Outcast #2

Aug. 1st, 2015 02:08 pm
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"Well exorcism and demonic possession is something that I’ve always been interested in, because of my religious upbringing as a child. Looking at the “Walking Dead” and seeing it as the zombie movie that never ends, I was looking for another part of the horror genre that I felt had the same sort of potential for long form storytelling. With “Walking Dead” I looked at zombies and thought to myself, “Why doesn’t anyone ever keep going?” There had never been a movie that kept going and told stories using the same cast, or a novel series that carried it forward in a long term exploration of it. I kind of feel like there is the same sort of opportunity there with exorcism stories. There is no deficiency of fantastic exorcism movies out there, as there are a lot of them that do great things and break new ground, but I don’t think any of them really explore this phenomenon as a situation that can be solved or a conflict that can be resolved. There really isn’t anyone exploring the idea of why this is happening, how we fix this issue, or if there is a way to prevent it. I think “Outcast” is a long form story where our characters look at demonic possession as a problem that can be fixed, which I think is a new angle, and we get to watch them succeed or fail over the series. I’m hoping that this will be an exciting endeavor for all involved and I’ve got high hopes." - Robert Kirkman

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Paul Azaceta
Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser

7 1/3 out of 22 pages

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"We live in an era where Bree Newsome gets jailed for taking down a flag that stands as nothing but a symbol of deep hate. We live in an era where cops kill unarmed black men and women with impunity. We are in an era where we live with the evil done in our names, and in the names of the countries in our passports. I want us to look into a mirror and face ourselves. I want us to say stop to that, and I want us to act accordingly."

- Ales Kot

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Two men from the FBI told Chicago's then-mayor Richard J. Daley (a real person) to get that and the other cases of supervillainy in his city dealt with before their Director Hoover got the National Guard involved.

So Daley met with Geoffrey Warner, the head of the city's on-strike superhero union C.O.W.L., to tell him that his organization'd get the advantageous contract with the city they were asking for.

Warner, who was working with the mobster Camden Stone and his superpowered thugs to get things to this point, asked for more.

Daley said that that wasn't possible.

" Then you have a real problem. "

" You can't- "

" Of course I can. I have the power here, Richard. Not you. And every hour you stall puts Alderman Hayes at further risk.

" Tick tock, Mr. Mayor. The alderman's life.. "

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“Garth and I talk about movies we have seen and the ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ situations that characters get into and how they would deal with a situation. When we were originally talking, I think I was complaining that there wasn’t another ‘Die Hard’ coming any time soon and wouldn’t it be cool to do a story like that, but set it in New York with the mob and make it the most violent, insane story we could come up with. Get Garth going on a subject and he has a million ideas, which usually ends with us laughing so hard we turn purple. Sometimes these ideas come to life, most times they get lost in the evening. This one survived.”

- Jimmy Palmiotti

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"Ferguson‬ is not about race? ‪‎GamerGate‬ is about ethics in game journalism? Elvis still alive, happily copulating with the lizard people?"

- Ales Kot

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"Carla and I find books full of straight white people very dull indeed (in fact there is nothing more tedious in my mind than a comic book that is just white dudes doing stuff). So our cast of kids and the characters they meet tend to reflect our group of friends and people we admire… Also, frankly, the comic-buying audience — in fact the entertainment audience in general — is a lot more diverse than most publishers and producers give credit for, and you know what? We want everybody’s dollar."

- Alex de Campi

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Writer: Eric Stephenson
Artist: Simon Gane
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

7 out of 22 pages

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