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Rejoice! On this day I bring to you several pages of a manga series which is practically two manga in one: Me and the Devil Blues.

Me and the Devil Blues, you may know, is also the name of a song by legendary blues artist Robert Johnson. This is no coincidence, for this manga is about Robert Johnson... kinda. Not much is known about Johnson's life, and this manga is not meant to be biographical (indeed, it only ever calls the protagonist "RJ", and not his real name). Instead, it takes elements of Johnson's life and mythos and writes a pseudo-Southern Gothic tale (er, kinda--I'll get to that later).

The mythos of Johnson that it incorporates is the legend that he met the Devil at a crossroad and sold his soul to become a master musician.

So it begins... )

41 pictures from three chapters below the cut. The chapters are 48-54 pages long, so these are still within 1/3 of each.


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