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may find that this preview of "Afterlife with Archie" (A frankly rather awesome title IMHO) up at Newsarama to be the sort of thing that trashes childhoods and tarnishes treasured memories...

To malevolent bastards like me, on the other hand...

it's GOLD! )
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CA: So do those defining traits take on a darker tone? Is Reggie now scheming for survival?

RAS: Yes. So far, the series’ big secret that we’ve told everyone is that Reggie’s the one who ran down Hot Dog, which is what triggered the zombie apocalypse. He’s got a vested interest in all of this staying quiet, in true Reggie Mantle fashion.

CA: So if I’m putting this together right, Reggie runs over Hot Dog.

RAS: Right.
This is an actual comic that is going to be published )
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A bit late for "Beyond the Big Two" week, but I know you folks like Archie-related posts...

Archie #634, and the finale of the "Archie Marries Valerie" timeline!

To recap: Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats has become interested in Archie Andrews. While considering if this is a wise move, she wanders into the Memory Lane area of the Yellow Woods and starts having visions of a possible future.

Valerie and Archie get married. They form the duo of "Him and Her." Veronica becomes a Pussycat. The Archies reform as "Sugar Sugar" with Trev (Valerie's brother and Betty's new squeeze), Betty, Reggie and Jughead. Archie and Valerie have a baby girl named Star, who turns out to be a musical prodigy.

Too Much Information )

Your thoughts and comments?

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Let's check in with yet another of the future timelines Archie Comics is doing--the one where he marries Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats!

Previously: Valerie walked into the Memory Lane section of the forest while thinking of Archie, and wondering if she should pursue a relationship with him. In this timeline, the Archies band got some breaks so they went beyond a local band status. They kept running into the Pussycats, and Archie and Valerie started going steady. (In the background, Betty met and started dating Valerie's brother Trevor.)

Eventually, they eloped and got married, but the two bands' touring schedules meant the young couple wasn't getting much together time. Alex (the Pussycat's PR guy) put together a reality show where Archie and Valerie helped teach kids at music school. This was so successful that Mr. & Mrs. Andrews decided to go full-time.

Four pages from Archie #633. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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And now Kevin Keller has his own ongoing!

This will probably be my last KK post for a while as by now you either like the character enough to follow the series or don't. So if anyone else wants to post future issues, you won't be stepping on my toes.

Four pages from Kevin Keller #1, "There's a First Time for Everything!"

Not precisely cute romance, but someday... )

In other news, Imageshack waited until I was over a hundred images past the limit to remind me that I did in fact have a limit. I'm probably going to spring for the Premium, but just in case, you'll want to go back to my earliest posts and grab any images you're keen on keeping. And while you're there, how about some hindsight comments?

Your thoughts and comments?
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Coming off of Generator_rex's awesome Robotnik post, I decide to do a follow-up on one of the big questions people had about it: What happened to Sally?

The Rise of Mecha Sally behind cut )
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In my last post, we visited a potential future in which Kevin Keller can marry the man he loves and no one thought that was the least bit out of the ordinary.

But in the regular Archie comics, Mr. Keller must live in the eternal present. It's not quite as advanced a society....

Cover and four scans from Veronica Presents: Kevin Keller #4.

Previously, on Kevin Keller, our protagonist did well on Witmasters, a College Bowl-like TV show where he represented Riverdale. He's looking forward to a little less excitement.

Your wish has been denied! )

Your thoughts and comments?

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It's been a while since we last checked in with the "Life With Archie" title. As long-time readers will remember, this magazine showcases the alternate futures where Archie marries either Betty or Veronica. This resulted...somehow...in Hiram Lodge becoming an archvillain. (We've since learned more about what happened to make him that way, and it's a doozy.) Plus a whole host of other subplots.

But today, we're going to look at the main plotline in Life With Archie #16, the marriage of Kevin Keller. This is likely to be a plotline controversial with social conservatives because--

--it's interracial! I'm pretty sure this is the first interracial marriage in Archie Comics, not counting aliens or monsters.

So, how did the happy couple meet? It turns out that even in the future presented here, the US is still fighting a war in the Middle East. :-(

Kevin Keller, war hero )

Your thoughts and comments?

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By far one of the best books coming out at the moment is Megaman by Archie Comics. It manages to have the fun of the classic game series in a more story filled way and. I don't know. I can't describe it well. It's just so fun.

7 1/3 pages from a 22 page story plus a one page bonus comic from the back.

Megaman versus... )
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Last time, on Mosconian Invasion:

Two of the greatest heroes in MLJ Comics, the Shield and the Wizard, joined forces the fight against the dastardly plans of the MOSCONIANS, the people so evil they manage to be both Nazis and the Communists. The valiant Wizard raced off to protect Annapolis and West Point, while the Shield went after the Mosconian spy ring in Washington D.C. The Wizard came back to the capital just in time to save his brother, the head of Naval Intelligence, but in their last act of cowardness, the Mosconians filled the building with cement. Will the Wizard and Grover be able to escape from the wreckage? Will the Shield be able to stop the Mosconians? Click on the cut and find out on this installment of the first crossover in comic book history - THE MOSCONIAN INVASION!

Part 1 -  PC04 - HeaderPart 1 -  PC04 - Header 2

The following story originally appeared in Pep Comics #4. Writing by Harry Shorten, art by Irv Novick

The Shield stops an enemy force from attacking Pearl Habor - in 1940 (11 pages behind the cut) )
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Before Archie Comics got its current name, it was known as MLJ Comics. Like most other comic book publishers, it published a large number of superhero titles. The company can claim credit for several superhero comics "firsts" - the first patriotic hero, the first time a superhero died in action and the first crossover storyline ever.

Part 1 - TNC 05 - Header

"But wait," you may be wondering. "Wasn't Human Torch/Namor fight from Marvel Mystery Comics #8-9 the first crossover?" And you would be close - but you would be wrong. The Human Torch/Namor crossover began in June 1940. This crossover began one month earlier. And while the Human Torch/Namor crossover took place over the course of two months, this storyline took four.

And, since the whole thing is in public domain, I can post the crossover in its entirety.

Since most people reading this have no idea who the characters involved are, here is a quick primer:

A relatively quick primer )

The following story originally appeared in Top-Notch Comics #5. Writing by Will Harr, art by Edd Ashe.

The first comics crossover ever starts out with a bang - literally (11 pages under the cut) )

Will the Wizard and the Shield be able to stop the Mosconians master plan? And what about the West Pointer and the Midshipman? Find out in the next installment of the MOSCONIAN INVASION.

And, as a bonus - the ad for the crossover )


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