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Given all the posts on Crossed and Garth Ennis, I figured I'd share one panel from the fourth issue. I think it's a very powerful scene, one that best represents what type of series Crossed is as well as a demonstration of Ennis's talents as a writer. It's not hard to see why Alan Moore found it to be one of the most "profoundly moral pieces" he has ever read.

NSFW for nudity.

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Yeah, issue #4 of Jennifer Blood wasn't too much fun, so here I am to put up pages from Garth Ennis that I actually like.

For some reason, The Last Battle took a really damned long time to conclude. The last issue came out in February and, of course, ended on a cliffhanger before the series disappeared into a black hole. Fortunately, issue #6 finally came out last week.

The main plot of The Last Battle is almost irrelevant. The main plot threads involve Jay, who's finally recovering his faculties, and Wormwood himself dealing with the pressures of imminent fatherhood. Jay, the second coming of Christ, and Wormwood, who happens to be a successful television producer, have a new plan.

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Unsurprisingly for a comic written by Ellis, SUPERGOD was plagued by extreme lateness. Surprisingly for a comic written by Ellis, he actually finished it. SUPERGOD #5 came out two weeks ago.

I was originally only going to post a few pages from that issue, but it occurred to me that the lengthy period in-between #4 and #5 might mean a refresher is in order. So, first, an (re)introduction to our cast of artifical deity-creatures.

Morrigan Lugus )

Krishna )

Malak )

Maitreya )

Jerry Craven )

Dajjal )

Perun )

And then we have three pages from #5:

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A new Alan Moore comic came out this week, The Neonomicon #1, the first issue of a four-part series. Most of the Moore work Avatar publishes is adaptations by other authors of his prose works, but this isn't one of those. This is a new work, written by Moore for the comics medium.

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Warren Ellis' free webcomic FreakAngels just began its fifth volume this week. It's a perfect jumping on point, as its first installment handily recaps the events of the serial thus far.

The story so far )

creator: warren ellis, title: freakangels, publisher: avatar press, creator: paul duffield
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Greetings True Believers!

I have two pages here from an old Robocop mini-series that I was re-reading.

I love Robocop, movies and comics. So enjoy Robocop giving Lewis one of hell of a snog.

(BTW, this mini was based on Frank Miller's original script for Robocop 2. I wish they had used it.)

Suggested Tags: char: robocop, creator: frank miller, creator: juan jose ryp, publisher: avatar press

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Gravel explains the magic bureaucracy.

Four pages from last week's Gravel 18 )

title: gravel, creator: warren ellis, creator: mike wolfer, publisher: avatar press
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Warren Ellis's barbarian protagonist returns.

The original Wolfskin mini-series was done as as a bet, after the publisher of Avatar challenged Ellis to come up with a sword and sorcery series, a genre he had and has no interest in. I have no idea if there's been another bet, but for whatever reason Ellis has decided to return to the well with a new mini, Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream.

Four pages from issue 1 )

creator: warren ellis, creator: mike wolfer, title: wolfskin, publisher: avatar press, creator: gianluca pagliarani
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Hey there, fellow comic aficionados. I present to you the imagination candy that is Ignition City. It's by Warren Ellis, and for my money, it's the strongest out of all the various mini-series and series he's put out for Avatar. If you've seen HBO's Deadwood and found yourself wishing that the show had rockets with fins and ray-guns in it, then this is the comic for you!

Meet the residents of Ignition City. )

creator: warren ellis, title: ignition city, creator: gianluca pagliarani, publisher: avatar press


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