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Following on from the not-exactly unprecedented failure of yesterday's Plain Janes post, I want to get another Minx book out of the way and bring you some of Clubbing. Art is by Dead@17's Josh Howard.

The title is of course a double entendre, taking a girl who is used to high-end urban nightlife and putting her in a rural golf course (and not even a links)

The story is set in Blighty, which means that there's a glossary at the back of the book, explaining Briticisisms such as skivvying, offy, scarpered and What are you on about?

I don't have a digital copy of this, so all that I can offer is the preview that was published at the end of the other Minx books, introducing our first person narrator, Charlotte, and setting up the premise of the book.
Join the Club )
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A few weeks ago I started the occasional series of Minx posts by looking at Regifters before looking at some of New York Four/New York Five (which I intend to post more of later on because it's really bloody good).

This is a look at Plain Janes, one of only two Minx series to be given a sequel (the other being New York Four). It's by Jim Rugg (art) and Cecil Castellucci (story) and is about not only finding your place in the world, but creating a place for yourself.

The backstory is that Jane lives in Metro City at the beginning of the book. she gets caught up in a bomb explosion in the city centre and the family moves out to the suburbs. Jane vows to keep strong and not let the bomb ruin or change her life, or make her timid and afraid.

This is her first morning of school. )
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I started a series of Minx posts with my snippet of the Re-Gifters and now I'm going to continue with some of New York 4/New York Five. Just as the first Minx book wasn't actually a Minx book, so the last Minx book is also published by Vertigo.

New York Five is the sequel to New York Four and is from the creative team that made the lovely Local (more of which at a future date)

Brian Wood writes and Ryan Kelly draws. Kelly's art is amazing. His figures are good and expressive, but his backgrounds are amazing. I've been told by New Yorkers that you could take a page of NY5, and find it in the city. There's certainly a massive level of detail that I don't remember seeing in pretty much any other book.

NY4 is the story of four freshmen at university in NYC, sharing an apartment in their first semester. NY5 is the story of their second semester.

The girls )
And then a scene of the girls out and about in NYC )
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Recently, I've gone back and had a re-read of some of my Minx books. For those of you who don't know, Minx was DC's attempt at a line catering to teenage girls by publishing digest sized complete stories for sale in book shops. The line died because nobody bought them, though this is most likely because retailers didn't know whether they belonged in the young adult section or in the graphic novel section with Watchmen and Judge Dredd (i.e., not where the Twilight set might wander). There's been no talk of bringing Minx back, or even if DC want to have another go with trying a similar publishing experiment. I do half expect that the end of the next DC crossover will reveal that Drama Jane, is being brought into DC continuity so that she can be forgotten about by more readers.

This extract is from Re-Gifters by Mike Carey (now writing Unwritten and assorted X-books) and Sonny Liew (last seen in the blockbusting Sense and Sensibility. The team wrote the excellent My Faith in Frankie, which was a Minx book before there was Minx.

As for Regifters, it's the story of a (South) Korean girl living in LA called Dixie/ Dik Seong Jen/ Jen Dickson. Dixie practices hapkido and has a crush onAdam, a boy in her class. Her mum makes jewellery which she sells to a shop in Koreatown and in the first extract, Dixie is taking the latest batch to the store.  )

Our second part is getting ready for a party )

Coming soon - more Minx


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