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You may or may not have heard the little comic news item this week. In much of the tradition of Craftsman Bolt-On Systems Saves the Justice League, Marvel cut a million dollar deal with the Florida Department of Citrus to give their mascot, Captain Citrus, a truly super heroic makeover.

Gone is original Captain Citrus, the portly orange defender of Florida's commodities futures...

In his place... )
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Nearly all comics publishers run ads regularly for their own titles, within their own titles. EC Comics, in the early 50s, had more fun with many such ads than did most of their competition.

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After Crisis on Infinite Earths, the backgrounds of many characters were changed, some subtly, others blatantly. This made it a good idea to have a title that explained the new secret origins of DC's characters. This series was entitled "Secret Origins."

The Creeper story was not one of Giffen's better art jobs, so let's concentrate on the Alan Scott Green Lantern tale. Seven pages of 22, and an ad.

...For the dark things cannot stand the light. )

Next time: Steve Gerber!

Your thoughts and comments?
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In the previous issue, we were introduced to the new Red Guardian, Arthur Nagan was an asshole, Chondu got a makeover, and Valkyrie got arrested.

So now it's time for the final chapter of the Nighthawk's Brain saga, The Defenders #36.

Five pages of seventeen, and an ad.

A Garden of Earthly Demise )

Your thoughts and comments, especially as this is the end of the post series?

Next time--something that isn't Seventies Marvel.
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In the previous issue, Nebulon unveiled his plan to help humanity through Celestial Mind Control, which manages to be even skeevier than it sounds. Valkyrie voiced her objections to strip-searching, and Chondu demonstrated that being in the body of a fawn doesn;t make him harmless.

So, five pages from seventeen of "The Defenders" #35, plus a Hostess ad.

Arthur Nagan is an asshole. )

Next time: The conclusion of the Nighthawk's Brain plotline.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Last issue, we learned that Jack Norriss' mind is in Chondu's brain, which is in Kyle Richmond's body. Chondu's mind is in Bambi's brain and body. Kyle Richmond's mind is in his own brain, which is in a shallow dish. The other Defender's minds are in their own brains and bodies, but may not be right any more. The Headmen's HQ is in ruins, and Nebulon is back in town.

Which brings us up to The Defenders #34, five pages of seventeen (nrrgh) and dessert.

I Think We're All Bozos In This Book! )

Next time:. Chondu gets a makeover!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi again!

Last issue, the Defenders learned whose brain was residing in Nighthawk's skull. Nighthawk recapped his origin, and the Defenders were knocked out by Ruby Tuesday.

Now, let's look at six pages of eighteen (and dessert) from "The Defenders" #33.

Bambi returns! )

Next time: Nebulon's plan to save the world!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hello again!

In the previous issue of The Defenders, we saw Kyle (Nighthawk) Richmond be captured by the Headmen, who transplanted the brain of Chondu the Mystic into his skull. Chondu infiltrated the Defenders, but tipped his hand too early, allowing him to be captured by our heroes.

Now, issue #32. Six pages of eighteen, plus dessert (and I mean that a bit more literally this time.)

So if your friend is acting out of character, who do you call? )

Next time--The return of Bambi!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi, folks!

Given recent Spider-Man events (if you haven't already heard, you may want to come back later) I decided you folks might like to see how this sort of plotline has been handled by Marvel in the past.

In specific, the "Nighthawk's Brain" arc in "The Defenders" starting in #67.

Six pages of eighteen, plus a dessert.

Subplots! Lots of subplots! )

Next time, more mind boggling madness!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Okay, finally got around to digging out a Marvel comic, Alpha Flight #22 (first series.)

Some context for our younger readers: At the end of the first year of Alpha Flight, their leader Guardian was killed off and the team largely broke up, so the next year focused on stories spotlighting one or two of the members, while advancing the various subplots leading up to the #25 milestone issue. Of course, keeping all the balls in the air means that sometimes a writer gets a little stuck, and in this case had to come up with a villain by looking at his eraser.


Seven pages of a 22-page story, plus a treat.

The title of the story is 'Rub-Out' )

If this is your rirst time at Scans Daily, a friendly reminder that we don't do fat-shaming here.

Your thoughts and comments?

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I went to this weekend's local comic book sales convention, Springcon (held in the State Fair grandstand) and had a good time. I picked up several books and items with the purpose of creating a raffle basket for my company's United Way drive, plus some stuff for myself. (Sadly the Three Caballeros poster signed for me by Don Rosa is too big to scan.)

In the cheap bins, though, I found something that many of our younger members may be unfamiliar with.

Sad Sack, short for the military term "sad sack of shit", was created by George Baker as a pantomime comic strip during World War Two. It was quite popular, and eventually Mr. Baker licensed the property to Harvey Comics, which ran comic books based on it for decades. It did very well for Harvey, as evidenced by the franchise supporting a half-dozen titles a month.

Sadly, by 1976, when this issue of "Sad Sack and the Sarge" #117 was printed, George Baker had passed away, so only that little bit in the upper left corner of the cover is his artwork.

A couple of inside glimpses, and some unrelated pieces picked up at the convention, behind the cut.

Ads, story, sketches )

Your thoughts and comments?
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If you were reading certain comics back in 1941, There was a series of rather ubiquitous ads for a soft drink unheard of today. A refreshing drink with Vitamin B1! Kooba Cola!

They clearly put a lot of effort into their advertising, working very closely with the people at Fox Features Syndicate to feature their product throughout their comics.
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The product even got shilled in the comics themselves as you can see in the Timothy Smith story down below. Timothy is an orphaned shoe shine boy who got whisked away to a magical world (or possibly a concussion induced coma after he got beaten up by a bully) where he goes on adventures with his gnomish pal Grimmage.

There was only one slight problem with Kooba Cola: )
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I've had this scanned for a few weeks just looking for time to post it but this comic strip/Mini-Wheats ad just leaves me perplexed and slightly disturbed.

Come one, come all to the inexplicable breakfast ad! )
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The Bloodlines conclude with this annual! We head back to L.E.G.I.O.N (they're the folks who first investigated the Parasite ship in the Lobo Annual via sending Lob and Layla to find out what was up).

So...just where did these Parasites come from anyway?

18 pages of a 55 page story.

His name is Pax and his world has seen better... )


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