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Greetings True Believers!

Very little else needs to be said about these four pages from Thor #609.

Behold! Balder the Brave! Balder the Bright!

Suggested Tags: char: balder the brave, char: loki, char: hood/parker robbins, title: thor. event: siege, publisher: marvel comics, creator: kieron gillen, creator: billy tan

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Greetings True Believers! I'm posting a selection of scans from Deadpool: Suicide Kings #5 about Wade exhibiting his "Comic Awareness" and I had an idea!

Why don't we have a breaking the 4th wall week? Rules would be simple, post scans from a story where a character breaks the 4th wall. Then classify it. Is it story-connected? It is over-done? Is it right for this story/character? Is it just for shits and giggles?

Does it sound fun? We have the usual suspects for breaking the 4th wall, Deadpool, She-Hulk, Animal Man but who else has done it???

So if you're interested, put in! To begin, I offer a couple of dee--lightful scans of DP and they will crack you up!

Oh and I have decided to call this week, "Breakin' the Wall, Breakin' the Wall."

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Is this still going on?

Newsarama has the 4 page preview.
One image caught my eye in particular.


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