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Many moons ago (Good Lord, has it really been over 3 years???), I posted some pages from "New Mutants Forever", which was Chris Claremont's return to the X-Men's original cadet team.

It was, as I said at the time, a very mixed bag, with too many of Claremont's tired plot tropes (mind control, body horror, enforced (but enjoyable) release from moral boundaries etc) and not enough of the redeeming features he usually employed (cameraderie, loyalty), though there were moments here and there...

I now conclude that post with some pages from issues 4 and 5, and in particular the last pages of the last issue (The earlier pages are basically to support those). Be warned there is some Nazi imagery under the cut, if such things cause you problems you may wish to avoid this.

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Picked up from David Willis of Shortpacked at the 2013 Small Press Expo, I got a drawing of that classic Bat activity, space breathing, and my favorite Batfamily member, Cassandra "Black Bat" Cain.

Cassandra Cain by David Willis )
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Aw snap, I hope there's no rule against lots of fanart posts clumped together like this XD

But I've got a collection of some lovely pictures of Diana and how could I not share them?

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Following the furore over the Harley Quinn Try-Out Page, no less a person than Gail Simone sought to put forward an idea with a less controversial, more enjoyable, motif...

One tiny little flash of butt under the cut, so have put the nsfw: nudity tag, just in case.

And as you might imagine, tumblr went a little... wild )
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Hi everyone! althechi here with a long-overdue update to my personal project to make a new member of the Green Lantern corps, as seen in this previous post. I haven't updated this in weeks because my hard drive decided to go kerplutz on me and I got fed up with the world.

Announcement: I've also launched this on tumblr and FF.net, which you can follow on http://green-lantern-induction.tumblr.com/ and http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3485097/althechi. I'll be providing links to this as well as the corresponding deviantART page in each update.

The tumblr will be updated with something (sketches, inked and coloured pieces, chapters, drabbles) at least once a week.

 photo greenlantern_newissue2small_zpsb578107b.png

Shake it, Tomar-Tu )

That's all for now; comments, feedback, and/or suggestions (through any of the platforms) would be much welcomed! Thanks for reading.

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This is mostly because I can't believe someone didn't get around to posting this before. Art like this ought to get more (aheh) coverage.

Tumblr artist Mike Lunsford recently made the Huffington Post for his redesigns of iconic Superheroines with costumes that were functional, recognisable, stylish...and fully-covered.

Behold! Trousers, Leggings and Blouses! )
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This my first contribution to Fanart Thurdays. Hope I'm not stumbling into too many reposts. Anyway, the secret ingredient is...


Collect 'em all! )

And a couple of extras I thought was cute:

Supergirls UNITE! )
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Hi, everyone! althechi here. I think this is my third post here, the first being a Fourth World reprint, and the second being a Batman Annual that was ultimately about the issue of whether Batman should kill the Joker.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a fan-project I'm working on. When I read this post on DCWKA, namely the end where it bemoaned the lack of Earth-based female Green Lanterns, I decided to do something about it, and I and jedd-the-jedi (who can also be reached through the deviantART links I'm about to supply) eventually hammered out a concept.

For your consideration, Green Lantern: Induction, starring Chloe Ming.

Green Lantern: Induction, Issue #1

I hope that this at least sounds like an interesting premise; I'll be posting more covers and bios next week. In the meantime, do pop down by my deviantART account; it's got plenty more DC sketches along with some fan posters and the like. Thanks for reading!


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