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Now this is rather beautiful and (so far) fluffily romantic (I'm not all weird you know, I can appreciate the fluffily romantic)

I've seen many a pleasant repurposing of the classic "knight slays dragon and wins the heart of a lady fair" story, many of them (quite rightly) featuring the lady fair (or otherwise) taking matters into her own hands and not requiring the knight in the first place. Here, however, is a variation I don't think I have seen before...

To borrow one of my favourite subversive quotes from Star Trek, when a deranged Sulu goes all half naked and swashbuckler-y

Sulu - I'll protect you, fair maiden!

Uhura - Sorry, neither

(I still can't believe that got past the censors)

Of course, this has a slightly... different interpretation of that reply

Because sometimes the lady fair isn't even a lady )
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More fans comics done me and my friend. I have the main focus be on Superboy, as seeing him in Adventures of Superman #500. i didn't got to pick up his book until around after the 50 issue mark, and then they brought back the forgotten Jack Kirby work.... until that was too forgotten and Countdown brought it back and ruined it... so basically, the kids is my pill to the nerd-dom I have been engrossed in... even when I was hyperactive for Pokemon... so basically, I have made a FEW comics of the Kid of Steel, and since most seemed to liked my fan-comic post about Nana Harley... I thought I might share these...

Lets see what my nerd-dom and English Degree does for me here... )
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A little comic I had in my head for some time since Harley's appearance in Batman Beyond  comic and had a friend on DA do it... we had a bit of a miscommunication, but I think it has a decent turn out.

Nana Harley and a hammer behind the cut. )
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This is a fan story that was posted online at Moonhead Press (I.E. not affiliated with DC) by Gerardo Preciado and Daniel Bayliss. It's gotten a bit of attention from various news sources. Here is an interview with the creators (don't read until you finish). I'm posting the whole thing given its free nature.

Warning, it's pretty gory.

Story under the cut... )
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Hi everyone! althechi here with a long-overdue update to my personal project to make a new member of the Green Lantern corps, as seen in this previous post. I haven't updated this in weeks because my hard drive decided to go kerplutz on me and I got fed up with the world.

Announcement: I've also launched this on tumblr and FF.net, which you can follow on http://green-lantern-induction.tumblr.com/ and http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3485097/althechi. I'll be providing links to this as well as the corresponding deviantART page in each update.

The tumblr will be updated with something (sketches, inked and coloured pieces, chapters, drabbles) at least once a week.

 photo greenlantern_newissue2small_zpsb578107b.png

Shake it, Tomar-Tu )

That's all for now; comments, feedback, and/or suggestions (through any of the platforms) would be much welcomed! Thanks for reading.

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Hi. A friend suggested I crosspost my Hawkeye fancomic here.
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] neveralarch, Artist: [archiveofourown.org profile] astridv
Characters: Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Lucky aka Pizza Dog
Notes: Gen, rated teen for violence. I don’t own the rights to these characters. This comic is drawn entirely for entertainment; no profit is made. Many thanks to neveralarch for kindly giving permission to use her fic.

Five pages under the cut )
This comic was also posted on AO3, along with half a dozen more comics (SGA, X-Files, Angel, Fray)
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I found this over on tumblr, and though I am not personally a major fan of Pokemon for reasons I've elaborated on before, this is a very striking story, both in text and visual form

The story is by obsessiforge, art by projecttiger, who has kindly permitted me to post their artwork here.

I hate Pokeballs, but.... )
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I don't usually post here, for fear of doing it wrong, and I don't usually promote my personal stuff, because I sort of assume it's not relevant to anyone's interests but my own, but...tumblr seemed to enjoy this comic, so maybe you will too?

Spoilers(ish) for #16 if you know what to look for! )
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I found this delightful fancomic on tumblr, and with the express permission of the creators, will present ALL of issue 1.

(Click to embiggen)

A Boy (Wonder) and his Dog )
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Hi, everyone! althechi here. I think this is my third post here, the first being a Fourth World reprint, and the second being a Batman Annual that was ultimately about the issue of whether Batman should kill the Joker.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a fan-project I'm working on. When I read this post on DCWKA, namely the end where it bemoaned the lack of Earth-based female Green Lanterns, I decided to do something about it, and I and jedd-the-jedi (who can also be reached through the deviantART links I'm about to supply) eventually hammered out a concept.

For your consideration, Green Lantern: Induction, starring Chloe Ming.

Green Lantern: Induction, Issue #1

I hope that this at least sounds like an interesting premise; I'll be posting more covers and bios next week. In the meantime, do pop down by my deviantART account; it's got plenty more DC sketches along with some fan posters and the like. Thanks for reading!


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