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They can't say they weren't warned.

[personal profile] q99 requested some Fantomah, who's among the best-known creations of cult favourite Fletcher Hanks (writing and drawing as Barclay Flagg). So here we go!

'Fantomah wills it!' )
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Doctor Hormone and Jane, back home in America, head to Washington to help the government ward off an invasion from "Nazia." This time, they get to face off as well against another foe, portrayed every bit as true-to-life as the previous. *cough*

'For I'm a jolly good fifth columnist' )
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Four pages from Our Love Is Real, a comic written by Sam Humphries (Fraggle Rock) and drawn by Steven Sanders.

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I admit, this might be recycling from Cracked, but this was so...unpredecented...that I thought I had to share.

In plain terms, Superman, or rather Kryptonian tech, had the ability to change people's race. Not just skin color, because Lois didn't just turn black, her hair spontaneously turned into an affro and well...just look...

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Do you like porn? Sure, who doesn't? But not all porn likes you. Some porn isn't intended to arouse. Just by looking at it, you can tell it was created only to hurt people. Much like the Necronomicon or a Sonic The Hedgehog fanfic, every detail is clearly poised to attack the sanity of the human being. We were not meant for such as this, and heaven help us if the dark gods who could be aroused by such perversity ever turn their attention upon ignoble man.

I dare not try to crop a preview image of this supposedly erotic tale of Batman and Catwoman, so I'll leave you only with this brief legality pic. Take what fleeting joy you can in it, before all hope is lost.

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The heck with it...This posting trend of mine is boring me. I'm taking a break from the man sex and focusing on other things. Like Psylocke, and male bondage...yeah....that's right....
Anyway, seeing this Green Lantern cover, I almost did a double take.
Suggestive Pose under the cut. )

in-joke: context is for the weak, char: green lantern, publisher: dc, in-joke: wtf

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Ah, the Silver Age! I bring you a gem from it. So, Wondy is just returning to Paradise Island with Steve Trevor. And then...this happens.
Under the cut, cracktopia + question )

 character: diana/wonder woman,  wtf: sexism, wtf: crack

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I went through a period a while back where i was looking for trans women characters in contemporary comics and graphic novels* and a lot of people referred me to Neil Gaiman, with The Sandman series in particular, and told me about how he's friends with ~real live trans women~ and all that. And i still see him referenced, here and elsewhere, as providing some of the best inclusions of trans people in those forms of visual media to date.

The problem was, I already owned the entire series (for a long time; i got them when i was in my mid teens), had gone back and read it again, and found it disappointing in most parts which included trans women and in others it actually brought up feelings of body dysphoria and memories of violence. And while i do appreciate some of the more gender fluid characters in the series--especially Desire--they're not trans women.

Large scans under cut, some NSFW, a little bit of tl;dr rambling, and may contain spoilers for those of you who haven't read it yet but plan to )

And, reading this, i'm like, my god, this is some of the best, least cissexist inclusion of trans women in comics?

So yeah, i don't know, i'm mostly posting this here for the discussion (which i won't, unfortunately, be able to participate in beyond this post until later tonight)--what do you think about Gaiman and the stories i've posted scans of, where have you seen trans women in comics that i've maybe missed, and so on and so on.

*Somewhat unsuccessfully, unfortunately
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TV Hits is an Australian teen pop culture magazine published by a company owned by Yahoo, and is just as tasteless and horrible as it sounds. They've put out a 2010 diary with a rather specific theme...

The horror, let me show it to you... )

Thor vs....

Dec. 1st, 2009 01:01 am
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The context gets weaker! )

Ah, see you guys in a week. Going to a Buddhist retreat over the next 5 days, and probably won't have internet access (or very little of it, heh).

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I was looking for this and was sad to see that it had gone down in the firestorm. Ladies and gentlemen, some of the most brain-melting comics you shall ever read.... Westone Page.


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