This is a fairly infamous story from Junji Ito (at least among his American fans) for reasons that will become clear to you as you read it. It's gross. Very gross.

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A quick look at: Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi

This is a little spotlight on Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi.

When introduced she's part of the ignored harem of the Emperor of Konan, and she's deeply in love with and devoted to the Emperor. She is also one of the seven chosen guardians for the Priestess of Suzaku (as is the Emperor), and she has the gift of super human strength. We later discover she's Assigned Male at Birth... And the characters after this point vary in how they treat her.

The text itself, really confuses the line between gay drag queen/okama, and trans woman... owing part to different cultural norms, and just the general confusion that people have on the issue. Presented here are some early scenes dealing with her outing... the reason behind her feminine presentation, and her ultimate fate... warning for some homophobic, and transmisogynistic content.

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Anything But a Ghost

This was first posted here back in 2013. I thought it was appropriate for the season.

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Red Sprite


Story & Art By: Tomohiro Yagi

The Promised Neverland wasn't the only series that got recently picked up by Weekly Shonen Jump. Both Love Rush and Red Sprite were picked up as well. Love Rush is by the guy who made E-Robot, which is pretty meh. But Red Sprite... let's take a look

Warning for violence.

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The Promised Neverland


Story By: Kaiu Shirai
Art By: Posuka Demizu

Well this just got picked up by Weekly Shonen Jump to replace Bleach (or possibly Nisekoi). Let's give it a look!

Warning for disturbing imagery.

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The Emperor and I


Viz Media has been releasing a new series for free online called The Emperor and I. We are just going to take a look at the first chapter and hopefully, it peaks your interest.

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Bleach Series Finale


It's weird but... it's time to say goodbye to another big manga series that's been running for years now. Time to say goodbye to Bleach!

Here's some key moments from the last two chapters that are work looking at.

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Roman Holiday IN SPAAAAACE (But also mostly on Earth)

1992 Macross' Japanese distributors Big West wanted to release a sequel series to the popular Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, but the creators at Studio Nue were not interested at that time. So Big West went ahead with their own series (retaining only character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto) Macross II Lovers Again, based the movie version of Macross.

It also borrowed a lot from Roman Holiday, which I will be focusing on with these scans.

(note for page counts each issue in US comic format was 31, or 32 pages long there are also two clips from Roman Holiday amounting to about 7 minutes of it's 2 hr run time, and the intro and second closing theme of Macross II)

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Written by Sukehiro Tomita
Illustrated by Tsuguo Okazaki

Blue Exorcist #5


Time for Blue Exorcist people! Hopefully, this helps wash out the taste of my last posts involving All-New X-Men and Leob's Hulk.

Light warning for blood and bullying.

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Blue Exorcist #4


Back to the fun that is Blue Exorcist as we introduce more characters!

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Seraph of the End #3


Time for more of Seraph of the End, moving onto the third chapter.

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Seraph of the End #2


16 2/3 out of 50 pages

Warning for some bullying and some violence.

So, let's look at some more of Seraph of the End. I didn't cover the first chapter on SD (though you can check out the free preview for the series at Viz).

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Ōoku: The Inner Chambers is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga. The plot follows an alternate history of medieval Japan in which an unknown disease kills most of the male population, leading to a matriarchal society in which the Ōoku becomes a harem of men serving the now female shogun.
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Blue Exorcist #3


Let's keep that Blue Exorcist train rolling!

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