FF #11

Oct. 26th, 2011 08:16 am
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Well, things go from bad to worse as the War of Four Cities expands.

2 pages from the latest issue, as a new threat is added to the mix.

Fate worse than death. )
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Yes, it's a little redundant to post the same preview and the same page, but this time it's got WORDS and they do not fail. ComicBookResources has the preview.

This is how you do comics right.

Hold the Line. )
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Last issue Valeria Richards explained to the assembled Villains Of the Fanastic Four Who Are Smart why there was no punch and pie offered, even though the invite said punch and pie. And that a threat so big it required all of them to gather and talk about about beating up Reed Richards.

Since I am at my posting limit for this new title, just one last page afterwards... and a strange coincidence I've found.

I like these guys. .... No, you don't. )
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Repeating the images from the preview (now with words) as an assorted who's who of people with grudges against Reed Richards of the FF gather.

No tea. Just punch and pie. )


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