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Viva la Revolution!

Hi folks!

As I am going through my Animerica Extra collection (looks like I am going to have to sell a bunch of comics soon), I found the first chapter of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga by Chiho Saito.

This was a tie in to the Shoujo Kakumei Utena anime series, which had some interesting themes about gender roles, the destructiveness of the virgin/whore ("princess/witch") dichotomy, Thelemic philosophy, and the need to "grow up" to become a complete human being. It also had some trippy visuals, some disturbing sexual moments, and a twist on the standard shounen fighting tournament story arc.

The director of the anime, Kunihiko Ikuhara, wasn't very good at explaining his concepts to Ms. Saito, so the manga (which started a year before the show aired) is very different in tone, and has some characters that don't appear elsewhere (but are referenced in flashbacks.)

Break the shell of the world! )

Your thoughts and comments?
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A love story, I guess

Hi folks!

Mitsuru Adachi is a manga artist best known for sports romance stories, often with a certain amount of tragic circumstances involved. The one that is available in English is Cross Game, in which the protagonist's love interest in the first volume drowns, and in addition to becoming a baseball star, he must struggle with moving on from her. In 1999, however, Animerica Extra ran some of his one chapter stories under the umbrella title "Short Program."

The cover image has nothing to do with the actual story in this issue, "Change." 13 pages of 40 (at one point the characters even mention it's a forty page story; Adachi has a habit of breaking the fourth wall for gags.) Up front I should mention there's some problematic violence, and gender role stuff that may be displeasing.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Dragon Ball Minus

AKA the story that shows Goku's mom for a whopping seventeen panels.

VIZ released the English version today in Weekly Shonen Jump. There seemed to have been some curiosity about what they were saying when [personal profile] silverzeo posted Japanese scans the other day, so here you go.

It's not much )

Four pages from a sixteen-page story.
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Vinland Saga - Anne's Story

Kodansha is publishing Vinland Saga in the US. And well... Vinland Saga is pretty awesome, and you should read it. The writing is great and the art is gorgeous, particularly in the later chapters. So I wanted to share a short vignette from the series, taking place near the end of the second volume.

Vikings under the cut )
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Witches - Now that's how you do a magic battle.

Time to shill more manga. I feel like a bit of a jerk for making this post because as of now Witches is impossible to get legally in the USA. My only argument is that Witches is a comic that really really should make it's way here.

Witches is an anthology of stories about well... witches. Each arc is a stand-alone story about a different witch in a different time and culture. This is from the first story "Spindle".

Long ago there were witches... )

A very Junji Ito Christmas - Army of One

In this increasingly commercialized season, let's take a moment with Junji Ito to remember the true meaning of the holidays - being together with the people we love.

Everybody join hands now, everybody join hearts now )

Merry Christmas, everybody!
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More Takemitsu Zamurai

A few folks asked that I share more Takemitsu Zamurai ("Bamboo Sword Samurai") in my original post, and I'm happy to oblige.

Takemitsu Zamurai is a manga about a slightly eccentric and mysterious young ronin named Souichirou who moves into a tenement neighborhood in historic Edo (Tokyo). It has a  unique atmosphere that's both everyday and otherworldly. The art is very stylized, which can be off putting at first, but it's really quite good.

This is one of my favorite sequences, in which Souichirou is haunted by his former sword.

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A belated ghost story from Takemitsu Zamurai

Takemitsu Zamurai (Bamboo Sword Samurai) is a manga about a slightly eccentric, slightly mysterious young ronin named Souichirou Senou ("Sou") who moves into an Edo (Tokyo) tenement neighborhood. It's a blend of light slice of life (right down to the goings on of the local cats) with atmospheric seinen. The artwork is very stylized but very very good. It hasn't been published in English, so these are scanlations from the first volume. Takemitsu Zamurai is written by Issei Eifuku and drawn by Taiyou Matsumoto.

And for some s_d crackiness, here's two pages of Sou attempting to converse with two neighborhood cats:
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The Enigma of Amigara Fault

I meant to post this yesterday as my big Halloween post but my schedule got in the way it is. It's been posted a couple of times here before but the images are dead.

For those not familiar with this, it's probably one of Ito's most famous stories.

Scans under the cut... )

Red Turtleneck

I wasn't planning on posting this but it was just scanlated by Ito translator 'iemonsy' so I figured I'd share it with you all.

Also this story is pretty gruesome so keep that in mind.

Scans under the cut... )
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Horror Time! Fuan No Tane.

Fuan No Tane, by Nakayama Masaaki, is a collection of horror shorts that put together instances or experiences of horror in an urban setting. There's no real ending to these things, just like three or four pages of familiar Japanese haunting experiences.

I dunno about countries like the US or UK or such, but in the Philippines, we often have similar experiences, where we just kinda have to ignore the hauntings that surround us. Not that we know if it will work, but what else can we do?

Not particularly horrifying when you read it, but when you're alone, in the dark, in your room... well this is the kind of thing that comes back to you. No real transitions apart from some of the dates, so remember that each horror story is only about 3 or 4 pages, not including the longer narratives. 

Read right to left!

A bunch of scans under the cut. Be careful if you're jumpy! )
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Hanako to Guuwa no Tera - Hanako and the Teller of Alegory, pt 1

In honour of halloween...I do not, actually bring horror, but a manga based on urban legends and other scary stories is close enough, I think!

1 page of 1, and 11 and change of 35 under the cut.

(Sorry for the misfire, earlier, if anyone caught it...accidentally sent an incomplete post while adding tags.)

NSFW, due to vague nudity. (This chapter isn't too full of it, but further chapters will have more, so it's probably best to have that boilerplated. Heh.)

I'm sure we're all familiar enough with manga to know right-to-left by now, but, right to left. >_>

There really isn't much to say about it beyond that, that won't be revealed as the story progresses, so let's just jump right in. )
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A rebuttal of sorts

I like to consider the following page a response to Adrian Veidt, even though I have no reason to believe the mangaka has actually read Watchmen.

But it amuses me. )