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Last week's Mighty Thor saw a meeting of superpowers.

They weren't all superpowered.

They were all financial superpowers, fingers on one of the hands turning the world.

They weren't a cooperative, but a courtesy; they were meeting to address one of them being discourteous.

The charge was put to the offender in exactly those terms. )
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Fantastic Four: World's Greatest - Part 1

"You look at Reed and he's about 40. You look at Sue and she looks about 30. And you think he's got a past – before he met Sue, when she was in school, he was at a university in Vienna, mixing it up with some of the most beautiful, richest, smartest girls in the world, you know? So kind of thinking about that, it's kind of interesting.

There are some women in Reed's life that no one talks about prior to Sue obviously. The minute I started thinking along those lines, and also that Reed and Sue are such an odd couple – they're both very attractive but she's a perfectly averagely smart woman and he's literally the world's smartest man. You can't really imagine a normal husband and wife really. So I thought maybe Reed got married on the rebound. You know, he loves Sue with all of his heart, but maybe there was a girl before her who was much more like Reed. So I've nicknamed her "Mrs. Fantastic" and she's a character Reed knew at the university. She's like two points smarter than him on the IQ test and he was just madly in love with her."

- Mark Millar

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Cataclysm #4

"Basically, it’s the four corners of the original Ultimate Universe – the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Ultimates and Spider-Man- but as they’ve altered over the years to something new and fresh and something people aren’t used to seeing in the regular Marvel Universe."

- Brian Michael Bendis

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Cataclysm #3

"It’s funny. Years and years ago, there was a magazine about Frank Miller’s Daredevil, where he did one issue that was the Hulk vs. Daredevil on the cover. He went to his editor and said, “I’m going to do Hulk vs. Daredevil,” and the editor said, “All right, what happens in panel 2?” That’s kind of what I’m dealing with here."

- Brian Michael Bendis

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Nighthawk #2

"Yeah, part of what I want to play with is this juxtaposition of this role that he has in Squadron Supreme as this billionaire head of a major corporation, but then also looking at how is he capable of playing that role while also looking at what's going on on the streets of Chicago? So in that regard it's like, okay, Squadron Supreme can go up against these incredible forces that are working to destroy the world, but how come they can't save kids on the streets of Chicago where crime is running rampant?

If you look at real life, Chicago is just plagued with crime. It's got one of the highest murder rates in the country. This is what he needs to tackle and in a lot of super hero books, we see heroes tackling these great big global problems. So the question then becomes if you can save the world from ending, but you can't save people from getting gunned down in the streets, are you really doing any good?"

- David Walker

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Hunger #1

"Hunger was always the first leg of this event, and I took that opportunity to showcase just how different the Cosmic side of the Marvel Universe is. It’s something that we haven’t seen in a few years, but its been one of my favorites. What Warren Ellis did in the Galactus Trilogy, or the Gah Lak Tus Trilogy, I should say, and what was going on in the Fantastic Four were some of my favorite comics in the Ultimate Universe, so to get to play with them was great. What we’re teeing up is a very, very angry Galactus setting his sights on the planet that has caused him endless suffering in another universe."

- Joshua Hale Fialkov

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Cataclysm #2

"To everyone’s surprise and delight, Miles Morales, the relatively new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe who made headlines as the first mixed race African American Spider-Man, is going to have a baptism of fire by stepping up to the plate and being the best version of Spider-Man he’s even come close to being. He’ll be working a lot with the Ultimates and a lot of the younger heroes that we’ve introduced recently, like a very young version of Cloak and Dagger, Bombshell, Spider-Woman – all these characters will be taking center stage. But, very, very important, the Holy Trinity of Marvel – Thor, Iron Man and Captain America – and Sue Storm, the Human Torch, the Thing will be coming together to fight this as well as the return of the Ultimate X-Men, who have some very specific power sets. Even though they’ve been off kind of imprisoned in their own island of trying to deal with the harsh realities of mutanthood in the Ultimate Universe, they’ll be stepping forward; heavy hitters like Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey, who will actually be able to help stop this madness before it’s too late."

- Brian Michael Bendis

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Cataclysm #1

"He needs to feed, and really the only thing keeping him from eating the normal Marvel Universe Earth is Reed Richards, who has used a whole bag of tricks to keep him away from Earth all these years. So, realizing that he can take the Earth without worrying about Reed Richards, he does so. What you’re going to see from the very first issue is not only a reunion between me and Mark Bagley – we were the first people to draw and write the Ultimate Universe – but we’re going to see Galactus really go at it while the Ultimates try to figure a way to take him out before he eats the planet without really knowing what he is or where he came from.

That sets up a whole different set of problems, because they figure out he’s Galactus, but they can’t just send him back where he came from; he’s just going to go eat something else, and that’s not very heroic. They literally can’t kill him. They don’t know how, they don’t have the firepower and they can’t figure out how without killing themselves. So, it’s a real conundrum, and it very well may be the beginning of the end of the Ultimate Universe."

- Brian Michael Bendis

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