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"Since the sidekick would always be somewhat sheltered and protected as long as he was in the shadow of the main hero, it made sense to have that guy killed, forcing the sidekick out into a world that has never really taken him seriously. Not the press, not the public, not the other heroes, not even the bad guys. It thus becomes part about fending for himself, and part about defining who he is in the absence of that mentor figure. It starts out very realistic and serious in the first few issues, then gradually becomes more surreal the deeper we go into the story as he begins a long slow descent into madness."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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"The story is set in Tanzania. Imagine a world where corporations buy out most Western (and many other) governments while China and the Saudis divide Africa and other continents. The vast majority is being slowly laid off and killed, while the poorer yet are either bombed or otherwise killed or used in factories that manufacture weapons and all manner of objects that help keep the majority docile enough to perpetuate the status quo. All this while the top one percent -- or, frankly, even less than that, about a hundred people if we're talking top level -- make profit for the sake of making profit. Greed, like Ouroboros, swallows itself.

At the same time, there are also positive elements to globalization, such as an increased evolution and merging of races and technologies. Diversification. Increased connectivity and information density. Of course, these things are not inherently positive. They are what we make of them, same as The Surface -- it's an oasis that allegedly projects one's interior goings out into the world in a physical manner inseparable of what we call the "ordinary reality."

- Ales Kot

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"We rational people who try to rely on justice and solving problems in a civilized way still like to daydream about taking a bat to the heads of the truly awful people out there. Fiction is a release to live vicariously through characters. To do the things we would never do. Plus, it’s just fun to watch stuff explode." - Eric Powell

"Because who wants to see another good looking superhero save the day again? I want a miserable SOB charging head first into an unwinnable fight, kicking and cursing as he goes. There is just so much more personality there." - Tim Wiesch

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"I was thinking about this idea of women in tubes. I was thinking about the traditional shower scenes in women in prison exploitation films, and how their nudity is done provocatively. It's a salacious, voyeuristic nudity. I wanted this to be different. I wanted their bodies to be presented as bodies. I had some conversations with Val about the women having different shapes, sizes and characteristics -- muscles, sagging, cellulite. We wanted it to feel like flesh. I started this women-in-tubes thing. It's a science fiction trope that is remarkably common if you just Google it. It was fascinating to me. I had this notion that one of these bodies would be so large that it would press up against the glass and that was the beginning of Penny. I wanted one woman to be very big and unapologetic and I wanted her to be adamant that she would take up space and it was not her job to conform to your idea of beautiful." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

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Postal #1

Feb. 7th, 2015 01:12 pm
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"As a writer, you wind up taking whatever job will pay your bills while you're building your career. One of the jobs I've had was adult education of felons who were recently paroled. That experience taught me about how difficult it is to get a second chance in America. I saw people who wanted to start a new chapter in their lives get marginalized, constantly judged and continually pushed away from mainstream society. There's a fraternity and sorority among people that have committed serious crimes and either made their way through the system, or on their own attempted to leave that life behind them. In writing about "Eden" I wanted to create a place those people may have gone to find their second chance." - Bryan Hill

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"So many comics over the past several decades have dealt with the positive aspect of super powers, with people gaining or being born with amazing abilities and then deciding to use them for the greater good, but as fun as that stuff is, it’s a myth, a lie. People use their talents, whatever they may be, to get ahead in life." - Eric Stephenson

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So here are the opening pages from issue four of Copperhead, a new sci-fi western from Image.  To give the background, the new sheriff in town is investigating the murder of most of a local family, and one of the survivors has just assaulted someone she thought was responsible.  The employer of the person assaulted is not happy.Read more... )

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There's a bit in the third issue of Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel's C.O.W.L. that's good for both that and the character progression of the superpowered person in question.

That person, Kathryn " Radia " Mitchell of the titular Chicago Organized Worker's League's Tactical Division, was at the beginning of her arc when she first appeared in the issue.

Several pages later, she was at a photoshoot.

A photoshoot framing her in the way everyone and everything else did. )
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Artist Christian Ward posted the first five pages of the prologue for Image's new title ODY-C, which is written by Matt Fraction...

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If y'all have been enjoying these posts, the first story arc of Rat Queens has been collected in the trade Sass & Sorcery, and issue seven comes out tomorrow.

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Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: John "Roc" Upchurch
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It occurred to me just while uploading these images that the title may be a reference to the rat king, though I'm not sure what connection there is. They're vermin bound together by mud and shit who spread plague? Maybe...

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Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: John "Roc" Upchurch
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I myself do not care for Rat Queens. I find the characters unlikable and, for the most part, very bland (and as a D&D player, I find myself wondering about the mechanics of this world). However, I picked it up because it got good buzz, and it's also nominated for an Eisner for "Best New Series", so clearly some people like it. Perhaps some of you will enjoy it more than I.

Also the series can be fairly bloody, so while I'm not posting the worst of it, fair warning.

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Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: John "Roc" Upchurch
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Revival is one of two great new series* that I've started reading in the last year. When it was announced I avoided it because... zombies, but I heard enough good things to give it a go. I'm only a trade reader though, so I'm an issue or two behind (which is a shame because the cover to #20 looks majestic. They recently did a one-shot crossing over with Chew and while there are some spoilers for Chew, you don't need to know too much about either series to enjoy the issue properly.

It's a deeply unsettling book. I'm not kidding when I say that a hopper full of teeth wasn't close to being the worst thing that I read in the 3rd trade (and I'm massively grateful that I read it outside, on a sunny day)
If you are thinking about getting on the Revival train, or are a Chew reader who wants to know the ackground of Revival, here's a handy catch up guide from the third trade, or issue #12. I might do a post on the covers later, as Jenny Frisson's work is excellent

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It's brilliant. And the horror of that last page is nowhere near as bad as other parts of the book. Don't read it last thing at night.
*The other is the Eisner nominated High Crimes. It's excellent


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