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Thanks to The Mary Sue, for this snippet of info

The latest round of Musical Chairs Mood Rings means that in Green Lantern Corps #36, we're getting an answer to the question;

"Could a male join the Star Sapphire Corps?"

Looks like the answer is... Yes )

Leaving the actual character out of the tags for the sake of surprise.
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A couple of scans I meant to include in my last post, featuring the work of Phil Jimenez

Starting with this shot from Infinite Crisis, where Brother Eye's orbiting camera's clearly share a certain empathy with it's creator's habits...

Click below for the most wonderfully gratuitous shot of them all....

Gratuitous is a VERY relative term, thankfully! )

And some fanart I'll probably regret in the morning )

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You guys called it.

As if this couldn't get more "HOLY CRAP" moments....

IGN has previews for Green Lantern #45.

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Although this is the penultimate profile from the Corps 101 series posted on DC's The Source, we've already seen the layout for the Black Lanterns that they are going to post tomorrow.

Today's feature is, obviously, the Star Sapphires of the Violet light.


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