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It's starting again with a new #1 in September.

The end this week set up the upcoming beginning with a tale of Kip Burland, the first Black Hood.

It opened in California, on him looking at the work of one he was hunting.

It was bloody work. )
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So all the talk as of late about The Killing Joke reminded me of something. Specifically, I've seen the whole "one bad day" talk elsewhere, perhaps as a sort of homage or tribute? But not in anything as dark or grim as the source material...

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So far (two issues), it's been moving with its protagonist.

Its first issue opened in 1776, with a woman on a mission who was caught out.

It then jumped forward to the present day, to another caught.

She was likewise so, by an asserting authority. )
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Michael Minetta, hitman and family man, was one of those.

His end came to him.

He was hung by the neck until he died, died, died; he went to hell, hell, hell.

There, he met the master of the place, who let him know where he was.

The devil regretted that he wouldn't be able to do to Michael what he wanted.

" .. unfortunately, the home office has other ideas. "

" .. home.. office?

The devil pointed up.

" Are you talking about.. heaven? You mean, you.. work for heaven? "

The devil crossed his arms. )
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They've got brand and ambition.

They've of course got ego too, but it's not grandiose- it's simply stated.

The Fox's Mister Smile, in Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid's second run on the Archie character, was one like that.

The way he introduced himself evinced that. )
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It opened on the one to be hung at home.

It showed us his family life.

Then it used that to hint at his work life.

The contrast was very obvious. )
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Greg Scott'll be picking those up following Robert Hack's guesting this month.

Gaydos's art and Duane Swiercyznski's writing started this Philadelphia-crime-story take on the Archie Comics character off strongly.

How they ended the initial arc, with the hero confronting the villain, was nicely done.

It was a tight little bit. )
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Only one issue left until Archie Comic's "Mega Man" goes on hiatus with issue #55, so let's get up to date, shall we?

Six and 1/3 out of 20 )
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It's one painted in Percocet and colored by crime.

It's one where he has to put on the mask of the man he shot (Kip Burland; he's Greg Hettinger) so that he can satisfy the urges calling from within him.

It's one into which two much darker intruded themselves.

They met him in a graveyard. )
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One more Mega Man post, this time a single issue which has everything you desire from a comic about a, "super fighting robot," and by that I mean characters debating the need for romantic love among Robots.

6 2/3 out of 20 pages, plus one four panel omake comic )
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So I have been reading through the Mega Man series, thanks to posts made here (I had read a bit of it before, but hadn't decided to pick up the whole thing till recently).

And I really just wanted to share the emotional journies of original character Tempo (aka Quake Woman), and Blues (aka Break Man, aka Proto Man) so far.

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The Mega Man comic has reached the end of the "Mega Man 3" game storyline and is now starting it's new big crossover with Sonic, but let's have a look at the issue right before it.

Wily is defeated and presumed dead, and Dr. Light has repaired all the robot masters. But the question now is:

What do you do with a bunch of robots built specifically for war and destruction? Well, you try to find them new jobs. 6 pages out of 20 )
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Sonic Universe. A side-story comic spun off a comic based on a video game character. Not exactly where one would expect to find high quality stuff.

Fortunately, however, Archie and writer Ian Flynn defy expectations, and put at least as much effort into the character-centric side stories as they do the main book... which is itself better than one may expect ^^

In this case? The story of an AI, Nicole, in....

The Spark of Life!

Secret origin of Nicole within )
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In 1972, Archie Comics made its first major venture, since the MLJ days, into horror, with the series Chilling Adventures in Sorcery as Told by Sabrina. (This is not to be confused with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina title launched earlier this very month in the wake of Afterlife with Archie's success.) Loosely patterned after the EC and other horror comics of the fifties, it was an anthology title hosted--for its first two issues--by everyone's favourite Teenage Witch, written and drawn by regulars from Archie's creative team: writer Frank Doyle and, in the stories excerpted here, Dan DeCarlo and Rudy Lapick on art.

If nothing else, this horror host is easier on the eyes than EC's GhouLunatics )
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Taking a brief break from my horror postings to bring you these amusing bits from one of my favourite 1970s Archie stories: "Kong Phoo" from Archie at Riverdale High #18 (Aug 1974). Script by Frank Doyle, art by Harry Lucey.



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