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Comixology's Marvel Half off Monday sale this week includes Illuminati. Yes, the entire Bendis/Cheung series is available for the princely sum of $4.95 (or £3something).

I know that I've already posted 4 pages from this issue already, and it's 4 very funny pages. It's the time that Bendis's Bendisisms actually worked and is some of the funnest and funniest Marvel stuff that I've read.

However, there's still a fair bit of gravitas and serious stuff in the series. To be honest, I can't think of any of Bendis' Avengers stuff that's come close to this quality in recent years, except for the Sentry/Norman Osborn chat that ended with them going to Five Guys Burgers

Each issue of the series tied in to an event or character in Marvel history.
#1 was the Illuminati sorting out the Skrulls, thus guaranteeing a Secret Invasion
#2 was the Illuminati collecting the Infinity Gems (how did that recent Avengers storyline finish?
#3 was the Illuminati versus the Beyonder
#4 was the Illuminati doing their Sex and the City chat and then trying to put Marvel Boy on the straight and narrow by smashing his head into a stone wall
and #5 was the reveal that one of the Illuminati was a Skrull.

This comes from #4, where Reed Richards is giving Marvel Boy a pep-talk. )

And Mods, are we having another 30 days theme this winter?
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AVENGERS #9 seems to be when the Illuminati are revealed to Steve Rogers and the Avengers. The odd part is that the Illuminati had already been revealed... I think.
Pages from WORLD WAR HULK after the cut.

'Sorry about this, Bruce' )


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