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From thenerdist.com, a preview for Justice League #27

aka Geoff Johns continuing his rather weird habit of killing off juvenile heroes in his crossover events. In this case, members of a team that hasn’t even debuted in the New 52 yet; The Doom Patrol.

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This is from the Crime Syndicates first appearance "The Most dangerous Earth of all" from SD1.0 (it was never tagged)


Title :Justice League, Title: Justice League,Crisis on two Earths,Group:Crime Syndicate

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First, great idea for a theme!

So you have amazing powers that can move planets and take over the world,but when the end finally comes and you face oblivion ? Maybe you think you should have used your powers for something else...

From Crisis on Infinite Earths 1

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After yet another JLA/JSA team up/time travel story everyone is left to wonder what really happened...


Yikes, imagine being trapped in Limbo with Owlman ?????

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