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His introduction was deliberately paced.

It came in its turn in the setup of the Black Panther's post-Shadowland status quo.

It began with him describing where he lived and continued with his family.

Then it got into what he did to make his money, and how he now had the opportunity to move up the ladder.

The ladder was New York's criminal hierarchy.

The rung above was free for him to seize. )

Spider-Woman #1


"That is a complicated question and the answer will play a big role in the series. Jess doesn't particularly like children. She's made that pretty clear in the past. She hasn't been waiting around for the right guy to settle down and have a family. That's never been part of her plan. All of this is new uncharted ground for her and a big life changing business. It's not a trick or a gimmick. It's a story.
I won't get into it here but I very much relate to Jessica's stance on children. There are big, strong, deep-rooted reasons why she never wanted to be a parent. I understand that. I lived that. Then one day everything changed. Jess seemed like the perfect character for this story.
" - Dennis Hopeless

"If you were on board with the new version of Spider-Woman (and why wouldn't you be, as it's the most interesting and relatable take on the character in maybe ever), then you'll be relieved to know this is the same Jessica Drew." - Matt Little, a reviewer for CBR

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Javier Rodriguez
Inker: Alvaro Lopez

So this issue came out...

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Astonishing Ant-Man #2 - Darla Deering's Return Part 1


CBR NEWS: "When we first chatted about "Ant-Man" before issue #1 was released, I compared the series to the brilliant but cancelled FX private eye show "Terriers." And now that four issues have been released it seems like that was an especially apt comparison because it appears that "Ant-Man" is very much a series that blends private detective fiction with superhero stories."

Nick Spencer: "Yeah, I think that's right. It was an astute comparison at the time and I think it's been born out. We've seen Scott putting together his new company and bringing in some colorful companions. So the book is getting to be more an ensemble piece and that's fun. In terms of the future we're going to make sure we put these characters to good use."

So this issue answers the question about what happened with Darla Deering and... ah... yeah....

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Daredevil and the Black Panther saved the Avengers from the Zodiac once.

They saved Manhattan too.

They did it on a day in September, when the astrological cartel's army stole over the island before the dawn's early light could.

The men who'd taken Zodiac's coin cut the island off from New York and took its populace hostage.

Their leader, their supreme commander Aries, made their work known to America. He claimed that no rescue would come from outside, because of the force field that now surrounded the island, or from within- because the four Avengers who were there'd been captured by his men.

The lives that he held, he said, could only be purchased with a billion-dollar ransom. If none was presented within twenty-four hours, all who weren't Zodiac would be liquidated.

There seemed to be no one who could gainsay him- the other Avengers were out of town, along with the Fantastic Four. Spidey was in Queens, and had his aunt's health to take care of.

And the Man Without Fear?

He was being held at gunpoint. )
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There was a bookend at the end of David Liss's Black Panther run.

It was a nice one, neat to see.

It echoed the elegant premise establishment at the start.

There, Daredevil'd met with the Panther to hand Hell's Kitchen off to him.

A text page before that'd explained how Shadowland and Doomwar'd brought the two to where they were. )