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Here are scans from Amazing X-Men 5 with light narration, I'm kinda pooped from school and work so thats why its so late (Issue 7 came out 2 weeks ago) so this will be quick.

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I am indebted to CBR for providing an image suitable for putting above the cut in their coverage of the NYCC X-Men panel

It was announced a little while ago that X-23 would be joining the cast of "All New X-Men" (Which suggests she makes it out of Avengers Arena, unless this is a android or something), but the picture that was shown to announce this also included her in the arms of a silhouette.

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Recent events in the Marvel Universe have brought Jean Grey back to the foreground on the X-men world, and reminded us that she isn't as perfect as her in-story supporters would lead us to believe.

llustrator Max Wittert gives us an alternative look at the immaculate Jean Grey. This is episode 1 & 2 of 'Jean & Scott'. I love it.  )
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Hi, I’m new to the new scans_daily! Warning! Slightly spoilery for latest issues of Cornell's Wolverine and Jason Aaron's Wolverine and the X-Men.

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We rarely see pro-mutant humans in the X-books, but while many people hate and fear mutants, some are willing to go the protest-and-sign route to *support* mutants.
Here's an older example of the X-men getting some support in France during Magneto's trial.

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From the C2E2: X-Men Panel comes news of a new crossover event called X-Men: Battle of the Atom.

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has the of #19. I guess we are focusing on more of the youths now, in this title. But I posted that cover image for a reason (below the cut).

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