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Satoshi Kon is best known for the movies he’s made and directed, from Perfect Blue to his final work, Paprika. You also may know him for the anime he created, Paranoia Agent, a really trippy, mindbender of a series. However, before all of that, he was a mangaka and had a few works under his belt. Before he moved to doing films, his last work, one that sadly remains unfinished, was Opus. It got translated and brought over in November 2014 by Dark Horse Comics, so let’s take a look at it together.

Here's the first chapter. 9 pages out of 27.

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Secret Files of Project Black Sky's last story, The Archon, made this point.

Its titular villain- the Project Black Sky universe's main one- was the one who did so, because he wanted his old foe to understand the scope of his works.

In his basement, he told a truth. )
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Secret Files of Project Black Sky's third story, The Ring, made this point.

It began not with the alien who lay dying in the wreckage of his ship, or the test pilot who succeeded him in bearing the titular focus of willpower, but with those who went looking for the latter.

They found him with the former's power burning green on his right hand, like the light in a lantern..  )
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Secret Files of Project Black Sky, a Dark Horse webcomic about the doings of the titular government agency in the superheroic shared universe of the same name, made this point with its first story.

It began in Kansas on October 30th, 1938, when something came crashing out of the sky into a field.

The event attracted exactly the attention you're thinking it did. )
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So what happens when you apply the What If trope to Star Wars? That's the question Star Wars Infinities line asked in three 4-issue miniseries covering the first movie. Out of the three I find the A New Hope entry to be the most interesting, Empire to be the least, and Return of the Jedi to have the funniest catalyst (during negotiations with Leia-Bosch, Jabba accidentally breaks C3P0).

So let's take a look and see what havoc a little mechanical failure can cause our interipid heroes during the Battle of Yavin.

Issue 1 )
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Like most truly cracktastic moment, this one needs no context. Not that I could really give any, because it's more just this moment that's been lodged in my mind since I saw it--I believe here on SD, home of cracktastic moments. Frankly, the context only cheapens in. So I'd prefer just to think of it as...

That time when Godzilla played basketball with Charles Barkley.

Godzilla Gets Busy

Or, excuse me, that time when Godzilla got busy. Note his fine form on the layup, helped, no doubt, by his Godzilla-feet shaped (Nike) sneakers.
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The one that ended X's Better Off Dead arc this August, between the book's titular protagonist and the evident major antagonist of the Dark Horse line it's a part of (Project Black Sky, which's basically several superhero books set in a shared universe that's like a less somber Planetary), was well done as a battle between someone with superpowers and someone without.

It'd begun in this August's issue #15, with X's crashing a meeting between the two men whose forces'd been at war with each other across the city of Arcadia: the astrologically fixated mobster Carmine Tango and the very wealthy foreigner Peter Winter. The latter'd just beaten the former, having gotten him to drink poisoned wine and induced his loyal second-in-command to turn traitor, and was about to learn everything he knew about X..

.. when in came the vigilante in question through the window of the restaurant they were in, sword in hand.

(Before I go any further, a heads up: there's some explicit violence under the cut.)

Well, sword in one hand and unfortunate henchman of Winter's in the other.. but that guy didn't even show up on the next page, so.. )
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The latest volume of Blacksad was released in the US last month! Let's take a look-see, hm?

Lookie lookie, I've got Hookie. I mean, Blacksad )

13 pages of 54

Writer: Juan Díaz Canales
Artist: Juanjo Guarnido
Translators: Katie LaBarbera & Neal Adams
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Now, you young'uns might think that fandom not being happy with a continuity overhaul, or a slew of new releases, or even meta-commentary of same is a compartatively new thing, but that's not quite true....

With a publication date of January 1987, and from Dark Hore Comics comes #6 of Boris the Bear, starring.

Boris 002


Shadow of the Batbear.... )
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Hi folks!

This one might have been on the LJ SD community, but I don't think it's been posted since the moves. In 2009, Dark Horse Comics did a number of one-shots with, purportedly, a complete story in each issue; counterprogramming it against whatever big crossovers Marvel and DC were doing at the time. This is one of them. (My copy was a giveaway by a local shop, thus the label.)

Seven pages of twenty-two.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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So after a lengthy hiatus from the series, Stan Sakai came out with some new Usagi Yojimbo this week. So I shall share some scans of the first issue of the miniseries Senso with you.

Senso takes place twenty years after the regular Usagi Yojimbo series. Characters have finally gotten their act together and Lord Noriyuki is in full-out war with Lord Hikiji. Given that Hikiji is the Shadow Lord, the archvillain of the series who has been covertly or overtly behind a great number of the plots in the series, and he personally gave Usagi the scar over his eye in the same battle where he killed Usagi's former lord, Mifune, this is basically the climax of the entire book.

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Dark Horse's all-ages FCBD offering this year included a 10-page Avatar: the Last Airbender story by Gene Luen Yang & Faith Erin Hicks. It is amusing and relevant.

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Four pages of SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND #1 have been posted. Here are three more, the first three pages of the series.

Questioning Miranda )
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You may have heard that there's going to be a "47 Ronin" movie starring Keanu Reeves as a mixed-race 48th ronin who got left out of the official records. This is perhaps the least of the film's liberties with the story, but still....

In the meantime, a much more faithful adaptation has been put out by Dark Horse Comics.

The tale of the forty-seven ronin is based on a real-life incident, and considered one of the classic examples of samurai honor and sacrifice. If you have not read or seen one of the adaptaions before, SPOILERS follow.

Two lords from the countryside were summoned up to visit the shogun's court in Edo in 1701. They were to work with an etiquette master, Lord Kira, to learn the proper behavior. Unfortunately, Kira was a jerk, and instead of teaching them, spent his time insulting and provoking the visitors. One lord's head retainer did some digging, found out Lord Kira was greedy, and successfully bribed him. But Lord Asano's head retainer was incompetent, so his abuse continued. Finally, Asano snapped and struck Kira.

Although this was not fatal, drawing a weapon at all in Edo Castle was a death penalty offense. Asano was ordered to commit ritual suicide, and his holdings were confiscated. His warriors were immediately made ronin (masterless samurai) and ordered by the shogun not to seek revenge.

Forty-seven of the ronin decided to seek revenge for their lord's death despite the order, led by a man named Oishi. Knowing that Kira would be expecting this, and that he had in fact requested extra bodyguards from a powerful relative, the ronin decided to lay low for a while. They went about their lives as though they had lost the will to fight back, and Oishi in particular managed to simulate a descent into shameful alcoholism.

A man from Satsuma went so far as to berate Oishi in the street and spit on him for conduct unbecoming a samurai. When Lord Kira heard that Oishi had just taken this abuse, he began to relax and sent back many of the bodyguards.

After a year, Oishi figured that Kira was off-guard, and summoned the rest of the ronin.

Four pages from the final issue )

The book giveaway at my blog ends tomorrow, 9/30/13!

Your thoughts and comments?


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