Gyo #9-10: The Death-Stench Invades

Again, it's been a long time since we checked in with Gyo. However, in the spirit of the Halloween season, let's get back to it. Click here to refresh yourself on the manga and then let's get straight to it!

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Inuyashiki #1


"“Inuyashiki” will weave a story that I want to see, using all the technology I have acquired to this point.
I just want to tell a story.
I like creating stories, so I hope this manga will be able to create the world I am aiming for, and hope that this world will be something no reader has ever seen before.
I will be creating the “Inuyashiki” world on the belief that it is something that does not exist in our world…yet.
I hope all the readers will keep a note in the corner of their minds that “Hiroya Oku is creating something weird once again” (laughs).
" - Hiroya Oku

19 out of 57 pages

Warning for language.

From the creator the manga hit, Gantz, comes a brand new series. Just released last week, we have Inuyashiki. Kodansha Comics put up the first chapter online for free as a preview over on Newsrama, but let's take a look at it here.

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Ultraman #2: Nemesis


Writer: Eiichi Shimizu
Artist: Tomohiro Shimoguchi

15 out of 45 pages

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Ribs Woman

Here's a new story from Junji Ito. Warning for some gore.

Remember to read right to left.

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Ultraman #1: Legacy


Writer: Eiichi Shimizu
Artist: Tomohiro Shimoguchi

21 out of 63 pages

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My Hero Academia - Superhero Naming Time


As of recently, our class of would-be superheroes have just gotten their new assignment. Coming up with a superhero alias for themselves! Let's take a look.

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Gyo #7-8: Evil Smelly Gas and Disease


It's been a while since we last looked at Gyo, so... let's fix that! Here's a two parter with Gyo #7 and #8, both of which go together very well!

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Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring #1


While the main series has ended, Masashi Kishimoto has returned to the Naruto universe with a small, limited run series. This one focuses on Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of Sakura and Sasuke. Let’s take a look!

7 1/3 pages of 23

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[personal profile] skjam2015-05-29 10:14 pm

Jump Back--Yu-Gi-Oh!

Hi folks!

Ordinarily at this point I would be bringing you the next Jump Start title, but alas the first Chapter of "Lady Justice" was adjudged too NSFW (nudity) for the online edition. So instead, we'll be looking back at an old favorite.

Those of you who only saw the dub version of Yu-Gi-Oh! or even more likely just the memes are probably only vaguely aware that the manga version didn't start as a story about children's card games. That came later. It was, however, still about games.

Let's see sixteen pages of forty-nine of how it all began....

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Your thoughts and comments?
Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh moments?

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Jump Start: Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club!

Hi, everybody!

It's time for another round of Jump Start, the time when the Shounen Jump manga anthology tests out new series, and some of the chapters get to appear in the online edition. Last week's new entry has a long title.

It's mentioned in the editorial content that Jump doesn't do that many "school club" series. But this one is also a sports manga, so that's entirely in their wheelhouse. Fifteen pages of forty-five, which is a bit shorter than most of the first chapters we've seen lately.

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Sadly, the series that started this week will not appear in the online edition at all. Lady Justice is a superhero parody with a heroine who's invulnerable, but her clothes aren't, demonstrated repeatedly. It reminds me a little of Empowered but with less bondage so far.

But the third new series, Devilyman will be appearing, so you can look forward to that!

Your thoughts and comments?

My Hero Academia - The Story of Todoroki


If someone was to ask me to name one of the best superhero comics going on right now, I would say the manga called My Hero Academia. Honestly, in comparison to most things from the big name publishers and any Indie comics that are try doing their own little spin/parody/deconstruction on superheroes… this one just works so much better for me. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll focus on one of the current subplots/character arcs currently going on in the series that will hopefully show you why I and many others like it. Plus, we could always use more good superhero entries here.

Here's context for what's going on with a link to a previous entry on the series done by skjam.

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