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"The basic idea is that we're doing the prequel to every genre movie ever that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where an evil empire is ruling the world: "The Matrix," "Star Wars," even if you want to expand a little bit, there's "The Walking Dead," where there's some kind of supernatural force involved. There's always something that has taken over the world, some kind of dark leader, and a smarmy rebel has to come and save the world. This is usually where a lot of movies and comic books start. We thought, "How can you tell the story of our modern society evolving into this megalomaniacal, post-apocalyptic, evil empire?"

- Max Bemis

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...there was another TV series heroine who was not afraid to be a badass, and at the same time embrace her feminine side.

Of course, her giant pink robot pteradactyl probably helped...

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"I’m a huge John Carpenter fan. I’ve consumed all of his films, and Big Trouble was one of the formative movies of my youth. I don’t take much write-for-hire these days, unless I know I can knock it out of the park."

- Eric Powell

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A great story showing how important Charlie Brown really is to the peanuts gang...

Eight pages of 24 (WHICH IS 1/3, mods!) after the cut

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 So while Marvel's releasing all their previews BOOM Studio decided to unveil something else that peaked my interest....
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