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[personal profile] icon_uk already posted about the strange origin of this one. As I understand it, most FROM THE MARVEL VAULT comics are stories that for one reason or another were shelved and never printed, lost stories from Marvel's archives finally seeing the light of day. In the case of this DEFENDERS issue though, it was written so long ago that, while they still have the artwork, nobody had a copy of the original plot anymore, nor did anyone remember what it was supposed to be. Apparently, even flipping through the art didn't jog any of the original creative team's memories. So Kurt Busiek (who didn't write the original plot) basically has to come up with a new story tailored to the already completed artwork.

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[personal profile] mistaeff requested scans of '70s Defenders, especially Hellcat, Nighthawk and Valkyrie, as he suspected there might be some bow-chicka-wow-wow vibes going on there. Digging through my collection, I found a few issues from around the time Hellcat first joined, and, guys be the judge?

A few bits from the Scorpio saga, which - don't even ask. )
And on to the big showdown, which spills over into the next two issues. A little less than 3 pages of a 17-page story here, for them that keep track of such stuff.

Tags ahoy! char: hellcat/patsy walker, char: nick fury, char: nighthawk/kyle richmond, char: scorpio/jacob fury (new tag), char: valkyrie/brunnhilde, creator: dan green (new tag), creator: david kraft (new tag), creator: keith giffen, group: defenders, publisher: marvel comics, title: defenders
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I always like the Defenders it was an offbeat book from Marvels bronze age. It didn't have alot of big names in it so they could be free with the interaction and turn up the drama. I'd like to see the book come back as a non canon experience set in a retro 1983 ( a true bronze age book)taking advantage of history. Sort of like the retro Sentry book , but more serious :)


...and they had great villains like Egghead and the headmen !
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