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May the 4th

I found this in a bookstore the last time I visited Paris, and thought I'd share it with you.

I'm not patient or good enough to change the text in situ, so I'll put in as much of the text as seems appropriate after the fact, and apologise to any French speakers as I mangle their lovely language (And that's why Cypher is my favourite superhero!)

Written and drawn by Enrique V Vegas

Be warned this is not only not dial-up friendly, it's actively dial-up hostile!!

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In my last post, I mentioned the "Paul" series by Michel Rabagliati as one of the most successful Quebec comics of recent years. Inspired by the author's childhood memories, this series of slice-of-life graphic novels (now at 7 volumes) follows Paul, a typical young man from a middle-class Quebecois family living in Montreal, from his adolescence in 70s to his adult years.

 photo Paul-cover_zps91f9569d.jpg

I managed to get my hands on an english-translated volume, Paul Joins the Scouts. From Amazon.com (because I'm too lazy to write a summary myself):

Montrealer Michel Rabagliati returns to the childhood story of his famous semi-autobiographical character. It’s 1970 and Paul’s family watches the news with anxiety as bombs are going off around Montreal. But Paul is more interested in flying his kite, comics, and his first kiss. Soon Paul joins the Scouts and heads off to camp. Away from his parents and extended family he discovers self worth in a troop of like-minded and enthusiastic boys. Things take a turn, however, when the troop gets mixed up in the terrifying events of the FLQ crisis. Paul Joins the Scouts is a coming of age story which takes an historical approach to both the Baden Powell scouting movement and the October Crisis, but humanizes these incidents for both a YA and adult audience. It is original, sincere, captivating, and a little bit retro.

Like I said, this is a slice-of-life story composed of lots of little scenes of daily life, so some people might find this a little boring. The pages I post today are from the first half of the book, mostly centered around Paul's involvement in the scouts.

24 pages out of a 117 pages volume. )
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The latest volume of Blacksad was released in the US last month! Let's take a look-see, hm?

Lookie lookie, I've got Hookie. I mean, Blacksad )

13 pages of 54

Writer: Juan Díaz Canales
Artist: Juanjo Guarnido
Translators: Katie LaBarbera & Neal Adams
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Hello everyone! This is my first post here I'm so happy to have found this place!

As a french-canadian living near Montreal, Quebec, I'm lucky to have access to a wide variety of comics from many sources: american comics from the US, franco-belgian comics from europe, manga translated in both english and french, and even some local talents (the "Paul" series by Michel Rabagliati for example). My local library has a large collection of comics of all kinds and I want to share with you all the most obscure and awesome stuff I can find.

For my first post, I'll start with one of my favorite franco-belgian comics, the goofy office gofer, Gaston Lagaffe.

This dude right here. But first, an introduction and some background information on this character. )
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Many years ago in that strange era called the 1970's, when still a fairly small icon_uk, I saw a strange book, a large picture book in a language I couldn't read (Much like some of the Tintin, Lucky Luke and Asterix books I'd seen visiting friends have in their possession, but I'd seen those in English too), which featured a Japanese girl as the main character in a science fiction based ser. The book was called "Les Trois Soleils de Vinéa" and as I grew up and learned to read the language I always meant to go back and read more of the books, because I enjoyed that one.

I didn't find any English ones until relatively recently, because for the most part they were first translated from 2007 onwards, and even then not even close to all of them.

I got hold of this book ages ago to scan for here, but I forgot about it until seeing a tumblr post mention the series.

By the second book we're into time travel and antimatter... this is NOT a series that aims low!

Yoko 000

Welcome to the world of Yoko Tsuno )
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From Spirou: Alerte aux Zorkons (and a little follow-up in La face cachée du Z)

Warning: This post contains lots of bad grammar. The character's broken French is done on purpose, an editorial choice you can contest; the possible English mistakes in my description come from my being ESL. Please bear with it?

Lots of Spirou readers were so sorely disappointed with Aux sources du Z they ditched the series entirely. I won’t blame them. I almost did so myself. Fast forward a couple of years, I gave the new title a second chance and I was rewarded with…

less than 7 pages out of a 50-pages album (plus a little bonus) )
They’re cute, they’re geeky and they’re together. ♥
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I see that there are (used to be?) some Spirou fans around here. So I thought I'd make a post to mark the 75th anniversary of Spirou as a character, a comic and a magazine (on April 21):

Sketch by Yoann for InediSpirou
"Is this really necessary?"
(Image from InediSpirou)

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The French artist Fred, creator of the greatest comic book series ever, Philémon, passed away last week. I posted his work several times before, and the sad news of his death prompts me to post again in tribute to his vision, humour and extraordinary skill:

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I posted about the first volume here. This is the second, that draws more in depth about the context of the country at the time.

(14 pages & 1/3 out of 45 pages)

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French comic book by Joann Sfar. The story is set in Algeria in the 30's. The first volume is a love letter to contradictions (and man, cutting it to 1/3rd of it was pretty painful!!)

(12 & a third out of 37 pages)

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Haven't posted random scans of Philémon in ages, so here's another dose of French weirdness:

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Fred is the missing link between Winsor McCay and J.H. Williams III.
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Hugo Pratt's Fable of Venice is one of the best albums in the Corto Maltese series. Corto is in Venice (Pratt's birthplace) searching for a precious artifact called 'Solomon's Clavicle.' It's a fast-paced mystery thriller that involves free masons, fascists, poets, occultists and seedy figures from the underworld. It's also a gorgeous love letter to Venice.

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De cape et de crocs (Cloak and fangs), is a French bande dessinée by Ayroles and Masbou. The world is 17th century Europe with some clothed animals amongst humans. The story is full of adventure, references to 17th century French literature, and above all, fun.

Meet the heroes :

Don Lope de Villalobos y Sangrin is a Spanish Catholic wolf, proud, dark and honorable. Armand Raynal de Maupertuis is a chivalrous French fox who loves rhyming and good life. They love swordfighting, drinking, helping the helpless, courting girls... They're best friends.

The story begins when Andreo, a young nobleman who just saw the classic (but all new at the time) French play Les fourberies de Scapin, tries to pull the same trick on his rich father, Cenile, and stages a fake kidnapping to get the ransom and flee with the girl he likes (who doesn't like him, but he's not very clever and hasn't noticed).
But Cenile likes his money even better than the fictional miser, and decides, instead of paying, to ask some heroes to free his son - for no payment. They attack the framed Turkish ship, and don't find any prisoners - but end up with a mysterious treasure map.
It's just the beginning of a fabulous adventure with swordfighting, pirates, wild chases, a very cute rabbit, shipwrecks, a beautiful gypsy girl, a 17th century mad scientist, theater-like plot twists, warlike mimes, living moonstones, and a lot of things I won't spoil.

It was hard for me to pick a particular moment, but I chose this one. Not the biggest event, just one of the funny adventures on the way.

The Flying Dutchman - maybe. Big pictures )
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I was going to post more pages from Milo Manara's The Great Adventure, but I'm going to skip to the finale, which is my favourite part. The bulk of the story was a dream Giuseppe Bergman had, then he wakes up in a ferry with HP and finds out he hasn't even started his Great Adventure. After all his weird dreams, he decides he doesn't want an adventure anymore. And then there's this:

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