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The Outsiders vs the Masters of Disaster and a surprise guest star Pt2

Following on from Part 1, I bring scans from Outsiders 34 and 35.

Be warned this post contains depictions of scenes from the Holocaust and as such may be triggering.

Markovia has been conquered by invading Russian forces led by the evil (and I mean REALLY evil) Baron Bedlam. The Outsiders (now 100% Batman free) are down, taken out by Bedlam's mercenary metahuman strike force, The Masters of Disaster, and a Soviet handler, the international political mover and shaker known only as the Bad Samaritan, has just discovered that Bedlam has a REALLY warped secret agenda...

This has not been the Outsiders best day...

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Magneto: Testament the Conclusion

Greetings True Believers.

Here is the concluding part of the mini-series X-Men: Magneto Testament.

Events are coming to a head in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Max and Magda must escape and soon.

The war is entering it's final stages and the world is about to change, again.

And a reminder, this post might not be safe for work because of the frank depiction of crimes against humanity and the war.

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Magneto: Testament Part 3

Greetings True Believers.

Here is part three of my X-Men: Magneto Testament mega-post.

Warning: this post might not be safe for work because of scenes of the Holocaust.

Max has arrived at Auschwitz and now must survive. I've included a scene that another poster described as "One sentence explains .... well, everything." I agree.

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Magneto: Testament Part 2

Greetings True Believers.

Here is part two of the mega-post about the 2008 mini-series X-Men: Magneto Testament.

It is a very well done and well researched story. If you want to get a handle on Magneto as a character (or who he should be as a character) check this series out.

You may want to consider it not safe for work because of the Nazis treatment of Jews and others.

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Magneto: Testament part 1

Greetings True Believers.

I was inspired to re-post the mini-series Magneto: Testament. It is an intelligent and well-done story of Magneto's boyhood, meeting Magda and suffering at the at the hands of the Nazis.

These posts will be probably not be safe for work because of the frank description of the Nazis treatment of the Jews and Gypsies and of the camps.

This series is an important part of understanding Magneto as a character in my opinion.

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Intentional subtext, Wonderella-style

In the superhero justice system, some villains and heroes are forever blurring the line between fighting and other words that start with an F. But they also kinda require a bunch of background info first. These are their stories.

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America and Britain's First Team-Up (Part 1)

I promised to post the first team-up between Captain America and Captain Britain from Captain Britain vol. 1 #16-27 and here is the first part covering #17-20. Sadly due to the Captain Britain issues being so short (most of the content was reprints of old issues from various series) I'm only going to be able to post the cover and 2 and 1/3rd pages from each issue.

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MAD: "Stalag 18"

suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wallace wood, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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MAD's Most Enraged Parody

suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: larry siegel, creator: jack davis, genre: satire, subject: nazis