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I think I posted this years ago on Scans Daily 1.0, but it's one of my favorite stories just for the utter cracktasitc nature of the villain’s plan.

This one issue Rulah, Jungle Goddess #18 is quite the treasure trove of crack. Rulah's three stories involve Elephant Riding Giants, a Poison Ivy style villaness with a collection of deadly plants, and this story featuring the single dumbest plan for world domination ever conceived.

Nine Pages from Rulah Jungle Goddess #18 )
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Sure, Jamie Reyes is a breakout character, and Ted Kord is awesome, but there is really no love for the original Blue Beetle Dan Garret around here. And after recent delving into the Digital Comic Museum's archive, I found the perfect Golden Age story to introduce everyone to the awesome crack of the Golden Age Blue Beetle:

It's Blue Beetle in his very own (if only 10 pages long) Clone Saga! )
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[personal profile] mistygeek's post on Flame Girl reminded me of some more awesomely cracky moments from Fox Features Syndicate. Such as the time Jo-Jo, Fox's resident Tarzan clone, fought a bunch of Vikings on surfboards.

Yes, Viking Surfers (well, technically Viking wind surfers but still..)

Eleven Pages from JoJo Congo King #11 (1948) )
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If you were reading certain comics back in 1941, There was a series of rather ubiquitous ads for a soft drink unheard of today. A refreshing drink with Vitamin B1! Kooba Cola!

They clearly put a lot of effort into their advertising, working very closely with the people at Fox Features Syndicate to feature their product throughout their comics.
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The product even got shilled in the comics themselves as you can see in the Timothy Smith story down below. Timothy is an orphaned shoe shine boy who got whisked away to a magical world (or possibly a concussion induced coma after he got beaten up by a bully) where he goes on adventures with his gnomish pal Grimmage.

There was only one slight problem with Kooba Cola: )
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Back in the Golden Age, a lot of minor league characters got tried out in the backup stories, many of which never went past one or two appearances.The Purple Tigress was one of these characters that fell off the radar.
From Jo-Jo: Congo King #7a-NOTE: COMIC IS IN PUBLIC DOMAIN )


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