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In 1998 two things happened in the Star Wars universe: Natalie Portman was cast to play the mother of Luke and Leia, and Darkhorse was at work adapting Timothy Zahn's Thrawn books. In issue 5 of "The Last Command," the opportunity arose for Padmé to make her first official appearance.

Here is that one page, penciled by Edvin Biukovic, inked by Eric Shanower, and coloured by
Pamela Rambo

Do you remember your mother? Your real mother? )
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People become known by the works they do.

They become symbols of them. What exactly those symbols represent depends on who's regarding them.

X the vigilante, for every criminal in the city of Arcadia, is judgement.

He's a warning if he marks you once. He's your death if he marks you twice.

Issue #9 of his recent series, written by Duane Swierczynski and drawn by Eric Nguyen, focused on someone who understood X as judge, jury, and executor of Arcadia's bad.

It focused on someone who understood him as that, someone who wanted to pass through his one-man court.

It opened on why that someone wanted that.

It opened at night. )


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