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AXIS Hobgoblin #1

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How can an evil magnificent bastard, be even more magnificent? By going legit!!!

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Ms. Marvel #8

When last we left our gyro-eating heroine, Wolverine deduced that she was an Inhuman, not a mutant, and Medusa told Lockjaw to keep an eye on her. In this issue, we learn an important fact about Lockjaw.

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Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Adrian Alphona
Cover artist: Jamie McKelvie
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Storm #3

When last we left our former divine heroine, she ran into Callisto and assumed she kidnapped some adults for no reason at all.

This issue a different person from her past )

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Matteo Buffagni
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One page preview from Spider-Verse #1

Well, following the... let's be polite and say the furore (It's a good word, it should be used more often) over the Manara Spider-Woman cover, it's perhaps a little odd that I should be posting an interesting image of Spider woman wearing a rather visible looking, old-fashioned corset... OVER her costume...

But fret not, in this case I'm not talking about Spider-Woman... I'm talking about Lady Spider

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Storm #2

When last we left our sellout heroine, a bratty teenager called her a sellout, and that caused her to kick around some corporate goons in a foreign country.

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Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Victor Ibañez
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Some superpowers are really just... dangerously suicidal - Power Pack 37

Back in 1988, Marvel ran a competition to create a new mutant character, with the prize being that they would feature in a Marvel comic... sort of like a low rent version of the 1980's "Dial H for Hero" (Which I must make a post on soon). There were Junior and a Senior sections.

The Senior winner was Tom "Alchmey" Jones, who showed up in an X-Factor story (with art by Art Adams, and about gold-greedy trolls trying to use his transmutation powers for their own ends) and the Junior winner (in a story with art by Sal Velluto) is this character....

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The Mighty Marvel Marketing Department strikes Again!

You may or may not have heard the little comic news item this week. In much of the tradition of Craftsman Bolt-On Systems Saves the Justice League, Marvel cut a million dollar deal with the Florida Department of Citrus to give their mascot, Captain Citrus, a truly super heroic makeover.

Gone is original Captain Citrus, the portly orange defender of Florida's commodities futures...

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The Next Avengers!

Hi folks!

MC2 (Marvel Comics 2) was Tom DeFalco's baby, spun off from an issue of "What If?" where Peter and Mary Jane's daughter May "Mayday" Parker inherited some of her father's powers and became Spider-Girl. It was meant to appeal to younger readers (but not children as such) by featuring old-school superheroics with newer characters.

(The same idea of attracting newer readers later gave us the Ultimate universe.)

The story took place in the modern day, but with the then-current events in the main Marvel Universe having taken place fifteen years before. Most of the older superheroes had retired or gone missing, so it was up to a new generation to save the world.

Seven pages of twenty-three, plus one from the preview of J2.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Marvel's Desert Storm superhero

Hi folks!

One of the traditions of Marvel annuals (and DC annuals, but that's for another day) is introducing new characters who then fall down the memory hole. If they're lucky, perhaps they might show up in a crowd scene, and if unlucky, as a kill for some new villain the creators are trying to give a "push."

Please pardon the image, the cover of my copy is in terrible shape. Eight pages of twenty-five from the first story in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27.

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The issue is filled out with a Black Cat/Solo team-up, the trial of the Lizard, and a John Jameson adventure, finishing off with a Maximum Carnage cover gallery. Let me know if you want to see any of those.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Give Marvel credit where it's due... Guardians of the Galaxy anti-bullying covers

Marvel have a LOT of publicity going for their Guardians of the Galaxy characters, and with the likes of Chris Pratt (who kept the Star Lord costume so he could make Hospital visits to sick kids in it), some very good PR, so I can only applaud them for this

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Thor #356

Hello Scans Daily! This is my first time actually posting any pages from anything, so with luck I won't screw up and need to do a lot of editing afterwards. I should also warn you that while there are no triggers in this story, I'm gonna recap the pages that I don't post pretty thoroughly, and YMMV on whether that's a good thing or not.

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Ms. Marvel #6

When last we left our New Jerseyite heroine, she found that she was being targeted by The Inventor.

Let's see how she's doing )

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Jake Wyatt
Cover artist: Jamie McKelvie
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Storm #1

Q. Why do you like Storm?

I love her moral center and certainty — she knows injustice when she sees it and can turn on that righteous rage when dealing with it, and that provides a ton of visceral fun to indulge in as a reader and a writer. At the same time, we're doing our best to toss her complicated problems wherein the moral center can be very hard to find. It's always great to put your hero into the kinds of trouble that can exploit his or her greatest strengths, so it's been a blast writing her as she fights to find her way under those circumstances.


Q. There aren't a lot of black female superheroes, in fact given that Vixen is long missing from DC Storm is it. Do you feel a sense of responsibility to get her right? How does that impact your writing?

You bet. I feel a huge amount of responsibility with this book. But I don't know that I'd phrase it as a feeling that I have to "get her right." All of these classic characters can be written many different ways — that flexibility is one of the reasons the iconic superhero characters have survived and thrived for decades. I don't believe there's any one objectively "right" way to handle any character — they're strong and amazing enough to be explored from multiple angles and in multiple ways.

That being said, at this moment in time, I do think there's a great opportunity to explore Storm not just as a mutant, but specifically a woman and a woman of color. So I'm thinking a lot about what everyday life has been for her throughout her life and how it affects her world-view, and I'm working hard to explore that in very big and very subtle ways.

--Greg Pak

I was sadly underwhelmed by this issue. A comic that examines how being "a woman and a woman of color" affects her world-view and makes her different from other superheroes is something I would be all about, but I don't think it turns out well.

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Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Victor Ibáñez
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The other other Captain America

Hi folks!

Captain America has fought many enemies over the years, and a surprising number of them have also been "Captain America." These twisted reflections of our hero represent America's fear that we aren't who we want to be, the best of the America spirit. Instead, they are distorted by hatred and greed, the America we do not want to be.

This is the story of one such man, Fifties Cap. This story is from Captain America #155 in 1972; six pages of twenty.

The man who would be Steve Rogers )

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