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OK, time for the wars to get starrier... Well, not quite, they don't leave Aquilaea until next issue, but...oh, forget it...let's continue...

His star wars will go on forever. )

Next time the wars ACTUALLY take to the stars...

~7.5 pages from 23.
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Sorry this didn't get posted yesterday...it was a bit harder to cut down than previous issues.

The Saga Continues.... )

Next up, we reach the halfway point and meet Han Solo.

~7 pages out of 22.
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Since there was some interest after the first post, let's continue on to issue 2 of The Star Wars.

My, my this here Annikin guy... )

Next time, the Star Wars begin in earnest! (Also, the Sith make the scene, but who cares about that. >_>)

7 and change pages from 23.
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A bit late in the day, sorry, but...I felt it needed to be posted.

In 2013/2014, just before their license expired, Dark Horse did a rather interesting Star Wars series. The Star Wars - based on the original draft script that bore only the slightest resemblance to the final material.

Here's some scans from issue 1...I'll post more if there's interest.

May the force of others be with you. )

~6.5 pages out of 20.
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Satoshi Kon is best known for the movies he’s made and directed, from Perfect Blue to his final work, Paprika. You also may know him for the anime he created, Paranoia Agent, a really trippy, mindbender of a series. However, before all of that, he was a mangaka and had a few works under his belt. Before he moved to doing films, his last work, one that sadly remains unfinished, was Opus. It got translated and brought over in November 2014 by Dark Horse Comics, so let’s take a look at it together.

Here's the first chapter. 9 pages out of 27.

Read More... )
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Secret Files of Project Black Sky's last story, The Archon, made this point.

Its titular villain- the Project Black Sky universe's main one- was the one who did so, because he wanted his old foe to understand the scope of his works.

In his basement, he told a truth. )
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Secret Files of Project Black Sky's third story, The Ring, made this point.

It began not with the alien who lay dying in the wreckage of his ship, or the test pilot who succeeded him in bearing the titular focus of willpower, but with those who went looking for the latter.

They found him with the former's power burning green on his right hand, like the light in a lantern..  )
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Secret Files of Project Black Sky, a Dark Horse webcomic about the doings of the titular government agency in the superheroic shared universe of the same name, made this point with its first story.

It began in Kansas on October 30th, 1938, when something came crashing out of the sky into a field.

The event attracted exactly the attention you're thinking it did. )
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So what happens when you apply the What If trope to Star Wars? That's the question Star Wars Infinities line asked in three 4-issue miniseries covering the first movie. Out of the three I find the A New Hope entry to be the most interesting, Empire to be the least, and Return of the Jedi to have the funniest catalyst (during negotiations with Leia-Bosch, Jabba accidentally breaks C3P0).

So let's take a look and see what havoc a little mechanical failure can cause our interipid heroes during the Battle of Yavin.

Issue 1 )
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Like most truly cracktastic moment, this one needs no context. Not that I could really give any, because it's more just this moment that's been lodged in my mind since I saw it--I believe here on SD, home of cracktastic moments. Frankly, the context only cheapens in. So I'd prefer just to think of it as...

That time when Godzilla played basketball with Charles Barkley.

Godzilla Gets Busy

Or, excuse me, that time when Godzilla got busy. Note his fine form on the layup, helped, no doubt, by his Godzilla-feet shaped (Nike) sneakers.
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The one that ended X's Better Off Dead arc this August, between the book's titular protagonist and the evident major antagonist of the Dark Horse line it's a part of (Project Black Sky, which's basically several superhero books set in a shared universe that's like a less somber Planetary), was well done as a battle between someone with superpowers and someone without.

It'd begun in this August's issue #15, with X's crashing a meeting between the two men whose forces'd been at war with each other across the city of Arcadia: the astrologically fixated mobster Carmine Tango and the very wealthy foreigner Peter Winter. The latter'd just beaten the former, having gotten him to drink poisoned wine and induced his loyal second-in-command to turn traitor, and was about to learn everything he knew about X..

.. when in came the vigilante in question through the window of the restaurant they were in, sword in hand.

(Before I go any further, a heads up: there's some explicit violence under the cut.)

Well, sword in one hand and unfortunate henchman of Winter's in the other.. but that guy didn't even show up on the next page, so.. )
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The latest volume of Blacksad was released in the US last month! Let's take a look-see, hm?

Lookie lookie, I've got Hookie. I mean, Blacksad )

13 pages of 54

Writer: Juan Díaz Canales
Artist: Juanjo Guarnido
Translators: Katie LaBarbera & Neal Adams


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