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As some of you may have noticed (though it's been a very subtle campaign) there's a new movie out this week, that some expect to do quite well at the local kinematoraphic outlets around the world.

A whole new generation is about to be introduced to a big screen movie with noble heroes and heroines, despicalby evil villains and villainesses, hokey old magical religions, adorable robots, gorgeous looking spaceships and freaking LASER SWORDS!!!!

In light of this, it seems like a good time to remind ourselves, and a chance to show others, what we love about the Star Wars Universe, so let's announce;

The old EU has been wiped clean by Disney, but let us revel in it a little while longer, or delve into the new universe that Disney has established.

Stories focussing on our well established characters are, of course, welcomed, but given that the s_d community is filled with glorious oddballs (and I say that as an oddball myself, though my gloriousness is more open to debate) stores focussing on new characters, perhaps the lesser lights or the seemignly throwaway characters would be brilliant.

And if anyone can find an AU story of the sort I've always wanted to read, where Luke went to Alderaan and Leia went to Tattooine that would be amazing, because who knows what might have resulted!

Oh yeah... maybe that! )

So, in that time long ago, in that galaxy far, far away, let's see what stories it has to tell!

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Hi folks! I need to get a bit more manga from JManga posted before my access goes away, so here's "Brocken Blood" by Etorouji Shiono.

It's a magical girl manga...kind of.

2 pages of 8 from Chapter 0, 5 pages of 16 from Chapter 1 )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Was cleaning up a closet last weekend and came upon my cache of original Teen Titans floppies. Here's a little treat from 1972, "Through These Doors Pass the Bravest Titans of Them All," or as I like to think of it, "That time Donna shaved her head and crossdressed for justice!" I've got six pages of an 18-page story, and therefore am cutting the Mal sequence down to a mere preview image.

 photo p2_OTT-38_preview.jpg

That's Mal having a flashback to a childhood beat-down, to explain his heretofore unheard-of fear of wide open spaces, which he must overcome in order to repair a lunar landing guidance module.

Say what, now? )

So there you go - not bad for an ish where nobody even makes it into costume!
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Madam Fatal has been post here before, so I'll skip this hero's origin. Use the cross dressing for Justice tag to find the origin on s_d or her her frist appearance here.

How is the first cross dressing superhero related to father's day? Richard Stanton only took to dressing as an old woman after his daughter was kidnapped. It was supposedly in effort to find her. (A bad effort, if you ask me.) 

Here is Fatal's third story from Crack Comics #3 (July 1940).X-posted here.

I wish wigs stuck to my head this well )
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Mako-chan! Hers is my favorite transformation (well, if you coun't Venus's as all 15 chapters of Sailor V, then  I guess she'd be the best BUT) Mako is just the best. She can unabashedly kick your ass in and out of Sailor form and still cook a mean meal, she's independent but nurturing and super protective of her friends. And Sailor Moon's deconstruction of gender roles really comes out in her character, as she embodies the masculine/feminine dichotomy and shows that really- there is no dichotomy. A girl can be both. We're just people.

And her transformation is just very cool, so bear with me as I do feminist analysis!

Senshi of Thunder and Courage! )
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Given the success of my post a couple of days ago about Aquaman exploring an alternative side to his dress sense, here, from 30 years ago (Dear Lord it IS 30 years ago... wow I feel old), is Superman 349. (A 17 page story, which I think I've posted a little under six pages worth of story for).

As Superman finds himself the victim of...

The Turnabout Trap! )
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As I mentioned in my previous post, I have now acquired my own scanner, so I may be putting things up more often.

It so happens that I have three issues of "The Topper", June 18, July 2 and July 16 1983. At 7 scans from the 23 story pages in each issue, that's almost an entire issue I can show you.

Since it turns out people don't actually read the carefully crafted cutline jokes, I'll just say Read more. )

Your thoughts and comments? In particular, if you had the opportunity to bring one of these features back in the modern day, which one would you choose?

Suggested tags
in-joke: crossdressing for justice
medium: British comics
publisher: DC Thomson
title: The Topper
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So, my previous experience with Scans Daily was pretty much limited to lurking. But I felt I simply must share with you one of the Golden Ages's queerest heroes.


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