Ultimate Fantastic Four #56: Salem's Seven Part 3


Writer: Mike Carey:
Penciler: Eric Basaluda
Colorist: Blond
Inker: No one listed.

8 pages of 24

Been a while, so let’s just get right back to looking at Ultimate Fantastic Four: Salem’s Seven. Just look back as previous posts to catch back up.

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All-New Ultimates was an All-Different book.

Its setting wasn't the world as a whole, but the streets of post-Galactus New York.

Its protagonists weren't a government team, but some Ultimate Spidey characters and Kitty Pryde stepping up to fill the void left in the Cataclysm's wake.

Its stories didn't concern world-shaking threats, but comparatively lesser malcontents and mercenaries.

It wasn't bad for all those things. It also wasn't especially exciting.

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A Couple of Pages from Darth Vader 4

I quite liked the latest issue of Darth Vader, which I picked up today.  I thought I'd share my favorite moment from it:
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Matt Murdock has very super senses.

They've helped him to both find and fight things out in the course of his heroic career.

In two other universes, they've helped him do those things in the service of more villainous ideals.

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Showcasing the Black Vortex! Transformations!!1!

So in Guardians of the Galaxy #24, a Black Vortex amped and power drunk Gamora tries to convince her and Beast's teammates that the Black Vortex is too valuable to be destroyed by showing them what it can turn them into by submitting to the Black Vortex and becoming cosmic versions of themselves.

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That time the Wizard mindscrewed the Trapster..

.. was after the events of Marvel Team-Up #58.

There, the glue-gun-slinger in question'd been cheated of his revenge on the Ghost Rider (for the then-recent defeat he'd been dealt) by Spider-Man. Angered, he'd caught the web-slinger in a rope of paste and exited the scene to quickly pay off this new debt of revenge.

Dangling from an anti-grav platform high above New York, Spidey asked the Trapster what exactly he was up to. The villain's answer began with an explanation of how he and his friends weren't in prison following Fantastic Four #178- while they were being processed, the Wizard'd grabbed at his mouth, claiming a toothache..

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Ultimate Fantastic Four #54: Salem's Seven Part 1


After Mark Millar left Ultimate Fantastic Four, a new writer came in and started writing the book. His name is Mike Carey, better known for his work with the series Lucifer and The Unwritten. During his run, the Ultimate Fantastic Four faced a lot of odd figures and notable figures, including Thanos of all people. However, this here is the last story arc for the series (regular anyways, since what comes after this is a tie-in to Ultimatum) and that’s the focus.

Pencils By: Tyler Kirkham
Colors By: Blond
Inks By: No one

7 pages of 22

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Ultimate FF #6: Final Issue (Untitled)


What I love about this Sue that's so different from the Sue of the 616, or almost any version of her, is that she's defined much less by the family around her. She's a formidable character in her own right. I always go back to those first few issues of "Ultimate Fantastic Four," where she's exploring her teammates, getting to know their physiology. She really has an understanding of the consequences of interdimensional travel changing your body and the consequences of the relationships that she's in.

She's gone on this journey and lost so much in way that Sue Storm in the 616 never has. The 616 Sue lost her parents, but she does have a great family that supports her and believes in her. She's a mother and a celebrity. She has all these things that this Sue Storm does not have. The Ultimate Sue was a celebrity for a little bit, but then she became the girl that was dating the sociopath.

I think she's had to come into her own, and Jonathan and Sam did such a great job developing her character in "Ultimates." She's such a great, strong character, I love writing her voice and I love getting to present this character in a leadership role in a book, especially this one, because it really tickles the format.
” - Joshua Hale Fialkov

Warning: Unintentional sexism below!

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Ms. Marvel #12

When last we left our heroine, she'd defeated the Inventor.

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Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Elmo Bondoc
Cover artist: Kris Anka

Bendis and Bagley reunite for 'Ultimate End'.

Not a huge shock given the other news but Bendis and Bagley are penning a miniseries about the 'end' of the Ultimate universe. (This being the third time such a thing has been threatened, but this time it's for reals) More info here.

Again, this is something that I can't bring myself to care about. USM is not as good as it used to be and at this point and I have no idea what's going on with the rest of the titles. Well it was fun while it lasted.

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