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Jump Start: Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club!

Hi, everybody!

It's time for another round of Jump Start, the time when the Shounen Jump manga anthology tests out new series, and some of the chapters get to appear in the online edition. Last week's new entry has a long title.

It's mentioned in the editorial content that Jump doesn't do that many "school club" series. But this one is also a sports manga, so that's entirely in their wheelhouse. Fifteen pages of forty-five, which is a bit shorter than most of the first chapters we've seen lately.

Shall we dance? )

Sadly, the series that started this week will not appear in the online edition at all. Lady Justice is a superhero parody with a heroine who's invulnerable, but her clothes aren't, demonstrated repeatedly. It reminds me a little of Empowered but with less bondage so far.

But the third new series, Devilyman will be appearing, so you can look forward to that!

Your thoughts and comments?

My Hero Academia - The Story of Todoroki


If someone was to ask me to name one of the best superhero comics going on right now, I would say the manga called My Hero Academia. Honestly, in comparison to most things from the big name publishers and any Indie comics that are try doing their own little spin/parody/deconstruction on superheroes… this one just works so much better for me. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll focus on one of the current subplots/character arcs currently going on in the series that will hopefully show you why I and many others like it. Plus, we could always use more good superhero entries here.

Here's context for what's going on with a link to a previous entry on the series done by skjam.

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Star Wars the Manga: Trench Run

26 out of 82 (yes I actually counted up the two page spreads this time cause, suprising to myself this is the post where I used up the most pages).

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Star Wars the Manga: Obi-Wan goes full samurai

I'm going to throw up 5 more pages of Vol 2, and 19 pages of vol 3 (out of 85+). Since the Jedi were inspired by the Samurai movies of Akira Kurosawa (especially The Hidden Fortress) it's only fitting that in the manga adaptation some Samurai tropes and Kenjutsu stances are used.

In this installment:

-Obi-Wan is bad-ass
-Naughty tentacles
-Female Advice

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Revenge of the Sixth: Star Wars the Manga vol 2

Han shoots first, and talks to Jabba... Tarkin blows up Alderaan.

*20 pages out of 80+

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Gyo #6: Smelliness Increases


The deluxe edition hit stores last week, so if you like the manga, hope you went out a bought a copy. Right now, we'll be continuing with the smelly oddness as we enter the sixth chapter of the series: The Death-Stench Creeps.

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Mueno Saito's 2.5D Manga

A Japanese manga artist who has done work for Gamefreak, and did the manga for Pokemon Gold and Silver, has been posting "2.5D" comics using cut out characters in 3D enviroments.

It's kinda neat

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Gyo #5: The Return of the Bag Terror!


With the deluxe edition of the manga coming out tomorrow, let's take a look at another chapter from the series. This time, it's Chapter 5: Flight.

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Jump Start: Ultra Battle Satellite

Hi folks!

This is the last of the Jump Start series from the current batch at Shonen Jump. I've delayed posting it so long the next batch is about to begin!

For this one, the creator has decided to go old-school with a straight-up fighting story.

18 pages of 55 for the first chapter; the first page is a man under a spotlight claiming that gold attracts the strong. This is a universal thing, applying even to combat. Get rich quick by participating in no-rules street fights broadcast live.

Who's up for some blood sports? )

Black Clover was chosen as the series to get a full run in the online edition. School Judgement went downfill fast and is already on its final story arc.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Library Wars: Love & War (Censorship & Romance Together At Last)


I’ve been sharing with you all some pretty lackluster and icky books lately with Gyo and The Unfunnies (neither of which we're done with yet), so let’s take a look at something that is actually pretty good. From Viz’s Shojo Beat Manga imprint, we have Library Wars: Love & War.

21 pages of 63 from the first chapter.

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Gyo Chapter 3 & 4: Fish Invasion


With this new outing with Gyo, we’ll cover the next two chapters back to back since they go together pretty well (6 pages from each). Let’s see how this fun train continues with Tadashi and Kaori as more fish with mechanical legs come ashore.

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Gyo Chapter 2: Plastic Bag of Terror!


Alright, we had our fun with the first chapter of Gyo, so let’s continue on and take a look at the second issue of the series! Things are going to get weirder.

Note: The pages are still from the Editor’s Choice edition of the manga from all the way back in 2003 instead of the newer editions.

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Jump Start: Cyborg Roggy

Hi folks!

We now continue our look at the recent Jump Start manga with Cyborg Roggy by Yu Miki. This manga goes with the formula "big combat machine dude who has short, far less brave sidekick" which was last successfully used in Toriko.

Eighteen of fifty-five pages of the first chapter.

It is the dark cyberpunk future )

Your thoughts and comments?

Next time, a very eighties-style manga!

Gyo (A very smelly horror story)


Junji Ito. There’s really nothing more to say about the guy. He’s one of the most celebrated horror creators around with famous series like Uzumaki and Tomie and memorable short stories, like the Enigma of Amigara Fault. However, sometimes even the best of creators… can have an off day. Hence, I present to you Ito’s other popular short series, Gyo.

With the hardcover release of Gyo coming soon, let’s take a look at this manga, in particular, the first chapter. Our pages below are from the Editor’s Choice edition of the manga from all the way back in 2003 instead of the newer edition.

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Satoshi Kon's Opus (aka when the story rebels against the writer)


Satoshi Kon is best known for the movies he’s made and directed, from Perfect Blue to his final work, Paprika. You also may know him for the anime he created, Paranoia Agent, a really trippy, mindbender of a series. However, before all of that, he was a mangaka and had a few works under his belt. Before he moved to doing films, his last work, one that sadly remains unfinished, was Opus. It got translated and brought over in November 2014 by Dark Horse Comics, so let’s take a look at it together.

Here's the first chapter. 9 pages out of 27.

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Jump Start: Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Hi folks!

This Jump Start is a little unusual in that it's a shoujo title. Sadly, there is no online Shojo Beat magazine, so when Viz wanted to showcase "Boys Over Flowers Season 2", it had to be in their boys' manga anthology.

I have not actually read Hana Yori Dango ("Boys Over Flowers"), so this synopsis of the original series will be brief: Eitoku Academy is a private high school for rich kids, which is ruled by four obnoxious jerks who call themselves "The Flower Four" or "F4" for short. Their wealthy parents have paid off the school administration to make them immune to punishment, so they are free to bully anyone they please and make the student body go along with it.

That is, until scholarship student Tsukushi Makino finally defies the F4 when they attack her friend, and finds herself the target. She refuses to let them intimidate her, and her stubborness eventually mitigates their jerkitude, especially when their leader Tsukasa Domyoji falls in love with Tsukushi.

We pick up the story a couple of years after the previous cast graduated...21 pages of 65.

The title is a pun in Japanese; there's a saying that 'dango' (sweets) are better than 'hana' (flowers) from a girl's point of view, but 'dango' can also mean 'young men.' )

Your thoughts and comments?
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