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In today's post, a few one or two-pages Uncle Scrooge stories, taken from Fantagraphics Books' reprint collections. I've started collecting these hardcover volumes recently and I highly recommend them.

Under the cut, we have three one-page stories by Carl Barks, and two, two-pages stories by Don Rosa. )

"Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge: Only a Poor Old Man" By Carl Barks (Fantagraphics Books, 240 pages).
"Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: "The Son of the Sun" - Don Rosa Library vol.1" (Fantagraphics Books, 208 pages)
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In his own way, he's the greatest comic book villain ever:

Read more... )

Six pages from Daniel Clowes' excellent satirical comic book Pussey!
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A fistful of Fantagraphics' Critters came out of the latest Box from the Closet thus reminding me of J.P. Morgan, who made me laugh quite a lot at the time with his Fission Chicken. I'd guess I wasn't the only one, as the character ended up getting his own series for a few issues before falling afoul (ha!) of one of Fantagraphics' periodic money crises some time around 1993.

Lo! and behold Google tells me that the Chicken of Wrath is still a going concern, running as a web comic after a hiatus that lasted until 2006. But let me introduce Morgan's creation to y'all via the very first comic to feature him (though published second, in Critters #22, February 1988). This is sort of Fission Archeopteryx, as he had a redesigned head starting from his second story (and first appearance), but on the other hand the script is more representative of the current run's humour -- the other Critters stories are, in retrospect, slowed down by some pretty heavy-handed satire.

Two pages of two:

Fission Chicken vs. The Creatures from Ineptune )
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Ty Templeton was in the process of breaking out from indie comics in 1988, having started on the likes of Stig's Inferno (fully readable on Templeton's web site) but getting a chance with DC with some character art for Who's Who and a short story in the New Teen Titans Annual. I came to him through his hysterical take on the Legion of Substitute Heroes ("Hmm, Stone Boy has turned into stone and can't hear us now that we need him to turn back" -- team proceeds to use Stone Boy as a battering ram to break down doors), but I was also collecting Fantagraphics' Critters. We had a nice convo about the LSH at a local comics convention and I got him to sign the story he sold to Critters just as his career was taking off, featuring bluesman Teddy Payne.

So he's a teddy bear, yeah, you got a problem with that?

One, two, check, check... )
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Suggested tags-- creator: chris ware, title: acme novelty library, char: rusty brown, char: genre: alternative, publisher: fantagraphics
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Note: NOT dialup friendly. Or friendly in many other ways. Suggested tags-- creator: chris ware, title: acme novelty library, char: rocket sam, char: genre: alternative, publisher: fantagraphics
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Warning: This is safe for work, but still quite horrifying.
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Tags-- publisher: eclipse, publisher: fantagraphics books, title: amazing heroes, year: 1985, creator: alan moore, creator: bill sienkiewicz, creator: marv wolfman, creator: george perez, creator: william messner-loebs, creator: dave sim, creator: keith giffen, creator: chris claremont, creator: howard chaykin, creator: jaime hernandez, creator: gilbert hernandez
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Suggested tags: subject: jack t. chick, genre: parody,creator: andrew langridge, creator: roger langridge, title: art d'ecco, publisher: fantagraphics, char: kitsch, savior: Jesus, theme: anti-chick
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This story won the Eisner award for "Best U.S. Edition of International Material" at this year's Comic-Con, so you should check it out!

Seven pages from a 46-page book under the cut.

One for all! )
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Minimalist cartoonist Jason has achieved international success among the indie crowd with his mostly wordless stories of wry melancholia. But he started out doing much more straightforward (albeit often surreal) comedy, which may be an easier introduction to his world.

These are some of my favorite stories from his transitional period.

Meow Meow )


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