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"I wished to create a Wonder Woman who is rooted in her mythological home, but grows onwards to a more universal hero for the world." - Renae De Liz

Writer & Artist: Renae De Liz

7 2/3 out of 23 pages

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"There are a bunch of elements that make him Superman. But if you're talking about the most core element of him, it's that he's a nice guy in a mean world.

Clark Kent was born with superpowers in Kansas. He could have done anything.

You know what he did? He went to high school, went to college and got a job.

I mean, that, to me, speaks volumes about how this character could or maybe should be written.

You know, even in Superman: Birthright, which is a comic that I really enjoyed, ultimately that comic was a run toward becoming Superman. How did Clark Kent become Superman?

My comic is not about that and doesn't even really address it head-on. It's just about how Clark Kent became Clark Kent.
" - Max Landis

Writer: Max Landis
Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

Warning for violence.

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"While Diana is utterly devoted her people and is well loved in return, she feels set apart from them for many reasons (some of which are mentioned in the previous question). She is the only child of an immortal, and the only one born outside of the 10 year mark, so she doesn’t quite belong to other age groups. She’s also a Princess with more responsibilities, which makes her far too dutiful instead of carefree like other girls. Her mother is going through her own difficulties as a parent, making her cold and dictating at times, which confuses Diana and lends to a feeling of pressure and isolation. One of Diana’s biggest conflicts growing up (in fact, one which follows her throughout the entire series) is finding a way to not let her overwhelming sense of duty completely overtake the person within, and how to balance her wishes with what she knows she must do." - Renae De Liz

Writer & Artist: Renae De Liz

7 2/3 out of 23 pages

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"I don't think you can write comics without trying to reflect what's going on in the real world. I mean, that's kind of our job. I believe we have two jobs we have to do simultaneously: We have to reflect what's going on in the real world and we have to entertain you.

So I wouldn't say it was, like, wanting to go after that. It was more like, we can't write without doing that.

And we wanted to show that this movement, this thing, this idea that Lee Bermejo had, which was brilliant, of all these people being inspired by these Robins, is kind of a double-edged sword. It's inspiring and wonderful, but it's also a bunch of kids on the street trying to do jobs they might not be prepared for. And we wanted to examine whether that was a good thing or bad thing. Not come down on one side of the other. It stays a little bit gray.
" - Tom King

Writer: Tom King
Artists: Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, Andres Guinaldo, and Walden Wong
Colorists: Emilio Lopez, Chris Sotomayor, Gabe Eltaeb, and Sandra Molina
Breakdowns: Rob Haynes

14 out of 42 pages

Light warning for violence.

Now here was a mini-event I was looking forward to. Tom King's first crossover event? That sounds like fun, especially with the previews and small brief bits of info I heard about. However, warning signals went off in my head the moment I saw the amount of people working on the first issue alone...

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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #45: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Writers for #44: Adam Beechman
Artist for #45: Jim Calafiore
Artist for #44: Carlos Magno
Inkers for #45: Mark McKenna
Inker for #44: Jay Leisten
Colorist for #45: Tom Chu
Colorist for #44: Rod Reis
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Hey, it's been a while since we looked at Countdown...let's get back to it now that I'm out of Austen's Action Comics' issues.

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Prez #5-6

Jan. 2nd, 2016 12:45 pm
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"I’m a believer that all science fiction is really satire. Everyone who writes about the future is really commenting on the present. If I could reduce Prez to a single message, it would be that the single greatest problem confronting the human race is our utter waste of brainpower. We have seven billion of the most creative, complex problem-solving brains in the known Universe, and we put them to work making corndogs" - Mark Russell

Writer: Mark Russell
Penciller: Ben Caldwell
Inker: Mark Morales
Colorist: Jeremy Lawson

Warning for violence and for sensitive subject matter.

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"In my mind Diana has no father, and so Zeus is not involved here, and the series is out of the current continuity. Hippolyta, as an Immortal, struggles with Diana’s mortality and parenting conflicts ensue, but there are influences other than her mother for the Amazon Princess." - Renae De Liz

Writer & Artist: Renae De Liz

7 out of 23 pages

For people missing a good Wonder Woman series, let's spotlight briefly Wondy's current digital series.

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"Yeah we never really get enough time you know, we say it again and again 20 pages is never enough. We have a really great supporting cast, the three of us have worked so hard to develop the supporting cast and they’re sp important to us and we really want to spend more time with them, but we have to remind ourselves the book is called Batgirl.

It’s about Barbara Gordon and about how she moves through her life and spends time with these people as much as she can while trying to better herself, while trying to get an education, while trying to maintain any kind of work she’s doing while saving the lives of people in Burnside and Gotham, She doesn’t have a lot of spare time in her life and rarely spends a lot time with any one person.
" - Brenden Fletcher

"Page 16 - Spoiler effuses with gratitude. Literally effuses. It’s kind of disgusting." - Elena Carrillo

Writers: Brenden Fletcher & Cameron Stewart
Artist: Babs Tarr

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""I'm very public in my dislike of Lois. She's the original gold-digger. Clark meant nothing until he was Superman. She was horrible to him, and he chased her like a whipped puppy. Any therapist would tell you, this is not a romance made in heaven.

"So to all that, let me just say ... Lana's single again. And she liked Clark as Clark first, and then also as Superman. Much healthier.

"And, of course, Wonder Woman's still out there. But Rucka says, 'over my dead body,' and he's tough. Used to be an EMT. I respect his toughness."
" - Chuck Austen

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Inker: Marc Campos
Colorist: Guy Major


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"The stories are thematically united by the idea of identity, but not so much "secret" identity… more "personality" identity, who we want to be versus who we are from moment to moment.

The reason it's called American Alien is that the thing that's always interested me about Superman the least are his alien origins. I think they're important thematically, but ultimately what I like about him as a character is that he was someone who was "born" in the U.S.A. and has grown up wanting to be the best kind of person.

Each of the stories is him challenging himself — while being challenged — about what kind of person he is. They're less about becoming a superhero and more about becoming not-an-asshole.
" - Max Landis

Writer: Max Landis
Artist: Nick Dragotta
Colorist: Alex Guimaraes

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