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So here are the opening pages from issue four of Copperhead, a new sci-fi western from Image.  To give the background, the new sheriff in town is investigating the murder of most of a local family, and one of the survivors has just assaulted someone she thought was responsible.  The employer of the person assaulted is not happy.Read more... )

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There's a bit in the third issue of Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel's C.O.W.L. that's good for both that and the character progression of the superpowered person in question.

That person, Kathryn " Radia " Mitchell of the titular Chicago Organized Worker's League's Tactical Division, was at the beginning of her arc when she first appeared in the issue.

Several pages later, she was at a photoshoot.

A photoshoot framing her in the way everyone and everything else did. )
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Artist Christian Ward posted the first five pages of the prologue for Image's new title ODY-C, which is written by Matt Fraction...

Three pages under the cut )
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If y'all have been enjoying these posts, the first story arc of Rat Queens has been collected in the trade Sass & Sorcery, and issue seven comes out tomorrow.

Let's finish this )

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: John "Roc" Upchurch
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It occurred to me just while uploading these images that the title may be a reference to the rat king, though I'm not sure what connection there is. They're vermin bound together by mud and shit who spread plague? Maybe...

Enough speculation )

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: John "Roc" Upchurch
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I myself do not care for Rat Queens. I find the characters unlikable and, for the most part, very bland (and as a D&D player, I find myself wondering about the mechanics of this world). However, I picked it up because it got good buzz, and it's also nominated for an Eisner for "Best New Series", so clearly some people like it. Perhaps some of you will enjoy it more than I.

Also the series can be fairly bloody, so while I'm not posting the worst of it, fair warning.

Let's dive in )

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: John "Roc" Upchurch
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Revival is one of two great new series* that I've started reading in the last year. When it was announced I avoided it because... zombies, but I heard enough good things to give it a go. I'm only a trade reader though, so I'm an issue or two behind (which is a shame because the cover to #20 looks majestic. They recently did a one-shot crossing over with Chew and while there are some spoilers for Chew, you don't need to know too much about either series to enjoy the issue properly.

It's a deeply unsettling book. I'm not kidding when I say that a hopper full of teeth wasn't close to being the worst thing that I read in the 3rd trade (and I'm massively grateful that I read it outside, on a sunny day)
If you are thinking about getting on the Revival train, or are a Chew reader who wants to know the ackground of Revival, here's a handy catch up guide from the third trade, or issue #12. I might do a post on the covers later, as Jenny Frisson's work is excellent

Where's the baby? Blue cheeks, icicle tears )

It's brilliant. And the horror of that last page is nowhere near as bad as other parts of the book. Don't read it last thing at night.
*The other is the Eisner nominated High Crimes. It's excellent
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I took advantage of Image Comics 50% off Digital Comics sale and splurged on a few series I've been meaning to get into.

Since Greg Rucka is one of the S_D community's patron saints, I thought I should post some scans from the first two 2 issues of his and Michael Lark's new ongoing series, Lazarus, which is only 4 issues old so far.

Read more... )

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The series continues to be charming, funny, and much less torrid than the title might suggest. But none of that is why I'm posting these pages.

Four pages of the most interesting veer around copyright issues I've read. )

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Title: Storm Dogs (#1 of 6)
Creators: David Hine (story) and Doug Braithwaite (art)
Posting: About 7 pages worth of panels from a 22 page story, plus back-up material from issue #1 & 2.
Availability: The first five issues are available now. Issue #1 is free on Comixology.

Storm Dogs is, in pitch terms, "CSI meets Firefly at the Mos Eisely cantina" -- our main characters have been sent out to investigate a series of suspicious deaths on Amaranth, a mining planet on the periphery of Union space in a delicate diplomatic position due to the planet's native inhabitants.

Many of them have criminal records. At least one of them may be a murderer. )
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When we last saw him, Robert Oppenheimer had been murdered and devoured by his cannibal twin brother, Joseph. Then Robert woke up:

Read more... )

Bedlam #3

Apr. 22nd, 2013 11:22 pm
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And now for a WTF moment:

Read more... )

NSFW: Extreme violence against cats.

Bad Therapy

Mar. 6th, 2013 08:47 pm
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So, Bedlam is continuing to be an alternatively fascinating and horrifying book, with a main character who is... much the same. We know who he was, but what does that mean we should think of who he is now? Especially considering what he went through to get there...

Spoilers for Bedlam #1, 2, 3 and 5, and warnings for blood and gore and horror and some nudity, and also a really strong warning (seriously, really strong) for animal abuse in this post. )

The capitalization's deliberate, by the way. It's not totally clear, but it seems like the guy's name actually is "The Good Doctor". How... ironic.
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Batman's swinging along and sees two gang members about to kill another one for stealing? We all know what he's going to do. The man known currently as Fillmore Press, on the other hand, does things a leetle differently.

Spoilers for Bedlam #1, and warnings for blood and violence and horror and such throughout this post. )

Yikes. Of course, this makes a more sense when you realise who exactly he was in a different life. We don't know precisely how his mind was changed, but a series of flashbacks paint a picture that's a wee bit disturbing. And then there's his therapist...

Spoilers for Bedlam #2 )

I have to say, I'm really enjoying this so far. It's not a comic for the easily disturbed (there's a sequence in the latest issue that you should probably not read if you're an animal lover), but it's intriguing and weird enough for me to really want to know what's going to happen next.


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