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Robert MacQuarrie does a funny recap of Marvel's CIVIL WAR and how it might need some fixing for the next CAPTAIN AMERICA movie.

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Welp, the series (potentially the animated part of the franchise) has come to an end, and there was much sadness. One of the many things that I liked about the Avatar fandom is the plethora of really talented people producing fanart, so I thought that I'd post some.

Spoilers, obviously.

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Now this is rather beautiful and (so far) fluffily romantic (I'm not all weird you know, I can appreciate the fluffily romantic)

I've seen many a pleasant repurposing of the classic "knight slays dragon and wins the heart of a lady fair" story, many of them (quite rightly) featuring the lady fair (or otherwise) taking matters into her own hands and not requiring the knight in the first place. Here, however, is a variation I don't think I have seen before...

To borrow one of my favourite subversive quotes from Star Trek, when a deranged Sulu goes all half naked and swashbuckler-y

Sulu - I'll protect you, fair maiden!

Uhura - Sorry, neither

(I still can't believe that got past the censors)

Of course, this has a slightly... different interpretation of that reply

Because sometimes the lady fair isn't even a lady )
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More fans comics done me and my friend. I have the main focus be on Superboy, as seeing him in Adventures of Superman #500. i didn't got to pick up his book until around after the 50 issue mark, and then they brought back the forgotten Jack Kirby work.... until that was too forgotten and Countdown brought it back and ruined it... so basically, the kids is my pill to the nerd-dom I have been engrossed in... even when I was hyperactive for Pokemon... so basically, I have made a FEW comics of the Kid of Steel, and since most seemed to liked my fan-comic post about Nana Harley... I thought I might share these...

Lets see what my nerd-dom and English Degree does for me here... )
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A little comic I had in my head for some time since Harley's appearance in Batman Beyond  comic and had a friend on DA do it... we had a bit of a miscommunication, but I think it has a decent turn out.

Nana Harley and a hammer behind the cut. )


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