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Lifeform continued with the continuance of its threat.

Its first part'd ended with that mutated man taking a direct hit from a rocket launcher.

He'd fallen into the ocean bordering Connecticut, smoke roiling off his body.

That, by any understanding, should have been the end of him.

It wasn't. )
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Lifeform began with the origin of its antagonist.

He was a man in a mask.

He broke into Progamma in New York on a light night.

He made his way to a locker in the biotech facility, one with a biohazard label on it.

A security guard caught him as he was taking something out.

He caught the guard by surprise by throwing it at him.

Then he threw himself. )
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In this week's Black Panther, Wakanda considered its problems.

They included the revolutions of the People and the Midnight Angels.

Those were proving complex and elusive in the seeking of their resolutions.

The Black Panther, having reacted to them, had begun to act against the People.

He did so with resolution and consideration. )