying flesh of a vampire?

Sploosh. )
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The sh!t hits the fan. And oh boy is it gory.
2 pages from the most recent supernatural conflict (as I reach my posting limit for this issue).

Fair warning, possible NSFW due to gore.

Into the wild. )
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Hope no one has had lunch yet. If you have had lunch/breakfast/dinner/freshly-cooked-kill, please wait til later.

DarkHorse has the preview of the next big arc in the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. A flash back gets things started.

Oh boy, it's a doozy. 2 pages behind the cut.

edit: Images fixed.
On today's menu - demonic possesion. )
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Unless anyone has forgotten, it's 2012, the last year before the final farewell (for those who believe in an upcoming end of days). And the team over at DarkHorse Comics is putting the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense through their paces.

Here there be monsters... )
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God, 5 years into this and I can't believe I am the big B.P.R.D. proponent for Scans_daily.
Anyhow, I ramble on.

Comic Book Resources has the preview for the upcoming one-shot of young Liz Sherman's first outing with the B.P.R.D.

The delicate nature of trust. )
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ComicBookResources has an interview with John Arcudi as the world of Hellboy and his former crew keeps getting worse.

One particular idea struck home with me, thought I should bring up for discussion.

F.T.R.A )
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Whuzzat? Not enough !@#$ hitting the fan in your morning coffee? Haven't spit out enough of your afternoon lunch yet? In that case, I bring you the penultimate issue of the War of Frogs saga. Spoilers behind the cut for #4.

Burning in my mind. )
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With the amazing revelations in #3, the sh!t keeps hitting the fan over at DarkHorse comics. And Newsarama doesn't want to feel left out, either. Images galore behind the cut. Spoilers of major proportions behind the cut.

Pick your jaw up from the floor. )
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The preview pages are up at Newsarama as the BPRD continues to attempt to hold the darkness at bay. This time, they are up against the Frogs.

They are stronger than us.
They are intelligent.
They are organized.
They can hide among us.
Their only reason for living is to release their masters, one a level that is both biological imperative and religious zealousness.
And they can infect us.

And now we get a glimpse of what their eternal reward may be )


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