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Marvel have been releasing teaser images for the event which will, perhaps, mend some fences between Mutants and Inhumans after the revelations of "Death of X" and "I v X"... or might not

Click to embiggen

(I HATE that spelling, just from the get go, but that's neither here nor there)

Two solo titles - one group book - one... not quite sure. Also now edited to add news about what the event is about )
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Talking elsewhere about favorite Emma Frost moments, and the issue of Generation X where Emma injures a small child for great justice often comes up. However, there's another issue of Generation X that includes one of my favorite Emma moments. Generation X #25 was by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo and featured Emma sacrificing herself for the sake of the children. It all seems a long time ago now.

Despite the heroic sacrifice, there's still plenty of discussion to be had about the ethics of Emma's actions, though...

Gen X 25 Preview

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For no other reason than I wanna, here's an extract from Generation X #62 by Jay Faerber and Matt Smith, where Monet had shipped off to a new school in Switzerland. Her academic career there was cut short by the unfortunate development that the teaching staff turned out to be composed almost entirely by vampires, who were killing off and turning her fellow students.

Back from when Monet had a conscience about killing and before the whitewashing. No claims about originality, though. There's a possibility that the issue might have been... just slightly influenced by a certain TV show.

Gen X Preview
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I found this a tough category, not because there's a shortage of possibilities, but because I'd want to bring back a character that would serve good stories and could have future potential. Ted Kord, of course, springs to mind, but I'm reluctant there because we've seen some great stories and actual impact coming from his death, as well as an awesome legacy hero, rather than it being a throwaway death. Skin would be another thought, but then you have wonder what you'd be bringing him back to - the rest of Generation X are pretty much shuffled to one side, the next generation after them are either dead or ignored - bringing him back for writers to shuffle aside again seems to be a pointless exercise.

So I'm going for a character that I think could actually have potential in terms of future stories and who has relationships with existing characters, so his return could have an impact, if writers choose to pick it up.

And that character is Sean Cassidy AKA Banshee.

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I haven't got a lot of Thanksgiving related scans, but I did dig up this from Generation X #23 which I originally posted back on Scans_Daily 1.0, in which Paige invites Jono back home to the Guthrie's for Thanksgiving.

It carries all the vital ingredients for a Thanksgiving story - namely arguments, angst, fallings out, people (well, okay, Jono) making huge asses of themselves and unnecessary drama.


Isn't young love grand? )


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