Attack on Titan #1


17 out of 55 pages

And now for something popular...

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A Silent Voice #1: Shoya Ishida


"A Silent Voice's first volume is not a comfortable read. It's slow and mean, full of small violences that make you wince and characters you just want to shake. That's not necessarily a bad thing though; in fact, it's often the best stories that make you uncomfortable, that make you care enough to feel pained by their characters' struggles. And this is a story all about the ugly side of childhood, so the fact that it made me grind my teeth about once every ten pages is probably a sign in its favor." - Nick Creamer

15 out of 59 pages

Light warning for bully (it gets worse later).

As one of my favorite mangas of the year, I would like to share with you all the opening of A Silent Voice. We'll cover the first chapter and go from there in the future.

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Somebody's Hometown by Ituka

Hello! Long time no see. 

I just wanted to pop back in to share something I thought people would enjoy--it's a fan comic about an anime called "Tiger and Bunny", the western-inspired show where superheroes are used as TV entertainment and have ads on their costumes of the sponsors who fund them.

I know there have been posts about Tiger and Bunny before, but here's a brief recap:

The protagonists are Kotetsu, "Wild Tiger", an older, kind of washed up hero, who is silly and destructive but genuinely believes in saving people, and Barnaby Brooks Jr., a hero whose identity is known to the public, who's a Batman-esque 20-something who is looking for the man who killed his parents and who seems to care more about the entertainment side of heroism, and is also a bit of an ass, at first. They end up as partners who get on each other's nerves, going so far as Kotetsu giving Barnaby the nickname "Bunny" to annoy him. 

The anime debuted back in 2011 and has since spawned some of the most amazing and well-written fan comics I've ever read (in fact, it was a fan comic that got me to watch it in the first place). 

Since there was an announcement back in comic con that here would be a Hollywood movie of it, I wanted to share one of the best of the fan comics which really adds some emotional flavor to a particularly good series. 

Read from right to left! 

It starts with Kotetsu getting ready to visit his wife's grave. 

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My Hero Academia - Dark Times Ahead


Big things are happening in the world of My Hero Academia and it's... really damn exciting. Let's take a look at what is coming soon...

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One-Punch Man - Deep Sea King Arc


Writer: One
Artist: Yusuke Murata

If I had to name one of my favorite story arcs in manga, it would have to be One-Punch Man’s Deep Sea King Arc. It’s an incredible, absolute amazing arc from beginning to end as the heroes try to fight against one of the most unstoppable forces they ever faced. Let’s take a look at it.

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RIP Shigeru Mizuki

Hi folks!

I am sad to report that Shigeru Mizuki (1922-2015) has passed away from a heart attack. While he did many things in his lifetime, he is most famous for the manga Hakaba Kitarou ("Graveyard Kitarou") which was renamed Gegege no Kitarou for the TV series.

Drawn and Quarterly, as it happens, is coming out with an English edition called Shigeru Mizuki's Kitaro next year.

So I thought I would show a few preview pages from the first volume. Safe for work, but this is a horror comic.

Meet Kitarou's parents. )

A while back, I reviewed a volume of Mizuki's autobiography, covering his war experiences (he lost an arm) and post-World War Two difficulties.

He will be missed.

Your thoughts and comments?

The Enigma of Amigara Fault

Posting this has become sort a semi-Halloween tradition so without further do, Junji Ito's most famous story.

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Food Wars: A Villain has Appeared


Over the past two months, a huge shakeup has rolled into the pages of Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma. A villain has appeared by the name of Azami Nakiri, Erina's father. Let's take a look at his introduction...

Warning for child abuse.

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The Phantom Mansion

Read from right to left. Warning for some violence/disturbing scenes.

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Gyo #9-10: The Death-Stench Invades

Again, it's been a long time since we checked in with Gyo. However, in the spirit of the Halloween season, let's get back to it. Click here to refresh yourself on the manga and then let's get straight to it!

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Inuyashiki #1


"“Inuyashiki” will weave a story that I want to see, using all the technology I have acquired to this point.
I just want to tell a story.
I like creating stories, so I hope this manga will be able to create the world I am aiming for, and hope that this world will be something no reader has ever seen before.
I will be creating the “Inuyashiki” world on the belief that it is something that does not exist in our world…yet.
I hope all the readers will keep a note in the corner of their minds that “Hiroya Oku is creating something weird once again” (laughs).
" - Hiroya Oku

19 out of 57 pages

Warning for language.

From the creator the manga hit, Gantz, comes a brand new series. Just released last week, we have Inuyashiki. Kodansha Comics put up the first chapter online for free as a preview over on Newsrama, but let's take a look at it here.

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Ultraman #2: Nemesis


Writer: Eiichi Shimizu
Artist: Tomohiro Shimoguchi

15 out of 45 pages

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