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Ms. Marvel #1

The second issue came out on Comixology this week, so this should no longer be the most recent issue. But it was still pretty hard to choose which parts of this to post.

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Around 6 2/3 pages of 20.
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That time the Avengers fought the heroes of Vietnam

Hi folks, let's go back to 1974 and the country of Vietnam. A country that had seen far too much war, and was about to see more.

"Wait," you say, "The Slasher? Who he?" He's also known as Buzzsaw and Razorblade, and this is his debut appearance. Six pages of eighteen in Avengers #130.

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Interesting trivia: Bill Mantlo did the colors for this issue.

Your thoughts and comments?

[10 Year Celebration] Sensational She-Hulk #59

This was my first post on the current Scans Daily. It was also a post for "One Perfect Moment" week, and it still stands as She Hulk's Crowning Moment of Awesome.

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The Man Who Had Everything--But Had Not Love

Hi folks!

Back in the day, Marvel Comics had a "no late shipping" rule. If it looked like a writer or artist wasn't going to get their work in by deadline, the editor would slip in a filler story prepared in advance. Some of them were good, others not so much.

I'll let you decide which one this is. Six pages of eighteen, plus a treat.

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Your thoughts and comments?

May the Force be with you,

The Time Illyana Rasputin Stole Captain America's Shield

I feel like some of New Mutants #40 might have been posted before, but I didn't see it in the tags. Maybe it was in sd 1.0.

Anyhow, back when Magneto was running Xavier's school (and everything was made of awesome), Emma Frost manipulated Mags into sending the New Mutants to her Academy. When Magneto realized his mistake, he and Warlock rushed off to Massachusetts to "rescue" them, and Emma called the authorities, who sent The Avengers out to ambush him (he was still on everyone else's shit list at the time).

When the New Mutants got wind of what was going on, Illyana decided to take action.

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Cold Fire!

The run-up to the Independence Day holiday seems like a good time to post some Captain America stories, don't you think? I'm not sure if we've posted the classic "Cap for President" story from Captain America #250 on this community, so instead let's have the next two issues, guest-starring a favorite Cap villain.

Seven pages of twenty-two from #251, five pages of seventeen from #252, one page of five from a backup feature and an ad.

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And as we casually stroll into the setting sun, your thoughts and comments?

eta: Yes, we have posted Cap #250, here:

Nick Fury and Yuri Brevlov: A Bromance that Transcends the Iron Curtain

In 1968 Marvel created a fantastic character called Yuri Brevlov, who was basically the USSR's Nick Fury. He and Fury had a Team Up in the Incredible Hulk. It was awesome. Then, Marvel pretty much forgot about him (I could only track down a small appearance in the 80s).

Marvel needs to bring this man back. I will show you why.

An Iron Curtain Spanning Bromance Amidst the Chaos of the Rampaging Hulk. Who Will Live? Who Will Die? Which s_ders will brave the Purple Prose?  )

Alpha: Big Time #4

Andy "Alpha" Maguire, that kid from the Dan Slott plotline from last year that had everyone rolling their eyes, is currently the star of his own miniseries, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov. Some of the guys at the SA comics forum mentioned that Fialkov was doing a pretty good job redeeming the character, so I checked it out.

What I wasn't expecting was a moment with Thor that struck me as pretty fun.

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A Guide to Loki Comics for Movie Loki Fans


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I've always been a DC Comics fan. (In large part because when I was a little girl I wanted to be Wonder Woman.) I never read Marvel comics before falling in love with movie Loki. Since then I've read some comics with Loki in them, but just diving into Marvel is frustrating for fans of Loki as played by Tom Hiddleston. In most of the comics, Loki is a straight-up villain whose motivation is that he's evil. He's still Machiavellian, but missing (usually) is the heartbreak, the mad struggle for power and identity, and the complex, intense relationship with Thor.

So I'm compiling a list of comics that are of particular interest to movie Loki fans. I'll add to this list whenever I discover more.

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Everything you wanted to know about Kid!Loki by xparrot

The Greatest Loki Stories Ever Told!

Loki: Where Do I Start?


Avengers Academy Retrospective Part 4: Fear Itself

Despite being a tie in to an event comic, Avengers Academy's tie in to Fear Itself is honestly one of the best things to come out of both. I'll also be posting another honestly good thing to come out of Fear Itself, an issue of Secret Avengers written by Nick Spencer. Because it's taking place in Washington DC like the events here, and is just that awesome.

This arc serves as a culmination of a lot of what Academy was about and may just be the best arc in the entire series. Yeah, it's downhill after this. But it's one hell of a high note.

Get your hankerchiefs ready, this is gonna be one hell of a tearjerker.

It also continues the trend these posts have had of "Academy showing up Arena at its own game" as we see death handled maturely and with peak drama.
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Doc Ock's Demons

I love it when writers really explore the traumas that motivate villains, show the lurking nightmares distorting their minds, and push the demons in them to the extreme. I mean stuff like Kraven's Last Hunt, or the brilliant Maximum Carnage. Seeing as how Doctor Octopus is currently the star of the Superior Spider-Man, I think it's the right time to take a walk in his trouble mind:

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