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The second issue of John Layman (Chew) and Chris Mooneyham's madcap three-way crossover came out today, so let's go back and see how it started. Six scans from about three/four pages. Also there isn't any actual Dredd in these scans; the reason why he and the other Judges get involved deserves its own post.

The only context I can give you for the first scan is that the Cursed Earth is weird... )
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"Well, it's a strange time, isn't it? Things seem a bit bleak currently. It seems the forces of good are losing to corporate greed and ignorance and people have that in their minds, so seeing a band of heroes dealing with a very dismal and hopeless situation might just strike a chord in readers who can identify with the feeling of being overwhelmed by resolute forces.

It's also a timeless superhero staple, the last heroes up against the dark hopeless future. Day of Future Past was my favorite X-Men tale so that feeds into this a good bit as well."

- Rick Remender

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"Call me a pessimist, but in my mind had we superhumans among us the world would surely be reduced to a wasteland within months. I'm not a big believer in the good of humanity. Sure the current doom and gloom around us plays heavily into my bleak worldview but this mindset isn't a new one for me. I don't see much altruism in the average man's heart and never have. It's just not in our reptilian/monkey brain programming. It's all about me-me-me for the average Joe. Everyone has an agenda, and most everyone has a selfish motivation behind his or her actions. If you randomly bestow superpowers on our population you'd give these flawed minds the power to inflict their agenda on the world. There are few among us who would stand up to the task of managing the great responsibility that comes with this great power. Sure, there would be pure-hearted and ethical men and women who would try to sway this; I believe the sheer numbers of the corrupted would overwhelm them . . . and this realization gave birth to the world of The End League."

- Rick Remender

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"The idea came from a love of vintage advertising and illustration from the 1940s through the 1960s. I really just wanted to create a story that would allow me to play in that world. I also grew up in a very traditional home where the women had very defined roles. Because of that, I have a lot of sympathy for a character that is forced to balance a duel nature."

- Joelle Jones

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They're occasionally irritating in the case of its plot.

In the case of its art, though, they're fine enough.

The scenes and the action're well-rendered; sequences like chases through future colonies look great.

They progress great, too. )
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It's the one where the villain is.

It's The Steam Man, adapted from Joe R. Lansdale's The Steam Man of the Prairie and the Dark Rider Get Down.

Its Rider is as bad as its source's.

He's not so blatantly depicted, though. )
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He wore his uniform with a conviction.

It was the one that the Imperial Academy on Carida drilled into its cadets.

It was simple and strong. )
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Empowered volume 9's out, the digital version is too, and the physical one hit the NYT bestseller's list, so it's about time we got an Empowered post!

Empowered takes on the evil Dreadnaughty Naughty! )
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He was called for by Carmine Tango.

X met him atop a skyscraper under construction.

The vigilante'd come looking for the astrologically-obsessed gangster he had a history with.

What he got was the luck-obsessed killer he had a history with.

A history that he thought'd had its last page written. )
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He came as things were going on, arriving under the radar.

He reached out to the surviving one of the three brothers whom he'd been hired by to kill X.

He wanted to pick the game up where he'd left off.

He was the only one of the two who did. )
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He was called for by three brothers working in real estate.

He met them at a construction site on the Arcadian waterfront; the eldest, who'd employed him before, paid him his $25,000 in advance.

The middle, who hadn't, objected to that..

.. thinking the service they were paying for wouldn't be rendered. )
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From out of a battleship in the Persian Gulf he came, to answer it.

Up into the skies he rose in his ship.

Down out of the clouds he came on his way.

The sight of what he'd come to fight greeted him. )


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