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I regret picking up Lumberjanes.

--Said no-one ever

And who are you to disagree with things I just made up? )

Writers: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
Artist: Brooke A. Allen
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Of course, hijinks ensue.

--This review.

Insouciant ensuing )

Writers: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
Artist: Brooke A. Allen
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Reading Lumberjanes is like buying a delicious magical burrito, but only getting to take one bite before someone slaps it out of your hands and tells you that you don't get another bite until NEXT MONTH.

--This commenter

Have a bite of burrito. (The burrito is a metaphor. There is not actually a burrito behind the cut--just comics. Delicious comics.) )

Writers: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
Artist: Brooke A. Allen
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I thought this issue was super adorable, especially the art.

Cake is the best. )

Note: I have no idea how to tag this, besides the publisher.
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Mark Waid's amazing comics about a villian-turned-good and a superhero-going-psycho are ending. Newsarama has the article.

I thought there would be much more story to tell, but I guess going out on a good note is the smart choice.

Silence shall fall. )
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No you read that correctly, there is controversy over a Duck Tales comic.

Why you ask? Well because its being hailed by critics as probably the worst Disney comic to have ever been made. My opinion is that it is probably a contender for the worst comic of the year.

This does not spell good things for the Disney/Marvel buyout and Kaboom! studios.

Anywho some art analysis from the issue in question after the cut

This comic is like a hurricane )
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Since issue #6, the main character in the story has been trying to survive the lethal posturing of a resurrected Dracula and the corporate raider uncle of his that has also become a vampire lord (and members of the corporation and family into his minions. As the end game approaches, the key to solving Dracula's power source (the bargain that turned mortal into undead) the key to defeating all of the undead that are after our mage.

We now find out WHAT that infernal bargain was.

Sea creature. )
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So this week's Soldier Zero, the second by Abnett and Lanning, confirmed something.

You're no doubt wondering how and what it did, especially if you remember how the last one ended.

Well, the answer lies in the voice inside our hero's legs. )
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The Plutonian's adventures in space (and in his mind) continue.CosmicBookNews has the preview, and things go really..... wrong.

3 behind the cut.

Fair warning, potentially NSFW.

Trauma )
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[personal profile] sherkahn has the preview of Farscape #16.

There comes .... a gathering.
3 behind the cut.
The Council of Elron, er, I mean Aeryn. )
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CosmicBookResources with the preview as the fallout from last issue begins to build and our protagonist must choose sides.

One simple but imposing pic behind the cut.

Why couldn't it be Heath Ledger Joker in a nurses outfit? )
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The Kkore Invasion of the Uncharted Territories continues. As the rest of the galactic ruling powers have been brought down and decimated, the reformed Peacekeepers under Aeryn Sun's command meet the Kkore and Grennij forces.

They do not do so well.

What price survival. )
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In THE TRAVELER 1, our hero, the mysterious Traveler, pulled some weird stuff. On separate occasions, he saved the lives of a woman named Danielle and a bus driver -- not that weird -- but also made a point of breaking Danielle's new glasses and demanded the bus driver never be late as his job again. Quite weird.

In issue 2, the mystery deepens...

The phrase 'Rube Goldberg machine' comes to mind )
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Boom!'s The Traveler's currently pitting our titular hero against the Split-Second Men, three in red whose control over time is supplemented by powers unique to that person.

(And, if a passing mention in Soldier Zero #2's any indication, they might be foes in the scope of Just Imagine's Darrk, whose name you cannot say without sounding like something's in your throat. It's up in the air how Starborn'll go with that; certainly wouldn't be too hard to tie him in with Soldier Zero.)

Last issue introduced two of them, tying both their and our hero's powers to a kind of unified field theory (just guess what the electromagnetic guy does.)

(Oh, Traveler #2 undercut, btw.)

It left a question hanging that interviews did too; what's the third Split-Seconder got? )
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I have mixed feelings about teenage sidekick Jailbait and her relationship with Incorruptible's villain-turned-hero protagonist, Max Damage. It's unclear yet whether she'll be more than a source of Maxangst, and her sexual relationship with Max is explicitly statutory rape: Max's age is 28-30; Jailbait is sixteen and was fifteen when they met. (In a brothel!)

But I nonetheless enjoy Jailbait as a character, in a series with a surprisingly large percentage of female characters in its small cast. And I still find Max/Jailbait oddly adorable, in large part due to the scans below.

Half a page from Incorruptible #4 (art by Jean Diaz) and 4 pages from Incorruptible #7 (art by Horacio Domingues) below cut. Mark Waid is the writer.

I don't need to be *safe*, Max! )


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