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"For me, that’s the horror I enjoy the most. The monsters are always scary visually, but ultimately what's scary is the pressure they put on the human characters in the narrative to act the ways they’re afraid they might act. Take something like Stephen King's Pet Sematary. When you have that cemetery out there—the love you have for your wife, for your kid, or the fear of death, the fear of loss—the feelings or actions that monster engenders are what I hope to aspire to." - Scott Snyder

Story By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Jock
Colors By: Matt Hollingsworth

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"East of West is also a book of big themes and big characters, something that's always nice.

But in its simplest, most distilled form, it's a love story that takes place at the end of the world.
" - Jonathan Hickman

7 of 23 pages

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No, I was pretty much sold on THEY’RE NOT LIKE US as a title right away, and after coming up with the idea of doing a slow-building horror story about adolescents with super powers, it just seemed to fit perfectly.” – Eric Stephenson

Writer: Eric Stephenson
Artist: Simon Gane
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

7 of 22 pages

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"I was drinking and complaining about how all someone needs to do to have a hit is jam monsters into history, fiction and non fiction. I said, “You could just take Lewis and Clark and say they were really hunting monsters in the american frontier.” Then I realized it wasn’t terrible idea and I could have fun and maybe make money with it. So I stopped complaining and here we are." - Chris Dingess

Writer: Chris Dingess
Artist: Matthew Roberts
Colorist: Owen Gieni

8 of 24 pages

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Oh man! I can't believe I almost forgot about this. Image put out their solicits last week for their upcoming books in July. This was one jump out at me like a sorethumb.

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"East of West is a story about that feeling we're experiencing collectively right now, as a society, that the world is in a bit of a death spiral. The tagline of the book is, "The things that divide us are stronger than the things that unite us." You know, the end times are imminent and we all hate each other too much to come together and solve our problems. Our final destination is imminent, and it is the Apocalypse." - Jonathan Hickman

8 pages of 24 are below

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His powers're to control, amplify, and redirect the noise around him.

He calls himself Doppler, because he thinks that effect's " close enough " to what he does.

He's been a key part of C.O.W.L.'s last few issues; his introduction opened last December's #7 nicely.

There, he'd walked into a convenience store, picked up some newspapers, and turned to walk out.

He was stopped by the man behind the counter, who told him that he needed to pay for those.

He said he wouldn't, and told the man's wife to mind her business when she tried to interject.

The man, provoked, pulled out a gun to hold him there.

" You're going to call the police? "

" Yes, I am. "

" Okay then. "

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The other day, my memory was jogged to think of Top Cow's Pilot Season. As far as I can tell, only two winners were ever made into miniseries - Genius, which was not stunning, and Twilight Guardian. Genius took 6 years to make it from pilot to a mini series, and for that reason, I wasn't incredibly optimistic when my pick The Beauty won the 2011 Pilot Season

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Newsarama: You launch with a 60-page first issue -- that's a rarity in this day and age! What made you want to launch the story this way, and how long do you see the story running ultimately?

Jonathan Hickman: "Well, in addition to changing the method of how we're working, one of the ”'new rules” for both myself and my friends that I collaborate with is to not feel constrained by page counts this year.

Personally, I'm just so sick of writing everything in 20-page chunks. And, while I could be wrong, I think the market will accept a book with variable pricing that's $3.50 for 20-29 pages, and $3.99 for 30 pages and over.

Now, the first issue of The Dying and the Dead is the extreme version of that – 60 pages for $4.50 – and we won't – and can't – do that every month, but it does represent a hell of a deal at a buck-fifty per 20 pages.

As for how long it's running? Not sure, that really depends on Ryan's pacing, but it does end.

With the release of the second issue of The Dying and Dead coming tomorrow, let’s take a look at the first issue that was released back in January 2015 (two months between this and the next issue). Well actually, we’ll just look at a little bit of it.

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Ryan Bodenheim
Colorist: Michael Garland

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"Since the sidekick would always be somewhat sheltered and protected as long as he was in the shadow of the main hero, it made sense to have that guy killed, forcing the sidekick out into a world that has never really taken him seriously. Not the press, not the public, not the other heroes, not even the bad guys. It thus becomes part about fending for himself, and part about defining who he is in the absence of that mentor figure. It starts out very realistic and serious in the first few issues, then gradually becomes more surreal the deeper we go into the story as he begins a long slow descent into madness."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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"The story is set in Tanzania. Imagine a world where corporations buy out most Western (and many other) governments while China and the Saudis divide Africa and other continents. The vast majority is being slowly laid off and killed, while the poorer yet are either bombed or otherwise killed or used in factories that manufacture weapons and all manner of objects that help keep the majority docile enough to perpetuate the status quo. All this while the top one percent -- or, frankly, even less than that, about a hundred people if we're talking top level -- make profit for the sake of making profit. Greed, like Ouroboros, swallows itself.

At the same time, there are also positive elements to globalization, such as an increased evolution and merging of races and technologies. Diversification. Increased connectivity and information density. Of course, these things are not inherently positive. They are what we make of them, same as The Surface -- it's an oasis that allegedly projects one's interior goings out into the world in a physical manner inseparable of what we call the "ordinary reality."

- Ales Kot

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"We rational people who try to rely on justice and solving problems in a civilized way still like to daydream about taking a bat to the heads of the truly awful people out there. Fiction is a release to live vicariously through characters. To do the things we would never do. Plus, it’s just fun to watch stuff explode." - Eric Powell

"Because who wants to see another good looking superhero save the day again? I want a miserable SOB charging head first into an unwinnable fight, kicking and cursing as he goes. There is just so much more personality there." - Tim Wiesch

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